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  1. Fizbain

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    Way coolio!
  2. I bring a phone for resort. @Mrhubis setting up his MAC. YOu could use a PC if you like.
  3. Well that is just uncool. We will need to find you encoder software.
  4. Fizbain

    Happy Birthday kopitedor!!

    Happy Birthday @kopitedor
  5. Fizbain

    Happy Birthday ryknow!!!!

    Happy Birthday @ryknow
  6. Fizbain

    Happy Birthday YensidsApprentice

    happy birthday @YensidsApprentice
  7. Fizbain

    Happy Birthday kbmum

    happy birthday @kbmum
  8. I grabbed the 4th of july video for channel 1. Will work on others. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Fizbain

    Happy Birthday mwalter59!

    Hapy Birthday @mwalter59
  10. Fizbain

    Happy Birthday newharmony!

    Happy Birthday @newharmony
  11. Fizbain

    Looks like mobile only this trip

    youtube seems to have removed the integration to Facebook. We will continue to look for options to work with Facebook. The team will continue to post on the Facebook page as well
  12. Fizbain

    Looks like mobile only this trip

    Always a concern deano. At the moment, it is all trial and error. We plan to embed the youtube channels into EOE. Lets us know how things seem to work for you
  13. Fizbain

    EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    Thanks for checking in! We will update things here as things change. As far as I know, 'noose is unable to join us.
  14. Fizbain

    Looks like mobile only this trip

    great mobiles!