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  1. Power bank

    kbmum, Nope, never had a problem and I don't understand the problems most of them have with it. Flounder, Its is about Device weight: 26.6 ounces I stick it in my backpack and I'm set
  2. Power bank

    My wife bought us the Halo Power patch off of QVC and they are awesome. They stick right to your phone and you can pull them off when ever you want. Halo Powerpatch I also got the big one too for when I know I will be doing a lot of streaming, with a 10 foot HD USB cable. I just drop it in my backpack and have the cable hang out the top a little. Halo Bolt Best chargers/powerpacks I have ever seen or bought. the Bolt will last the entire week without a charge and can still jump a car no problem. It is simply amazing.
  3. Happy Birthday tinkerbell

    Belated Happy Birthday!
  4. Emma's heart

    Update - Emma walked on her own for the first time since transplant. This is from her father: After 26 days Emma is still in Intensive Care working hard every day to get better. This has been a slow process. As a parent, It was the best feeling in the world to see Emma come off life support on day 6 and watch her new heart take over. Our unfortunate news is Emma’s kidneys have acute damage from the transplant. She has been on dialysis every day which has been a huge bump in the road toward going home. ... This is my beautiful daughter walking by herself for the first time today. Teresa and I could not be more proud of Emma my ❤️ Bellatrix ❤️ Thanks to everyone who has helped Team Wittig. We could not do this without family and friends!! Capture 08.wmv
  5. Emma's heart

    I thank you all for all you did, taking time out of your own life to help make Emma a little happy. She is still fighting, she has woke up , said a few words. She had a 2 pm date with the heart procedure on the 19th. I don't know how that went, but I always look at no news is usually being good news. She was awake now and wanted Teresa, her mother to rub her legs. She is with us mentally. She wanted apple juice. That is the last info we have received since Monday.
  6. Happy Birthday tiggerpiglet!

    Belated Happy Birthday tiggerpiglet!
  7. Happy Birthday GoofyTom!

    Belated Happy Birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday eazyeray

    Belated Happy Birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday Lovin'Stitch

    Belated Happy Birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday beercap8

    Happy Birthday !
  11. Emma's heart

    Emma came through her surgery and is fighting with all her might! They have her on life support, but her father sent a message saying she woke up twice today and squeezed his hand and they take that as a good sign. She received her first heart transplant 3 years ago to the day yesterday. We are all praying that it might have been a sign from somewhere above that they wanted her to have another chance. schoolbelle came through with some great pictures for me to send Emma and her dad said they will be one of the first things she sees. Thanks again SchoolBelle & newharmony! Thanks everyone for the prayers!
  12. Does rebooking a night after checking out and finding out you can't get home count?
  13. Emma's heart

    Hey all, I'm trying to do something on the spur of the moment but I need your help. Long story short, a good friend and co-workers 7 yo twin daughter is going through her second heart transplant at this very minutes! I would like to see if anyone down at Walt Disney World right now could possibly get some pictures of characters and CM's making a heart symbol with there hands and send me the pictures, even short videos would be great. I am at work and can not get on the chat or I would have asked you there. If any of you could help in anyway, get in contact with friends that might be in Disney and have them get something, I would owe you all big time. I want to send these pictures to Emma as a surprise when she wakes up, she loves the princesses and Disney. My hearts breaking right now because she is going through all of this again. I'll check back later. Thank you all. Mark "MrHub"
  14. wihumphrey & SB's Valentine Adventure

    Have fun! I need to hear how the Flying Fish was. Haven't been back there in a while or since the refurb.