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  1. I like some of the changes, such as the entrance area gardens, Mary Poppins, and a new festival center. I am sad to see the Fountain of Nations go.
  2. Happy Birthday SchoolBelle! Hope you have a magical celebration!
  3. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!
  4. Happy belated! Have a great birthday trip!!
  5. Happy Birthday DVCJen! Have a magical celebration!
  6. I hope they don't change the Electrical Water Pageant because of the this walkway. I hope they put some sort of drawbridge similar to what to they do in World Showcase for Illuminations in to get the floats in and out of the canal.
  7. Yes I agree that is just as annoying if not more so.
  8. This sounds like a good idea to me too! I was getting the alerts on YouTube for a while, and then the became more sporadic and I would miss streams. Hope we can work out a solution and get more subscribers!
  9. Happy Birthday VegasMike and MikeA!