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  1. Mrhub

    Happy birthday, Mrhub!

    Thanks, folks! Saving my celebration for down in Disney!
  2. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday oshpopham!

    hope you had a wonderful day!
  3. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday 2boysdisneymom

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
  4. Mrhub

    Capttigger - Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
  5. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday oshpopham!

    Happy Birthday!
  6. Mrhub

    What is your go to counter service ?

    I love Sleepy Hollow! The Nutella waffle & the spicy chicken waffle are both awesome. Colombia Harbor has a very good Tuna salad sandwich platter.
  7. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday DrawntoMickey!

    Belated HAppy Birthday!
  8. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday Weatherwatcher!!

    Sorry I have slacking. Belated Happy Birthday!
  9. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday NoosesRoz

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Mrhub

    Trip canceled

    Sorry folks but we had to cancel our trip today so no streaming for me until Sept. Could you please remove me from the calendar. I'll check back in soon.
  11. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday grumpylover

    Belated Happy Birthday!
  12. Mrhub

    streaming and laptops

    Fiz is correct. Mine I just had to disable sleep mode. I set the screen saver with a password so no Unforeseen visitors to the room could access my laptop. I use both a PC and Mac. Test it at home to see which way it works. but definitely turn off the sleep mode for both the monitor and the hard drive. Set your screensaver for 1 minute or so, start streaming and see if it stops the stream or not.
  13. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday kymousefan

    Happy Birthday!
  14. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday dbeedle

    Happy Birthday!
  15. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday Tyme4tea

    Belated Happy Birthday!