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  1. when will it end??

    When will it end? When reservations are negatively impacted, when attendance is down, when people get fed up with all of the up-charges for services and events. I could be wrong, but I think there will be no charge for parking if you're a DVC member and either stay at a DVC resort (regardless of paying in points or cash) or if using points to stay at a regular Disney hotel.
  2. Power bank

    I'm always on the lookout for good power banks. You haven't had any problems with the Powerpatch? The reviews on the QVC site aren't very good.
  3. Resort views have been on my mind...

    My elderly parents are not members of this site, but they watch ALL of the streams directly from Ustream, regardless of the resort or view. They don't usually watch the mobile streams because they don't know when they're on (unless I see that one is up and let them know). It's their way to stay connected with Disney magic. My dad turns on the computer early in the morning, puts on the stream, and leaves it on most of the day. Sometimes, my mom will text to let me know if the stream froze or went down.
  4. Happy Birthday tiggerpiglet!

    Happy belated birthday, TP!
  5. Bring your pups to WDW?

    I really hate this. I have a pet dander allergy (among many other allergies) and don't want to sit next to a dog on DME. I certainly wouldn't want to stay in a room that had previously housed a dog. I don't care how good Mousekeeping is, traces of fur will still be left behind, never mind the inevitable "accidents." The new dog policy states that if a dog is barking in a room, the hotel will contact the owner within 30 minutes to deal with the situation. And, you just know there will be owners who let their dogs off the leash in public areas. I just don't understand why Disney would want to deal with all of the headaches this will cause, especially when they won't let cast members directly confront guests for other issues.
  6. Happy Birthday MizFiz

    Happy birthday, Miz!
  7. Happy Birthday to Old Harmony

    Happy birthday, Old Harmony!
  8. New Secret Menu at AllStar Movies

    I'd love to know if other QS restaurants have something like this.
  9. Happy Birthday Kbmum!

    Thanks! I had a fantastic birthday dinner at Yachtsman, complete with a Mickey chocolate mousse cake. Not only did they accommodate my unusual food allergies, the chef made an amazing vegan dinner for my daughter. It was one of those meals where the chef and the server will get a well-deserved complimentary email sent to Guest Services. As for my stream, it will be a no-go for the rest of the trip. Wifi at Kidani is absolutely terrible. I can't even get on it now, 10:40 at night. I hate to disappoint everyone, but there isn't much I can do.
  10. MousePerks Ap

    Thanks! I have the site bookmarked on my phone. I don't have an AP card, though, just an exchange certificate that allowed us to get MagicBands. We have to activate the annual passes at Guest Services. Maybe we'll get our cards then.
  11. MousePerks Ap

    Phooey! It isn't available for iPhone. Does anyone know if the perks are the same for DVC members and annual passholders? We have annual passes to cover this year's trip and next, plus a DVC membership. If one gives better discounts than the other, that's the one I want to use.
  12. I'm not too sure about a gondola system in an area that has so many thunderstorms. I would imagine the system would be shut down in bad weather. As for the Star Wars resort, my husband said we're all in no matter the cost.
  13. Happy Birthday tinkcrafter

    Happy birthday, tink!
  14. D23 was held over the weekend and a huge number of announcements were made for Disney World. I think I've rounded up all of them. 1. Star Wars land to be named Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. Will open in 2019, first in Disneyland, then in Disney World. 2. The Great Movie Ride to be replaced by Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway. GMR will close on August 13, 2017. 3. Universe of Energy to be replaced by a Guardians of the Galaxy Ride. UoE will also close on August 13. 4. The Ratatouille ride (from Paris) is being built in the France Pavilion. 5. Tron coaster (like the one in Shanghai Disneyland) to be built next to Space Mountain. Some of the plans also show an update for Indy Speedway. 6. An immersive Star Wars-themed starship resort to be built, possibly inside Hollywood Studios or just outside the park with access directly to Galaxy's Edge. 7. A new space-themed restaurant will open between Mission:SPACE and Test Track. 8. A gondola transportation system will connect Epcot, Art of Animation, Pop Century, Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney Riviera Resort (see below), and Hollywood Studios. 9. A new theater will be built in the backstage area between Main Street and Tomorrowland. The theater is based on one in Kansas City, where Walt Disney lived. 10. New films coming for Mission:SPACE and the China Pavilion. There will be two M:S films -- a trip around the Earth for Green Mission and an updated trip to Mars for Orange Mission. M:S is currently closed, but is expected to open on August 1, 2017. 11. A summer 2018 opening was announced for Toy Story Land. 12. Disney set to start its own paid transportation system, Minnie Van. It will supposedly cost $20 per one-way trip, but I don't know if that's $20 per person or per family. The vans seat up to eight people. 13. A new DVC, Disney Riviera Resort will open in fall 2019. It's being built on part of the site that was demolished at Caribbean Beach Resort. It will feature a rooftop restaurant with views of the shows/fireworks at Epcot and Hollywood Studios.
  15. Happy Birthday DVCJen!

    Happy birthday, Jen!