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  1. Thanks for the well wishes! It's hard being in the wrong time zone!
  2. littlebatty


  3. We're only $25.00 out for 2017. Thank you streamers especially from those of us who don't visit often!
  4. Thanks all! Still working on our kitchen and will be back soon!
  5. DL is our "home" park and there are some attractions I prefer there over MK, but mostly I keep getting lost at.MK
  6. A visit there is now on our bucket list. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Was it you who streamed a visit there a few years ago? I still remember that with the car show and it seems like a fun place I'd like to go.
  8. I came here years ago looking for the ever-elusive live Disney camera. At first all I saw was a courtyard with a gazebo and wondered what the heck was going on, but have come to love every glimpse I can get. The video drew me in but the banter gave it life. Since the Disney video can be absent for up to weeks at a time maybe there is a way to find other vacation-like views relevant to the members here. I enjoyed the tour of the Ford factory grounds streamed a few years back.
  9. littlebatty

    Dumas WDW 2015