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  1. Gotcha, mobile seems to be embedded but still having issues getting PC streams embedded. I even downloaded the Windows app on PC but couldn't get the video to work and kept receiving a pop up message that provided credentials to enter into streaming app but couldn't figure out where in Streamlabs to enter those settings.
  2. @newharmony We ended up using a window mount when we streamed from All-Star Music the weekend before last.
  3. On the iPhone app after tapping bottom red icon > select Create Event (bottom option) > Title (add info) > Create to go live.
  4. My iPhone overheated and shutdown this afternoon while mobile streaming in Toy Story Land.
  5. So far so good, no issues noted on my end while using the streamlabs app to mobile stream on my iPhone 8.
  6. I'll be using streamlabs to mobile stream on the upcoming visit and will report back if I experience any of these issues. @TiggerPiglet Back in Dec, I had issue with my Iphone 8 overheating while streaming via Youtube for extended periods, like streaming parades in direct sunlight.
  7. Thanks NH! I think we have one from an older XM radio I could use.
  8. Thanks....We signed up yesterday for the 5/20 event.
  9. Howdy, Booked a last minute business trip to Anaheim and invited the family for the weekend as I snagged a couple rooms onsite. Here's the plans and if there happens to be an open channel available I'll try to stream.
  10. Gotcha, that makes sense now. I believe the music flagged was prior to the start of Fantasy in the Sky.
  11. Ugh...I had saved the stream from the Fireworks tonight 12/30/18 and when I went to watch the video it looks to have been flagged by Youtube for copyright infringement.