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    WonderTwin powers! Activate!
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    WDW 2018 June (171).jpg

    Captain Nemo catach that?
  3. Fizbain

    WDW 2018 June (216).jpg

    Tell me sooner I wouls astopped by
  4. Fizbain

    WDW 2018 June (218).jpg

    This would explain the rum always being gone. It's in the dolew the dole whip
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    MrHub's Panoramics

    These are great!! I wonder if I held on to the one I took from the Tee on the golf course outside our room after Irma.....
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    General pics generaly not fit for human consumption
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    Main Street Pano2

    From the album: FizPhotos

    © Fiz

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    From the album: FizPhotos

    © Fiz

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    IMG 3823 4

    From the album: FizPhotos

    See , it is all about Fiz

    © Fizbain Brian Jennings FizPix