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  1. Yes I agree that is just as annoying if not more so.
  2. This sounds like a good idea to me too! I was getting the alerts on YouTube for a while, and then the became more sporadic and I would miss streams. Hope we can work out a solution and get more subscribers!
  3. Happy Birthday VegasMike and MikeA!
  4. A Spooktacular addition to the Haunted Mansion!
  5. These are some interesting new rules. I always traveled with a smoker. I was never bothered by the areas because they were areas off the beaten path and out of the way of the flow of foot traffic. I guess we will see how they enforce the no smoking policy, and the vaping. As that is not "smoke". I'm glad about the strollers. They clog up the sidewalks and I have almost gotten my feet run over by them. Some people are so obnoxious with them.
  6. ryknow

    Lime Dole Whip!

    That sounds yummy! Thank goodness I walk a lot while I am there to wear off all the food I eat!
  7. That's a shame they are ruining a great area of Fort Wilderness. Glad I got to see it last year when I was there.
  8. Thanks for keeping us updated! Have a great trip!
  9. Happy Birthday octoberbarry! Have a magical day!
  10. Great Adventure still has a Skyway and I do use it frequently, but once again I am going short distances and the gondolas are all open air. I still can't imagine these glass gondolas in the Florida heat. I don't think it was thought out too well.