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  1. Ooooohh. Forgot about Earl of Sandwich at DTD. Sorry not Disney Springs until I've been there. LOL
  2. mwalter59

    POP Refurb

    When we travel alone, we will often book a king room. Queen beds seem so small since we got a king at home. LOL
  3. We have done club level twice, once at Poly (upgrade!) and once at WL which we paid for. We enjoyed both very much and used them for breakfast every day and for dinner a couple of times each. Didn't have to buy a single beer the entire trip both times either. LOL I didn't mind paying for it at WL but the other deluxes are way out of our price range now. I would do it again at WL instead of Dining Plan for sure.
  4. MK - Starlight Ray's - I am a sucker for Sonny Eclipse Epcot - Boulangerie Patisserie - Quiche! DHS - Rosie's All-American - more for the seating area than anything else AK - Flame Tree BBQ
  5. I would be next in line to go on Soarin' Around the World. We haven't been there since it switched over and would really like to see this. The music from the original is one of my favourite things to listen to period, not just Disney music. Then after that over to Biergarten for dinner and some oom-pah-pah.
  6. We have had the free dining a couple of times and really enjoyed it. We got to try Le Cellier before it changed to a two credit restaurant which was nice because it is out of our price range for OOP. We don't eat at table service as much when we don't have it. I agree though, it is a lot of food, more than we would eat when not on the plan.
  7. mwalter59


  8. After averaging a trip a year for 13 years, we haven't been since 2013 and it's killing me. LOL The streamers here really help give a me a taste of being there.
  9. Don't go on the forums too often here, but saw this topic and just donated for the first time. Not much but glad to help out. This feeds my addiction until I can get back to my favourite place on Earth.