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  1. kbmum

    New Alex and Ani D-Lish snack bracelets

    I decided to not take a chance waiting until my next trip. Love this bracelet!
  2. Alex and Ani has finally come out with a Dole Whip bracelet! I've been waiting for this one for a really long time. It isn't being sold on the Shop Disney site, at least not yet. Should I buy it from a Disney shoppers website or hope it's still available when we go for Christmas? There are also Mickey bar and Minnie donut bracelets, which are adorable.
  3. kbmum

    Happy Birthday Flounder!!

    Hope you had a great birthday, Flounder!
  4. kbmum

    Replacing Photopass Photographers???

    Sure, PhotoPass photographers aren't being replaced...right now. The whole reason for the test is to see if it works and if there are any complaints from guests. If people don't complain, the automated system will be expanded.
  5. kbmum

    October Photo of the Month - RESORTS

    I never not bring my camera! It goes with me everywhere on property. You just never know when the shot of a lifetime will pop up. When I was a about 16, my parents, brother, and I were walking between the castle and the carousel. I looked up and saw Cinderella, Prince Charming, and Fairy Godmother waving at everyone from the balcony (restaurant level) on the back of the castle. Back then, my mom was the person who carried the camera. I turned to get it from her, but with a crestfallen face, she told me she'd left it in the room. For many years, every time we went back, I hoped to see those characters together in the same place, but it didn't happen. I learned two lessons: 1) be the person responsible for the camera and 2) ALWAYS carry a camera.
  6. kbmum

    Happy Birthday, Fizbain!

    Happy birthday, Fiz!
  7. Disney announced today that IllumNations will be replaced at the end of next summer. Unfortunately, there are no details yet about the new show. I'm really sad that we didn't get a chance to see it during our last trip and probably won't get back to Disney until after the new show is in place.
  8. kbmum

    Happy Birthday oldharmony

    Happy birthday, OH!
  9. Fiz, I really like the idea you have for room views. Saving just the best and editing the footage to no more than three hours would be great! Same for event videos. I just hope that no one gets insulted if their video is replaced with one that is deemed "better." But, if there's a way for the person who did the stream to save their own videos to their YouTube account, that could be a solution.
  10. kbmum

    Happy birthday, School Belle!

    Happy birthday, School Belle! I hope you have a great day!
  11. kbmum

    Happy Birthday ryknow!!!!

    Happy birthday!
  12. kbmum

    Happy Birthday tinkcrafter

    Happy belated birthday, tinkcrafter!
  13. kbmum

    Happy Birthday newharmony!

    Happy birthday, newharmony!
  14. kbmum

    WL - Copper Creek Villas and Boulder Ridge Villas

    My parents booked a trip a few years ago through David's DVC Rentals. They were very happy with the transaction. However, you have to pay the entire amount up front and there are no refunds. David's gives half of the payment to the DVC owner when they make the reservation and the second half on the day the reservation begins (transaction through PayPal). As for Copper Creek, we're staying in a two-bedroom next month. It will be our first time staying at WL, so we're really looking forward to experiencing something new (for us, anyway).
  15. This is a bad move on their part. I think they'll lose a lot of streamers.