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  2. Starting at CBR Pirate room. Check in took 1 1/2 hours at the desk not in the line. My inlaws were supposed to be in a handicapped room they were given a Pirate room next to us so we said ok because they would be near us but the rooms aren't ready they will text us. We got a text for my in laws room but not 1 for us so my wife called and they said ours would be ready after 5 and again we would get a text. I called at 6:30 they said it was ready. When we get back to the hotel at 12:00 after the MVMCP I head to Customs house to get my laptop DW and DD who is 7 and sound asleep go to the room. She calls me almost in tears the room was NEVER CLEANED. Wet towels food trash unmade beds total mess so now my wife has to put my dd on a dirty bed while I get this fixed. They want to clean the room I say no way I want another room we are exhausted and should be asleep not dealing with this. After an hour we get credited for the night and are given a new room that appears clean. I wake up at 6 to take a shower cause we are being transfered to another room back in the Pirate area. I pull back the shower curtain dirty towels fall down on me! I say you 've got to be kidding me loud enough to wake the family. I get in the shower to find mold in the soap dishes now I'm starting to get mad. We finish getting ready call bell services to take our bags head to my inlaws room which is fine. We head to Epcot have a good day went to Big River Grill at BW had a great lunch was starting to feel magic in the day got the text for the room That night we had dinner at Chef Mickey's to be on the safe side I tellmy family I'm going back to check the room just to be safe. Get in the room no luggage mold in the shower trash still under the vanity. That was it time to loose called bellservices told them get my bags to me NOW RIGHT NOW. Called front desk blasted the manager told him Im' done I don't want to stay here I'm getting screwed out of my 5 day vacation that I have saved and planned for for the past year! He asks what he can do for me. I tell him I want to go to WL where I should have gone inthe first place we just wanted to do somthing different fo dd I also tell him I realize he probablly can't do this for both rooms. He says he'll call me back. Now I'm late for dinner not with my family blood pressure so high I'm covered in sweat my and wife is now really upset again. I get the call we are getting transfered to the lodge first thing in the morning. Get up early pack up get transfered go to the desk WL doesn't know whats going on the little magic I had slips away. Like an hour later we are off to MK with a handicapped room for my in laws and our room was great too! Our room keys and park tickets are on 1 set of cards ddp on the other. We get a text the rooms are ready I wasn't feeling well too much stress decided to go back get the luggage to the rooms and relax. At this time I can get the cards combined so we only have 1 each. I do it once the keys wont open rooms go back twice no go third time is the charm but the keys open the wrong rooms fourth time all set 1 card each at this point the people at the front desk and I are just having a great time laughing about it still puts a big smile on my face when I think about it. DD stays with inlaws that night wife and I head back to MK couldn't get back in tickets didn't get attached to card so off to guest services we go 45 min later we got a temp ticket for the and 2 fast passes that night and 2 fast passes each for the next 2 days. Next morning back to front desk for another hour or so to get more new cards. at this point like 30 cards. Through out the day we notice a couple snacks anr gone that we didn't use yet that should have been a big red flag that something was up but since I was leaving the following day I and was starting to have a magical day didnt give it a second thought. That night get the check for dinner at 1900 ParkFare are told we dont have and credits left on the ddp that sucked all the rest of the magic from me. Had them charge it to the room left the family to checkout the GF gingerbread house and left for WL to fix this. Spent another hour trying to get it fixed wife came down to the desk manager was having problems getting this fixed wife started to tear up right there now all I want to do is go home . Never thought I would feel that way or even say it at Walt Disney World but it was true we were just all done. By morning it was fixed and we were given a $40 credit to shop and replace thmissing snacks on the ddp. Our last day we were at MK. It was the best day. The tree was up and everything looked great. Had our usual lunch at Casey's then popcorn and Mickey icecream sandwiches sitting by the castle We had a lot of good moments. Things would go good for a while and then just fall apart. CBR screwed us we'll never go there again. WL on the other hand did everything they could and more. I told them we will be back because thats our Home where we are happy and relaxed no problems. We love the warm feel there. Now I have to start planning the next trip! We are booking later today for 12-2 to 12-9!!!!!!!!! I forgot the cab ride. Took a cb from WL to BW guy gets lost we end up at Epoct cast entrance. Then we end up on the road back to the airport we go past the WDW welcome sign we go about another mile the guy pulls a u tunr in the median by the time I got to BW the meter read $25 He got ten cause thats all it should have been. I know I'll remember more little stuff later maybe I'll do a post with some of that stuff too.
  3. Thats what I was looking for. Thanks Jeff
  4. Does any one have the Magical Express area loop?
  5. These pics are incredible! I'm going to have to get the camera going so I can post too.