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  1. pittsburgh_jim

    Thanks, wihumphrey!

    What NH said!
  2. pittsburgh_jim

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    Thanks albinotrout!
  3. pittsburgh_jim

    Happy Birthday newharmony!

    Happy birthday NH!
  4. pittsburgh_jim

    Happy Birthday wherespluto!!!

    Happy birthday wherespluto!
  5. pittsburgh_jim

    Happy Birthday Albinotrout!

    Happy birthday Albinotrout!
  6. pittsburgh_jim

    Happy Birthday wdwnut!!!!

    Happy birthday Nut!
  7. pittsburgh_jim

    Happy Birthday tinkcrafter

    Happy birthday Tinkcrafter!
  8. pittsburgh_jim

    Happy Birthday Billpatrain

    Happy birthday Bill
  9. pittsburgh_jim

    Bring your pups to WDW?

    It is being reported that the dog-friendly program is may be coming to an end. http://www.disneydining.com/walt-disney-world-may-end-dog-friendly-program-at-resorts/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=dt
  10. pittsburgh_jim

    Happy Birthday JiminyC

    Happy birthday JC!
  11. pittsburgh_jim

    Dragon fire

    Excellent idea! You should be an imagineer!
  12. pittsburgh_jim

    EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    Flounder did a great job in the past, why mess up what works.
  13. pittsburgh_jim

    Happy Birthday oshpopham!

    Happy birthday Osh!
  14. pittsburgh_jim

    Sorry Folks!

    No worries, moose.
  15. pittsburgh_jim

    MNSSHP & MVMCP tickets on sale

    You're welcome, flounder.