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  1. FYI: The majority of 1 day tickets that Disney provides for fundraising are comp tickets which can't be upgraded and will have an expiration date. This is usually printed on the tickets.
  2. Glad to be able to donate to one our happy places
  3. Had the same issue on my laptop last week while in Anaheim and now also experiencing the same on my desktop.
  4. Thank You all for the Birthday Wishes !
  5. Thank you everyone for the birthday greetings and for sharing the sights and sounds of a very special place.
  6. Thank You for sharing the wonderful view and safe travels back home.
  7. Thank You again tecdavidt for a wonderful feed. It's because of it we decide to fly across the country this weekend to check it out in person! Too bad we didn't get a chance to meet up but thank you for the offer, we ended up sitting on the grass hill next to the beach and had a wonderful time. Happy New Year!
  8. Happy New Year! Southwest misplaced our luggage so I'm only able to stream mobile until my webcam is found .....