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  1. Hey Fiz, How long of a video do you want? We are going down next week, I could try to make you one if I get a chance.
  2. We got one together too! Ha! Zoom shot at MK .mp4
  3. This is a great shot! I love this and they do it in several locations. high++953851771.mp4
  4. Hello all. Not the best view from our room, but it’s still Disney. Hope it is working okay. We are in EPCOT for a few hours today. It’s another gorgeous day. Not hot. A little breeze. Here are a few pics of the day!
  5. Hello All. Well today is the day we leave for the House of The Mouse to celebrate our 40th Anniversary! Wow, sometimes when I say that it takes a little while to sink in. Nowadays it seems like so may things are disposable, including relationships. For my wife and I, I think I can honestly say it was true love when we met and we have had a wonderful Adventure so far! to make a long story short, I was 17, she was 18 when we first met in a diner. She was a waitress, I was a customer . We were engaged for just a little over a year when we got married. 2 years later our first son came along and 2 years after that our second son. 2 months ago our 5th grandchild came into the world. Soon we will be celebrating 40 years together in the Happiest Place on Earth , at the Top Of the World with My True Love. Well I am going to try to keep a running Trip Report along with streaming, but no guarantees. Here are some shirts we made for the trip.
  6. Well yes as a matter of fact we did! I also received one of these in January from a special cast member we know. Anyone else get one? (Not like this will ever happen either!)
  7. Happy belated Birthday Schoolbelle!