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  1. No worries Fiz. Seem like it's going to be a struggle until we get this figured out. The streaming from the resort using YouTube seemed to work great. I was mobile streaming using stream labs and an IPhone 8. Worked great up until I started getting this message . It worked a few times after the new steam event was made but stopped again. My own channel worked fine though.
  2. Can anybody help with this this is all I get when I try and mobile stream now on channel 4
  3. Hey Fiz, I keep getting this now on ch4 when I try to stream.
  4. I notice I have not been seeing any notifications for ch4. Is it working ?
  5. Hello all just starting this thread for our trip . Fiz gave me channels one and channel 4 channel 1 I am using for Resort streaming and channel 2 I’m using for mobile streaming .
  6. Yes but only if you use the Streamlabs app. You have to download the Streamlabs app, link your YouTube account and stream through that. It’s pretty easy to use.
  7. Yes the only reason I would use Streamlabs to do the resort streaming on my laptop is for Fiz to be able to embed to EOE like he could before.
  8. Using Streamlabs is definitely a more involved process. Not as easy as Ustream used to be. I would say if you want to just use YouTube do it.
  9. We can but Fiz figured out how to use Streamlabs and embed on the EOE site again like we used to with Ustream if you use the Streamlabs apps.