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  1. I knew this was back here somewhere!
  2. I will be doing a week at BLT with a Lake view, very good chance that we will be able to see MK. So I will set up a cam looking that direction. Any tricks I need to know about setting up streaming on You Tube.
  3. Found this on youtube page it may help https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2853700
  4. For the 2nd year in a row I'm going to have to bail on streaming from my room, I was in a savannah view room at AKV but the roll in shower sitation didn't work so we had to move rooms , we are at BWV but overlooking the creepy clown pool and other peoples rooms. Sorry about that. I will mobile stream when I came.
  5. So have we heard any more on this? Have any other streamers had issues with resorts streams? I have an April trip with a savannah view and would love to be able to stream it.
  6. There is an hour long recording of the most recent music loop from May of 17 on youtube, it won't have the current park opening but I use it as my night light and music to sleep by while at the parks. They also do quite a bit of live streaming from the parks.
  7. MooseTV


  8. Finally got around to making this years donation. Keep them coming folks we all need our Disney fix and every little bit helps.
  9. Sorry I never got to stream,I was really looking forward to this vacation along with being able to stream from BLT. Unfortunately my union went out on strike against Verizon the week before I was about to leave and we had to cancel. We are going down over Thanksgiving week but we will be at SSR or OKW neither give great views but I'll do some mobile and live stream if I get any kind of a view.
  10. Although I probably wont get to the opening night on April 22nd, it is the start of my vacation and streaming, so hopefully I will get to stream the show at some point during the week. Probably Sunday 24 or Thursday 28th.
  11. Some of my stuff is located in this thread http://www.eyesonears.com/topic/352-disney-world-park-audio/page__st__260 I have more, some of it's loaded into a drop box file so if you are looking for something you cant find let me know I'll see if I have it.
  12. I get paid Thursday I'll send $$ your way.
  13. According to this article Livestream is getting there own camera for sale. http://mashable.com/2016/01/03/livestream-movi-camera/?utm_cid=mash-com-Tw-tech-link%23sd613jsnjlqd#eDswAG2rbmq1
  14. Thanks y'all. Went to WDW last week for my birthday. Had a great time.