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  1. Interesting idea. I see the hardest part of something like this being timing. Maybe we can discuss live?
  2. hi @Richard Bruvofetc great to have you along. EOE is in a bit of a mess at the moment as we continue to try and recover from ustream stopping its ad supported videos. And as we tried to get to 1k subscribers on YouTube so we could again embed our live streams, YouTube has changed the rules again preventing ANY live streams from mobile. As TP pointed out is our YouTube pages. Also, for the last week, the regulars have been watching live FaceBook streams. So as I say, we are bit all over at the momoment. Best I an offer is to be sure you are following our Facebook page for the instant news of a stream going live.
  3. Well you certainly did your research ! I wonder about one of those PC sticks or set top PCs. The ones running a cheery trail cpu
  4. I think @dbeedle was trying a Raspberri Pi with mediocre results
  5. I believe we should be able to continue. I think it will depend more on 'noose availability
  6. Happy Birthday @VegasMike and @Mike©
  7. I get charged a fee to get it from the store to the resort, plus I am expected to tip them. I will think of this as part of the tip
  8. The error that was received indicated that ewe are unable to continue live streaming using a mobile device until we have at least 1k subs. Web cam and commuter are still acceptable ways to live stream