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  1. You've just been teleported to Disney World...

    Walking the countries, enjoying the people watching, and preparing for dinner with my wife at Biergarten. Not a care in the World.
  2. Dining options at AKV

    Dazey, Although I am sure people will be posting here, be sure to check out the thread for Resort dining preferences as well: That might also have info regarding AK dining options.
  3. Forum Upgrade

    The whole thread for sit-down dining in the park is gone as well, Mr. Noose, sir.
  4. Forum Upgrade

    So I was exploring the new forums and in the process of checking out the Calendar I noticed that there is always 11-16 birthdays every day of every month this year. It looks like it might be different members each day as well. Do we actually have that many people registered here, or is this an "undocumented feature"?
  5. 2012 CarsLand Tour

    Many of you have seen this before, some even saw it live. Back in 2012 we were blessed with a randomly offered private tour of the (at that time) newly opened Cars Land in Disney's California Adventure. Mrs. Z and I were sitting on a bench just enjoying a Coke, the sun, and random people watching when a Disney Park Ambassador walked up and starting chatting with us. We talked with her about lots of different things including my job, her job, the parks around the country, what it is like working in the park, living in California, and so many other things. After about 20 minutes she asked if we had thought of Cars Land when we walked through there. After giving our opinion, which was quite positive, she told us she was just coming to the end of her shift and would love to give us a free private tour of the Cars Land area. What you see here is the video we streamed from my phone to UStream for all the EOE members to watch. It cuts in and out once in a while and isn't everything since she also took us over to the Animator's Academy where, unfortunately, I couldn't get signal for the phone. But there is a Hidden Mickey reveal in here as well as lots of behind the scene facts. Enjoy! -ZW
  6. Rode the 7 Dwarves Mine Train ride just a few months after it opened and recorded it. Have fun riding this incredible new coaster from the front seat!
  7. WDW Splash Mountain (PoV)

    Several years ago we went on a trip with friends to WDW and I took the Canon 7D on Splash Mountain to record the ride. Camera got a little wet, but I got a LOT wet. Enjoy!
  8. Forum Upgrade

    Congratulations, Mr. Waternoose! It looks great and I am sure was a LOT of work to get done. Thank you for the hard work.
  9. What is your go to counter service ?

    I forgot about the 50s Prime Time for DHS!
  10. What is your go to counter service ?

    Casey's in MK. Epcot is tough but probably Sommerfest. Don't really have any in the other parks.
  11. 2017 Donation Drive

    I doubt many people would really care to see me standing in the not-Disney world when they could see the likes of NEMickey in the actual Disney World.
  12. Happy Birthday Tyme4tea!

    Happy Birthday, Tyme4tea! Sorry so late!
  13. Happy Birthday tinkerbell

    A few days late, but Happy Birthday, Tinkerbell!
  14. 2017 Donation Drive

    I need to put it on my calendar, but I plan to go all "Public Television" every month until we have it paid off.
  15. Is this you? Are you this person?

    If it pays for me to go to WDW... bring it on!