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  1. Fizbain

    EOE SSS 2020

    i still see chat .... well i did until i refreshed
  2. Fizbain

    EOE SSS 2020

    That is a great idea! Nice find
  3. Thanks! I will be down end of Feb if not. 5 min maybe. I can loop it.
  4. https://newatlas.com/urban-transport/segway-ninebot-s-pod-ces-2020-debut/?utm_source=New+Atlas+Subscribers&utm_campaign=f27bb6f30e-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_01_10_05_36&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65b67362bd-f27bb6f30e-89727629 The time of WALL-e is upon us
  5. Thanks, all of those so far a short or all over the place. Thanks so much for looking!
  6. @tinkcrafter Thanks, still looking
  7. Fizbain

    EOE SSS 2020

    anyone else interested in SSS2020?
  8. Fizbain

    EOE SSS 2020

    I will arrive Sep 5 or 6 and stay till 19th. Weekend after labor day is Sep 11-13
  9. Fizbain

    EOE SSS 2020

    One group, coming up
  10. @tinkcrafter still have your channels?
  11. nice! Looks like someone had a good time!