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  1. Thanks for the update kbmum.
  2. 2 out of 5.
  3. happy birthday capttigger
  4. Happy birthday 2bdm!
  5. In EPCOT, I'm stopping by Yorkshire County Fish shop for their Fish and Chips. In Disney Springs, I'll get The Full Montagu from Earl's. My 3rd choice for a counter-service restaurant is the Contempo Cafe, where I would get a Hot Turkey Sandwich.
  6. Thanks mwalter59.
  7. Happy birthday Roz!
  8. I was trying to make you find me. I didn't want to make it too easy. lol
  9. Walking around Epcot
  10. lol, thanks wi.
  11. 1. soarin' 2. haunted mansion 3. pirates of the caribbean 4. TTA 5. BTMRR 6. Test Track 7. Safari 8. TSMM 9. Spaceship Earth 10. Jungle Cruise
  12. Great job noose! Thanks for all your hard work.
  13. Thanks noose.
  14. Yorkshire County Fish shop in United Kingdom followed closely by Pecos Bill's.
  15. Happy birthday Tyme4tea!