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  1. I am there August 19-26. RyKnow
  2. Seances during dinner?
  3. Wow, now Disney too? I agree with Fiz that FP+ has been quite of a flop. Never was a fan of the tiered levels in Epcot and MGM (and now Animal Kingdom). The lower tiered are not even things I go on, or never have much of a line. I frequent Six Flags Great Adventure and have never paid for their Flash Pass system. They have different levels there. The most expensive gets you on as a walk on for most rides, otherwise it is just like Disney you have a set time or you check in, and then come back after the current wait time has passed so you can go off and do other things. I hope WDW does not go to this type of system. What I like when you walk into a WDW park everyone gets the same 3 initial Fastpasses no matter whether you are staying at a Deluxe, Moderate, Value, or non-Disney hotel.
  4. Sounds interesting. I agree with you Flounder. It will not be the same. I'm not for the gondolas. I would rather see that money invested in attractions that have been around a while.
  5. Happy Birthday grumpylover!
  6. Congrats!
  7. I will finally be able to attend my first party night this year. Yahoo!
  8. Awesome! I always enjoy this stream day! It looks like such a cool little village, plus I love all the cars! (Oh and the train that goes around the village too!)
  9. Haha! I actually enjoy the table service restaurants. We typically eat at the ones in the hotels. A good way to relax and unwind a bit from the hustle and bustle that is WDW.
  10. Either I am in Epcot in Future World. I mean who does not love Spaceship Earth, or along Main Street USA awaiting nighttime entertainment to begin.
  11. MK- Peco's Bill I can honestly say I have not done quick service at Epcot, MGM, or Animal Kingdom in the last 10 years. If I had to select the best QS from the hotels I have stayed at I would have the select The Pepper Market at Coronado Springs. I usually use QS Breakfast and they always had the largest breakfast variety. One year they even had a breakfast buffet offered as a QS, but that is no longer.
  12. That is pretty awesome! I have some old paper fastpasses. Maybe they will honor them too.
  13. Just a little.
  14. I know! I really wish I could attend! Being a teacher I cannot take off right at the beginning of the school year. I have wanted to attend!
  15. Ate at Sanaa last year and absolutely loved it. We were on the Disney Dining Plan, and I cannot recall any item that was not available off the menu. We did pay extra for the Bread Service which was excellent! So tasty! The view of the animals adds excellent ambiance. I would highly recommend it. I will be dining there again.