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  1. What happened with our resort stream

    So have we heard any more on this? Have any other streamers had issues with resorts streams? I have an April trip with a savannah view and would love to be able to stream it.
  2. WDW TV Channels and Streaming

    There is an hour long recording of the most recent music loop from May of 17 on youtube, it won't have the current park opening but I use it as my night light and music to sleep by while at the parks. They also do quite a bit of live streaming from the parks.
  3. MooseTV

  4. Where's the wifi?

    I wish along with the wifi they would hook the room Cat 5 connections back up, the resorts are all wired for it, and the majority of users would never bother to hook into it. If you look in the rooms, usually under the desk there is a wall plate labeled HSIA (High Speed Internet Access) I didn't have a Cat5 cable to with me last trip but I will be sure to bring it in Oct to see if they are active and they just aren't saying it is an option. ETA : I work for a major telecom (can you hear me now) and it's true you can only jam just so much water through the pipe but it is dependent on the pipe, coax and copper is limited but fiber optic is much more forgiving, the speeds and capacity is increasing quickly and a major resort like WDW with Magic Bands and the all the other customer interaction they pushing they would be foolish if they aren't running crazy amounts of fiber through out the parks .
  5. Disney World Park Audio

    I don't think I have a ride thru for the safari I have the radio station they use to tune to during part of the ride. I'll check through the lists I have though.