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  1. LMAO ..... Sure, go ahead, tell you did not see this coming ... https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2019/06/17/disney-might-be-ready-to-finally-admit-that-their-current-fastpass-system-sucks
  2. happy birthday @2boysdisneymom and Happy Birthday @Capttigger
  3. It may be as simple as using one of the events already in youtube while in the youtube web app
  4. What I am trying to figure out how to get these to hit the live channel so they appear in the embed live channel on EOE.
  5. Agreed, the apps will build on the features of the newer OS
  6. Happy Birthday @weatherwatcher514
  7. @Mrhub On Android I get " No broadcasts of this type are available." I will need to spend time figuring this out
  8. Hi @Mrhub still learning. I believe this is the new struggle. On Android I get not broadcasts of this type are available. In the past I could correct this by creating a new event. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be working. I need to find more time to experiment and get this down to a repeatable process
  9. @wdwnut where did I fat finger that one?
  10. run on battery pack!!!!
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