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  1. This was posted earlier today. I had a feeling this would come eventually.. https://mspoweruser.com/facebook-is-going-to-crack-down-on-live-streaming-soon/
  2. Now looking at the preview picture, it looks like the camera is looking "dead on" at you like the camera is on the rear of the Doom Buggy in front of you.
  3. I honestly think the Vaping was more obnoxious than the smoking. Being a former smoker, the cigarette smoke didn't bother me but I cannot stand the vaping, and the clouds the put out are ridiculous.
  4. Ex-smoker here and my wife still smokes. I myself was never bothered by cigarette smoke but the vapors, those things are obnoxious! I also can't understand how people say they don't stink. They do. We will find out in May how much of an issue it is when we go down with 4 out of 6 smokers. There are going to be a lot of people going in and out jamming up those entrance lines. The strollers, those humungous things, they should have never been allowed in the first place. We saw one guy in January with two connected, someone behind looking like they were pushing and he was pulling. it was like a double tractor trailer! The ice issue is like TiggerPiglet said people, hiding stuff under the ice, including beer and alcohol.
  5. At least it will have been opened for several weeks by the time we get there. I would never try to do an opening day, that is going to be a mad house!
  6. You can still call the police. Our Officers right up reports like that all the time.
  7. Once again we will miss all the shenanigans since we will be there later in Sept for our 40th Wedding Anniversary.
  8. Dutch Wonderland still had a sky lift several years ago, they were open air also.
  9. Hey all! Streaming seems to be working for me this trip. I will stream from the room when we are in for a while at a time. Hope you all liked the Fireworks from TOTWL.
  10. Well if you have an open one Fiz. Like I said, don't know what I may stream. We are in the Grand Floridian Villas, and we have standard studios so I do not know what the view will be like. Could just be a bush.
  11. Hello friends, Just wanted to let you know we will be arriving in Disney World Saturday and staying for a week and I will most likely try to do some mobile streaming but I do not think I will be doing any resort streaming. We have to keep packing to a minimum since we are taking friends and driving down together in my Explorer. Can't take all my electronics. Look for: MrHub in Disney on youtube. I'll also be streaming on Facebook @MrhubsDisneyPage . Not even sure how much streaming I will do. May & Sept I will be steaming more. Mark AKA "MrHub"
  12. Maybe next time I should accept before I leave home and then I will have it working for the trip.
  13. no I have no idea. I did accept on my PC rather than my mac though.