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  1. I started working on a doc for changing the Broadcast settings before I saw dbeedle's post above. I'm used to writing step by step tech docs for users to follow. Click on link below to access. Let me know if there are any errors: How to change the Streamlabs Broadcasting settings
  2. What is the default bitrate in the Streamlabs app? The chart at the website below gets the two major components in one place: Bitrate/Upload Speed and Resolution Its a juggling act to a certain extend. I tend to shoot for at least 720p resolution on my streams. So I ran an upload test on cell only and got 1.9 Mbps upload bitrate. Cell service in my house isn't so grate. Only 2 out of 4 bars. From what I've read you should set the bitrate in an app to your bitrate upload speed minus about 20%. That puts me at 1.5 Mbps or 1500 kbps. that should allow 720p, or maybe even 1080p, streaming. Of course this is all moot if the app is able to variably adjust the bitrate on the fly https://help.mevo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026528651
  3. Now the only way to live stream on YouTube is to upload non-live videos and hope you attract a fan base. We might need to start a regularly scheduled Disney VLOG Only what format to use?
  4. I have hope (hopefully not false hope) that the deployment of 5G cell service will help at least with the quality of the streams. Facebook or Periscope or maybe even YouTube if the come to their senses and remove the 1000 subscriber limit.
  5. I tried to live streaming using a web browser on my phone instead of the YouTube app. No luck. Using the Firefox app and then navigating to the YouTube website I was finally able to get the Go Live option to appear but the button to start the broadcast stayed grayed out. The Chrome browser app doesn't even show the live option. Makes sense since Google produces the Chrome browser and owns YouTube.
  6. HiddenMickey's suggestion to use the EoE Facebook site to draw more subscribers to the YouTube channels makes lots of sense to me. Especially now since we can't mobile live stream directly to YouTube anyway. Then once the YT channels hit 1000 we can go back to streaming there.
  7. This is the link at Googles web site about the new restriction: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2853834?hl=en
  8. https://www.korvrental.com/aerolite-m302-travel-trailer/ The price (and size) jumps to the Aerolite M302 at $128 bucks a night from the $85 of the Mallard M185. I find it funny they have no tailors in the 20 to 30 foot range. It's either tiny or gigantic. Mostly gigantic. The camper we rented from Greenberg was 27 feet. i think that was one of the reason i tried them renting the first time. Not too small, not too big.
  9. Also like the M302 here:: https://www.korvrental.com/aerolite-m302-travel-trailer
  10. The Mallard M185 here looks good. Not too big. Plenty of room for 2... https://www.korvrental.com/camper-rentals
  11. I'm still researching camper rental companies. I dealt with Greenberg RV for last rental but want to check out another. I'm not so impressed with them that i would stick with them, so going to check the competition.
  12. I just changed my reservation to Sept 1st through the 8th. Sunday to Sunday. MrsOsh said if we are going to stay in a camper again, we should stay a full week to make it worth it.
  13. I booked 5th through the 9th but might change it to a full week with check out on the 8th.