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  1. @oshpopham really has been spending a BUTT load of time recently trying to standardize our process. Thanks! Osh!
  2. Hi all, we are well into the 2nd half of the year, any donations will help
  3. Well since the offer run during party season, they figure guests will only be in the park for 4 hours
  4. IDK Hey should we have an " ask the streamer live" session?
  5. We should ask people to put something that makes sense in the title. Description would be nice but would be a lot to add on a mobile
  6. If you tap the top right of the screen when broadcasting it should open the title screen
  7. When you review it, could you check how to add a title and description? We don't want them all to say the same things
  8. Happy Birthday MrsOshpopham!
  9. Happy Birthday @YensidsApprentice !