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  1. Thanks so much @I'mNoPrince! EOE appreciates all the help. So kind of you to help out.
  2. Hi Kids, Its that time of year again when all the schools, charities and Eyes On Ears need to clean up their budget so they may continue into next year. I hate to say this but we are really struggling to this point. Potentially once we get to 1k subs we can start to get revenue from the ads. But ad revenue is a long ways off at this point. Please consider adding Eyes On Ears to your donations this season. We certainly understand not everyone is able to and we want to genuinely thank everyone that participates with Eyes On Ears not just financially but by sharing their vacations through streams and by joining in and watching those streams with us. You guys really are all the best members! Thanks!
  3. Thanks @mickeyman @weatherwatcher514
  4. Thanks @School Belle @TiggerPiglet @wdwnut @wihumphrey @ryknow for the birthday wishes !
  5. As the 11 month window opens up for our DVC friends, Labor Day is WAY late next year. Looks like we will be there Sep 5 to 19 so if we still to the weekend in between that will be Sep 10 - 13
  6. Wow, that is a lot of testing and data to sift through. Keep us up to date on your findings and configurations. cc: @oshpopham
  7. @I'mNoPrince So great to hear from you. Calendar request added