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  1. This show is stunning! I'm still not sure how good it is at a distance or if you can't see the front of the castle. If anyone missed the live stream, Disney put the video on YouTube. The show starts at the 15:20 minute mark.
  2. The Disney Parks Blog will stream the debut of the Happily Ever After fireworks show on Friday, May 12, starting at 8:55 p.m. EST. I'm really curious how the show will look if you can't get a view of the front of the castle (say, from the Top of the World or other points inside the park). https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/05/disneyparkslive-will-stream-happily-ever-after-debut-may-12-at-850-p-m-et/?dpb
  3. Are the videos included with an annual pass, or just the photos? We have annual passes to cover this summer's trip and the next one.
  4. I'm strolling through the Animal Kingdom walking trails, camera in hand. No, wait, I'm walking through the gardens in the United Kingdom pavilion, camera in hand. Ah, who am I kidding. I'm sitting in Adventureland, people watching and enjoying a Dole Whip, camera hanging around my neck.
  5. Kidani is my favorite DVC resort. If you have time, take your kids to the pool and water play area. There's a fort with water cannons that are aimed at other water cannons on the ground. We had so much fun! Although, my son blasted a woman who was walking through the fort and soaked her expensive DSLR. She was good about it, saying it was her fault for having the camera out in an area where kids were playing in water. The biggest issue with Kidani is its lack of quick service dining. Sanaa is excellent, though. I read on another forum that Disney is testing (or will be testing) room service boxed meals. It sounds like quick service that's dropped off at your room, but there's no set-up like with regular room service.
  6. 1. Expedition Everest 2. Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Soarin' 4. Haunted Mansion 5. Toy Story Mania 6. Buzz Lightyear 7. People Mover 8. Safari 9. Kali River Rapids 10.7DMT Although these aren't technically rides, I absolutely love Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and Maharaja Jungle Trek. Animal Kingdom is my favorite park.
  7. That did the trick!
  8. It looks like the upcoming streams were wiped off the calendar. Mine is missing for sure (August), but I know there were streams during other months.
  9. Just sent mine.
  10. My favorite table service is Yachtsman. Yes, very expensive, but the food was excellent and the chefs were great with my food allergies. But, we also love The Wave for breakfast. The buffet is really good (with the most amazing grits) and it's relaxing for me because, without characters, I don't have to worry about taking pictures throughout the meal. For quick service, The Mara was was best. We're staying at Kidani this summer, but I'm planning on a couple of trips to AKL just for the quick service.
  11. Before developing a nightshade allergy (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and eggplant), it was Flame Tree. Now, it's Casey's.
  12. Hope you had a great birthday!
  13. Disney just announced that it licensed a new fragrance called "Frozen in a Bottle." It'll be sold in the Norway pavilion, the cruise line, and a couple of online sites. Geir Ness Insert reindeer/petroleum/fish odor jokes below.
  14. I have no doubt that Pandora the jewelry company will create an Avatar line to sell in the parks.
  15. Disney announced yesterday that Pandora will open on Saturday, May 27 (they also announced that Star Wars Land will open in 2019). There's a new and official website to give the backstory of the land, plus Twitter and Instagram accounts. https://www.visitpandora.com/ https://twitter.com/visitpandora https://www.instagram.com/visitpandora/ I'm not a really big Avatar fan, but I'm looking forward to the new land. Should be fun, especially at night.