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  1. nhlfan

    Going to Disneyland !

    Howdy, Booked a last minute business trip to Anaheim and invited the family for the weekend as I snagged a couple rooms onsite. Here's the plans and if there happens to be an open channel available I'll try to stream.
  2. nhlfan

    Youtube Streaming - Stream Titles

    Gotcha, that makes sense now. I believe the music flagged was prior to the start of Fantasy in the Sky.
  3. nhlfan

    Youtube Streaming - Stream Titles

    Ugh...I had saved the stream from the Fireworks tonight 12/30/18 and when I went to watch the video it looks to have been flagged by Youtube for copyright infringement.
  4. nhlfan

    Happy Birthday nhlfan

    Thanks Everyone!
  5. nhlfan

    Youtube Streaming - Stream Titles

    No sure if this is already happening, but I would also suggest going through the recorded streams at least once a week to delete and clean them up a bit.
  6. nhlfan

    Happy Birthday Miz Fiz!

    Happy Birthday !
  7. nhlfan

    Happy Birthday oldharmony

    Happy Birthday!
  8. nhlfan

    2018 Donation Drive

    Once again we are glad to be able to donate to one of our happy places
  9. nhlfan

    wihumphrey & SB's Valentine Adventure

    Thank you Belle & Wi for the wonderful streams this week !!!
  10. nhlfan

    Emma's heart

    Best of wishes to Emma on a speedy recovery ! Thank you Belle , Wi & NH for your efforts.
  11. nhlfan

    No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    Does anyone still have the link to print the I'm streaming on EyesonEars ? I would like to keep it next to my camera/laptop while I'm here....Thanks!
  12. nhlfan

    Happy Birthday nhlfan

    Many thanks !
  13. nhlfan

    Under the weather

    Thanks Noose for all you do and hope you feel better real soon!
  14. nhlfan

    1 day PH ticket value

    FYI: The majority of 1 day tickets that Disney provides for fundraising are comp tickets which can't be upgraded and will have an expiration date. This is usually printed on the tickets.