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  1. Disney Train Cars

    wow, way cool!
  2. happy birthday

    Happy Birthday Deano!!
  3. Happy Birthday Kywildwolf76

    Happy Birthday Kywildwolf76
  4. 2017 Donation Drive

    Thanks @flounder1959 for your donation! These 3D camerons are going fast!! I have another in very similar condition that I will send to the next $25 or greater donation.... Hurry up, there only a few of these left
  5. 2017 Donation Drive

    Only the new higher math
  6. Castle Lighting Nov 9 - Live stream

    LOL.... 'zactly!
  7. Castle Lighting Nov 9 - Live stream

    Way cool! Get it?....
  8. 2017 Donation Drive

    @School Belle asked for one of the lower quality 3D prints, so this one is still available. I will ship this for free to the next person to donate $25 or more to EOE. We are SO close to actually reaching 100% of our budget for 2017. Would you consider making it happen?
  9. 2017 Donation Drive

    Thanks @School Belle I will reachout via PM to get you your very own cameron
  10. 2017 Donation Drive

    Hello all, Well it is getting to the end of the year and time to drive to 100% funding. I have been working with Waternoose to start making 3D printed Cameron's. Unfortunately 3D printing is not quite the clink and print process yet. So my first attempts are a bit of a mess. But! They are prototypes. So for the first time ever, I am going to offer 3D cameron prototypes as an incentive. These are all poorly printed, but you can see where we are going with this. The next $50 or more donation will get free this very 3D printed Cameron prototype Fizbain
  11. Holiday Overlay for ToT

    Thanks @pittsburgh_jim!
  12. Bring your pups to WDW?

    During Irma the people that were there with dogs seemed very good. I think it is a great idea, as long as Disney and Mousekeeping can keep up on the maintenance. I just don't believe they can.
  13. Holiday Overlay for ToT

    Yes, December is crazy full since Sep
  14. A Magical Moment

    Most awesome, thanks for sharing!

    Y yes, yes you did. And thank you!