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  1. Resort views have been on my mind...

    Well said, NH.
  2. Happy Birthday flounder

    Happy birthday Flounder! Hope you had a fantastic birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday nhlfan

    Happy birthday nhlfan!
  4. How many different WDW resorts have you stayed in?

    I wonder if I can book sometime in the first year. lol
  5. How many different WDW resorts have you stayed in?

    I have 3 on my future stay list.
  6. Happy Birthday Tink73!

    Happy birthday Tink73!
  7. Happy Birthday wihumphrey

    Happy birthday wihumphrey!
  8. How many different WDW resorts have you stayed in?

    Very impressive, NH!
  9. How many different WDW resorts have you stayed in?

    I was thinking that BLT is one, Contemporary is another, Riverside and French Quarter are different resorts. As far as Dixie Landings and French Quarter, I would think it's the same since it was only a name change. Just my opinion.
  10. With there being over 25 resorts, including DVC, on Walt Disney World property, what is the total number of different resorts you have stayed in ? My total is 9 resorts. I've stayed in all four moderates, the 3 monorail resorts, Pop Century and OKW.
  11. Happy Birthday pittsburgh_jim

    Thank you NH and OH.
  12. Happy Birthday pittsburgh_jim

    Thanks Flounder. I wish we were too.
  13. Happy Birthday pittsburgh_jim

    Thanks Fiz
  14. Happy Birthday pittsburgh_jim

    Thanks Belle.
  15. How do you Disney for the holidays?

    Looks great Fiz!