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  1. Mrhub

    Video of new gondolas

    Dutch Wonderland still had a sky lift several years ago, they were open air also.
  2. Mrhub

    Going to Disney World!

    Hey all! Streaming seems to be working for me this trip. I will stream from the room when we are in for a while at a time. Hope you all liked the Fireworks from TOTWL.
  3. Mrhub

    Going to Disney World!

    Well if you have an open one Fiz. Like I said, don't know what I may stream. We are in the Grand Floridian Villas, and we have standard studios so I do not know what the view will be like. Could just be a bush.
  4. Mrhub

    Going to Disney World!

    Hello friends, Just wanted to let you know we will be arriving in Disney World Saturday and staying for a week and I will most likely try to do some mobile streaming but I do not think I will be doing any resort streaming. We have to keep packing to a minimum since we are taking friends and driving down together in my Explorer. Can't take all my electronics. Look for: MrHub in Disney on youtube. I'll also be streaming on Facebook @MrhubsDisneyPage . Not even sure how much streaming I will do. May & Sept I will be steaming more. Mark AKA "MrHub"
  5. Maybe next time I should accept before I leave home and then I will have it working for the trip.
  6. no I have no idea. I did accept on my PC rather than my mac though.
  7. Just checked and yes , got the invite, accepted and it worked this time.
  8. I still need to figure out why I could not get access to the EoE channel that Fiz set me up with on our past trip or else I will never be able to stream on here again. Is there any way we could do some testing Fiz before January 25 Fiz? Maybe set me up with a channel that's not getting used but don't stream it here or something.
  9. Mrhub

    Moderate resorts

    We actually just stayed 1 night at Port Orleans Riverside this past trip. The resort was nice and the room was even nice, but I guess we are spoiled being DVC and love our deluxe resorts.
  10. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday disnycrayz!

    Belated Happy Birthday!
  11. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday ZWarrior

    Belated Happy Birthday!
  12. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday bostonrob!

    Belated Happy Birthday!
  13. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday momfiz!

    Happy Birthday!
  14. Mrhub

    Happy Birthday oldharmony

    Belated Happy Birthday!
  15. Mrhub

    Emma's heart

    Update: It is with a heavy heart I have to tell you all that Emma passed away today. She put up a hard fight but the Lord took her to be with him and relieve her of her pain. He has another angel in heaven now.