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  1. Maybe next time I should accept before I leave home and then I will have it working for the trip.
  2. no I have no idea. I did accept on my PC rather than my mac though.
  3. Just checked and yes , got the invite, accepted and it worked this time.
  4. I still need to figure out why I could not get access to the EoE channel that Fiz set me up with on our past trip or else I will never be able to stream on here again. Is there any way we could do some testing Fiz before January 25 Fiz? Maybe set me up with a channel that's not getting used but don't stream it here or something.
  5. Mrhub

    Moderate resorts

    We actually just stayed 1 night at Port Orleans Riverside this past trip. The resort was nice and the room was even nice, but I guess we are spoiled being DVC and love our deluxe resorts.
  6. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday disnycrayz!

    Belated Happy Birthday!
  7. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday ZWarrior

    Belated Happy Birthday!
  8. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday bostonrob!

    Belated Happy Birthday!
  9. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday momfiz!

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday oldharmony

    Belated Happy Birthday!
  11. Mrhub

    Emma's heart

    Update: It is with a heavy heart I have to tell you all that Emma passed away today. She put up a hard fight but the Lord took her to be with him and relieve her of her pain. He has another angel in heaven now.
  12. Okay, I was just wondering on the limits. I know I can upload videos that are 3 hours because that was the limit for the UStream videos that I uploaded from UStream. Just never tried loading anything any longer. Like you all have said before, most people are not going to sit and watch a video for more than 15 - 20 minutes max, except for a few. I myself do cast them onto a large screen tv at work when I am on the midnight shift and play the MK view videos I have done for hours on end when I am working alone. Its great hearing the boat whistles and train whistles and the sounds of Disney in the background. I play a lot of those 5-minute bench videos that people do and have linked a lot together to make it an entire shift worth. Make the time go by much faster.
  13. Do you know how long Youtube would actually record and save a video? I use to record on UStream and it would automatically stop recording and save after 3 hours. I could then just Upload that to Youtube and save it. I still have people that watch those videos and put them on loop. They are all MK view videos.
  14. Mrhub

    WDW 2018 June (240).jpg

    My Haunted Mansion Shirt
  15. Mrhub

    WDW 2018 June (164).jpg

    This was my prize purchase for the trip.