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  1. Happy Birthday leslsu

    Happy Birthday Leslsu!
  2. Happy Birthday jchice2 & MooseTV

    Happy Birthday jchice2! Happy Birthday MooseTV!
  3. EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    Besides the dates, a key item for discussion is what to do for meet ups? In the past we have done thing like; Pay to visit private Desert Party at Epcot ($$$ and too short is the normal thought) Splitsville (fun, loosy goosy, $$) YeaHa Bob (fun, loosy goosy, $ depend on how much you eat/drink) So, what do you think would be a fun way for our stream teams to get together for some quality time?
  4. Happy Birthday to Old Harmony

    Happy Birthday @oldharmony !
  5. Happy Birthday MomFiz

    Happy Birthday Mom!
  6. Happy Birthday Zwarrior

    Happy Birthday Z!
  7. Cannot Get On Chat

    Clear all cache and cookies and reboot. Let me know what happens
  8. Web Cam and Equipment

    Z has you covered. Web cam looks good. Having the extra cables etc is just as important
  9. Happy Birthday janeslee

    Happy Birthday JaneSlee!
  10. August to Sept EoE members at WDW

    TC sent stream request for OKW
  11. How to tell what's what

    @tjlamphere Thanks for checking in!!! Certainly understand the conundrum. ONly way at the moment is to look at the calendar and see who is streaming today. EOE has been adding cam feed to the event. At the moment C1 - Andrea at Port Orleans C2 - is a rebroadcast of Old Key West by the canal. C3 - NewHarmony is streaming an awesome Poly view as you noticed. Good eye! M1 Ryknow is mobile streaming as possible M2 NewHarmony is mobile streaming as posible When on the live pages, be sure to say hi on chat. The regulars pretty much always know which feed is which from who
  12. New Secret Menu at AllStar Movies

    Well, now its not so secret .... lol
  13. Happy birthday, SchoolBelle!

    Happy Birthday Belle!
  14. Disney Old Key West

    @kopitedor the "live" stream on C2 is a recorded day at OKW. Should be live now
  15. 2017 Summer Stream Symposium

    Its starting to look kinda busy, maybe I should skip it?