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  1. Fizbain

    Video of new gondolas

    i so forgot all about Dutch Wonderland
  2. Fizbain

    Video of new gondolas

    oh yea, the ski lift type thing that goes out and back over the water near comet hollow
  3. Fizbain

    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    With a new year starts a new SSS. Looks like this year we will be planning Shenanigans for Sep 5, 6, 7, 8. I see some people have started planning. Looks like we may have some people RVing at Fort Wildy. Time to start talking it up! Who wants to join in?
  4. Fizbain

    Video of new gondolas

    Hershey had torn theirs out as well. he old building tin Tudor square used for concerts and such. Did they put a new one in?
  5. Fizbain

    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    Hows this for a start, Please join in with your thoughts. All ideas are on the table. Thu Sep 5 - Dinner at Morocco and Marrakesh , then Fireworks at EPCOT Fri Sep 6 - Dinner at Whispering canyon then gather around the fire pit at Fort Wilderness for lots of chat and maybe smores. Maybe watch Hallowishes from the beach. Tour rides in Remy? @flounder1959 @newharmony @oldharmony @pittsburgh_jim @wherespluto @School Belle @Hello nurse @wihumphrey @alicesadventures @WDWHAM @tinkcrafter @JiminyC @oshpopham @TiggerPiglet Anyone I miss? Anyone else interested?
  6. Fizbain

    Video of new gondolas

    It seemed like every pack had a skyway then all of sudden none of them did. Always wondered what MK was like
  7. Fizbain

    Video of new gondolas

    I was never in Magic Kingdom when they had the skyway. Anyone here ever see them? Fan? Not a fan? I once heard someone say they missed them not because of the ride but because of the motion it added to the area. I get what you are saying about the International GateWay... Will probably get used more now
  8. Fizbain

    Video of new gondolas

    hmmmmm .... slow huh?
  9. Fizbain

    Happy Birthday beercap8

    Happy Birthday @beercap8
  10. Fizbain

    NO Trivia tonight Feb

  11. Fizbain

    Happy Birthday Lovin'Stitch

    Happy Birthday @Lovin'Stitch
  12. Fizbain

    Happy Birthday eazyeray

    happy Birthday @eazyeray
  13. Fizbain

    Stream testing...

    yes, projects like this are a blast. I was looking at an option to add an external camera to my phone
  14. Fizbain

    A new tour at Disney for only $12,000!!!

    Cheaper than tickets to the derby?
  15. Fizbain

    Bay Lake Tower Feb 23

    Hey @MooseTV Here is the letter I send to first timers. I will send in PM as well I am going to invite you to be a manager on <channel>. You will get an email to your account <email you provided>. Please accept the invitation. When you accept the invitation, if you are not logged into google, you will have to log in. Once logged in, click through the invitation a second time. Once you are sure you have accepted the invite while logged onto Google, you can test. I find the best way to test if you have accepted the invite and you are now a manager is to log into YouTube either on pc or phone. Once logged in, click or tap the profile/account icon on top right. In the menu you should see an option to switch accounts. If you see EOE as an option, then you are ready for next step. Next, click the icon that look like a movie camera at top right center. You will have option of upload or go live. Select go live. First time you will need to verify your account with a phone number. It may take 24 hours once submitted before it will allow you to go live. Now you are ready to stream live Steps are something like Go to YouTube Log into Google using the email address and a password you are using for You/Tube if you're not already signed in. You will see the login. If need be you can log in to Google for the first time. In the upper right hand corner of your screen their is a circular icon maybe an initial Click that icon Choose Switch Accounts and pick the EoE channel you have been assigned Then click the camera logo and choose Go Live They will ask for a title but before doing that make sure the camera is not in selfie mode, unless, you want your photo posted with this stream Type the title and press done. TURNS OUT THIS IS NOW CRITICAL. Please be sure to enter real words and at least some detail of the intended stream. We have recently had a number of community strikes due to this not being done. Seems YouTube has made changes to their spybot This is when they take the thumbnail You have 3 seconds before the picture is taken Hit the next button Choose Go Live and have fun!
  16. Fizbain

    Going to Disney World!

    @Mrhub Thanks for the last min streams!
  17. Fizbain

    Going to Disneyland !

    dang, sorry I am late to this one. I can add you to 5
  18. Fizbain

    A new tour at Disney for only $12,000!!!

    Or bake sale
  19. Fizbain

    Stream testing...

    great idea! I am always looking at new ways to shrink the hardware needed
  20. Fizbain

    New Alex and Ani D-Lish snack bracelets

    Congratulations! @kbmum looks great!
  21. Fizbain

    Dragon fire

    Because it is the end ?
  22. Fizbain

    Dragon fire

    I think i say it on Disney Facebook site
  23. Fizbain

    Going to Disney World!

    @Mrhub I will send you an invite to channel 4 tonight. If you don't find anything to stream, no bigs
  24. Fizbain

    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    @tinkcrafter we want you to be in !!!