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  1. Should have something from PballTaz that came through . Not much but hey I have a trip coming up lol.
  2. So did about 5hrs total at Hershey ended up with 26 GoPro videos that are downloading . Maybe 4 or 5 live streams and see some of them cut footage as well but that is to be expected. I went through 3 total - 1 partial GoPro batteries , but by the time I went through the 3rd the other 2 were already fully charged using a 3 battery charge box off the samsung booster . Thinking with 5 total I should be good for a full day of streaming. The interesting thing is my Phone with just moderate text, email and bit of Fb along with the running Live4 for the streams was only down to 77% when I put it on the charger in the car. That is amazing but I think it has a lot to do with the screen being off and it being in my pocket during the live with the GoPro taking the brunt of screen on time. It looks like both FB and YouTube retailed at 480P and that might be as I never had more then 2Mbps upload with most of the day around 1Mbps Even my normal great download speeds were bad up there at about 34-56 when I pull in the 300s while at home. They offer WiFi like Disney does but I don't think I can use that as the GoPro uses it for it's connection. I saw something about using Bluetooth with the GoPro but I think that is the newer models. Just some thought as today was really just testing for 22 day away . If anyone has any feedback please do as I still have time to play around with things.
  3. Hey all I'm back in action . I'm heading to Disneyland at the end of the month ( Oct27th-Nov1st) for OogieBoogieBash and just submitted a request to stream . I'm doing 4 days at DL and 2 days at SanD Zoo and Safari park if interested in that . I'm working with a GoPro Hero5black using Live 4 and Restream , so it will stream live to YouTube and Facebook and still hold recordings on my GoPro from the looks of things.
  4. Yes there is a WiFi BacPac that will allow you to do so from what I understand.
  5. I might use them for a booster but not my Phone. http://www.hypeorlando.com/wishes-and-pixiedust/2014/04/24/smartphone-device-charging-lockers-at-disney-world/
  6. $35 for a drink and late snack an walk around for an hour or so is a bit much. Really you could buy a drink last call and do the same thing almost we have stayed a long time in WS before being told to head to an exit.
  7. I really Hope they start enforcing the Resort and DTD parking. With this increase many will just try to park in those areas to get to the parks. Price is of no concern to me as I'm always staying on-site so get to park for free. I also won't use Valet as it's a hassle to get ins coverage if something happens to the rental.
  8. What a time to be taking off from the parks. We just missed the Big DVC PAP discount, APs just expired so no MB for us , Now this is the 3rd strike . I either need to just give up completely or find some way to get down for a even a few days in the parks. Tent Camping in August can't be that bad can it be lol.
  9. I like the lady saving her Wine in the shot I saw. Reports are they saved all the fish .
  10. I think this all has to do with the better resorts to work at. I have never had an issue at AKV/L but I think generally the people there like Wilderness lodge enjoy the resorts a bit more. SSR as much as I like it is a clearing house for CRO and people making last minute well I guess if I have to stay somewhere type ressies and it shows on those that work there. Shouldn't be but is. I also have never had a bad stay at our 2nd Fav BCV . Then again I guess it's like everywhere else it just depends on what CM you get , I have been lately if I see an issue just walk away and come back later or go to another CM. I think more and more CMs in general are more about just getting paid and not spreading the Magic
  11. Looks like not only are they not bridging these any more from the way I read it they are not allowing any upgrades at all. I know we have always done the UCT through Msavers link then upgrade at the parks to get best savings. AAA is the only one from the sounds of things http://allears.net/pl/ticket.htm#credpass
  12. Nice having my EVo4gLTE for almost 2 years now I'm looking to upgrade I would think whatever I go with would be on the list. Right now I'm looking at the Gal S5 / HTC M8 / or wait for next Nexus .
  13. Looks like they could relocate the Rose garden closer to Mainstreet in the back. But I have to wonder if the Bigger open Grass areas will be for the FP+ and just open area.
  14. Saw that as well and great use of space if they are not ever going to reopen the waterway.
  15. Nice report. I so agree with TT they could have done so much more with the tech they have now available. I still like the ride but man they really missed the boat on that upgrade/downgrade I had that same issue with the typing thing on my Win8 . What I found out was it seemed to be a flash build up of some kind. closing all Flash Applications and sometimes bad enough where I had to do a complete reboot takes care of ti right away. I busted a few keyboards before I realized it wasn't them. I tried Wireless, Bluetooth and direct plug in and none of thta mattered.