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  1. It's been over 8 years form my post above and many trips to WDW and the Villas at Wilderness Lodge still holds that special spot for us. But alas, the Disney Imagineers love to change things. Now the Villas are named Boulder Ridge. Remembering that change is difficult. But that's not as big a concern as the changes that might be coming. I like the way the Villas were designed and decorated 10 or so years ago. I'm afraid the decor of the Copper Creek Villas and Cabins is going to sneak over into the original villas. HOPE NOT! But it's beyond my control. Crossing fingers. By the way, Kidani Village is REALLY growing on us! It hasn't overtaken our feelings for "Boulder Ridge", but it's pretty close!
  2. mickeyears

  3. Condolences to Deano426/Grumpylover

    Oh my goodness! I'm so stunned to hear about this. I pray that your family has found the strength and comfort of friends and family. God be with you each and every day as you all move forward. Remember that we all have a great reunion in our future.
  4. We're back ....

    Way to persevere, Noose! GOOD JOB!
  5. Start the Speculation: New DVC at Polynesian?

    Yes, "sight balloons" were seen and photographed at the Poly as shown on another web site. Some are saying it may be a total renovation or re-invention of the Poly. But, you know how rumors from unsubstantiated sources usually end-up. In all honesty, during the early design phases, the architects need to know the availability of horizontal and vertical space for any and all concepts. Being a surveyor, I've done several projects that provided such data for the project architects and engineers.