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  1. oshpopham

    SSS 2019 at Fort Wilderness?

    https://www.korvrental.com/aerolite-m302-travel-trailer/ The price (and size) jumps to the Aerolite M302 at $128 bucks a night from the $85 of the Mallard M185. I find it funny they have no tailors in the 20 to 30 foot range. It's either tiny or gigantic. Mostly gigantic. The camper we rented from Greenberg was 27 feet. i think that was one of the reason i tried them renting the first time. Not too small, not too big.
  2. oshpopham

    SSS 2019 at Fort Wilderness?

    Yup. Cozy
  3. oshpopham

    SSS 2019 at Fort Wilderness?

    Also like the M302 here:: https://www.korvrental.com/aerolite-m302-travel-trailer
  4. oshpopham

    SSS 2019 at Fort Wilderness?

    The Mallard M185 here looks good. Not too big. Plenty of room for 2... https://www.korvrental.com/camper-rentals
  5. oshpopham

    SSS 2019 at Fort Wilderness?

    I'm still researching camper rental companies. I dealt with Greenberg RV for last rental but want to check out another. I'm not so impressed with them that i would stick with them, so going to check the competition.
  6. oshpopham

    SSS 2019 at Fort Wilderness?

    I just changed my reservation to Sept 1st through the 8th. Sunday to Sunday. MrsOsh said if we are going to stay in a camper again, we should stay a full week to make it worth it.
  7. oshpopham

    SSS 2019 at Fort Wilderness?

    I booked 5th through the 9th but might change it to a full week with check out on the 8th.
  8. oshpopham

    SSS 2019 at Fort Wilderness?

    Preferred but can always change it.
  9. oshpopham

    Halloween fun

    I never met her but I like your daughter
  10. oshpopham

    Halloween fun

    LOL!! Awesome!
  11. oshpopham

    SSS 2019 at Fort Wilderness?

    Just an FYI that if some people do decide to stay at Fort Wilderness for SSS 2019, there is an option when you book the site for a "Campsite Request". See screenshot below... I think the wording is poor but to me it appears that you can request a campsite that is near someone else's campsite under the "Request a Nearby Campsite" section. All you need is the person's first initial, last name and their check-in date. I guess we'd need to know this info from the person who will be checking in first. I did actual booked the Sept 5th to the 9th, but am thinking about expanding the dates, as in move up the check-in date
  12. oshpopham

    Halloween fun

    Rats, the video link doesn't work
  13. oshpopham

    Character Bus

    2000 or 2001 I think.
  14. oshpopham

    Live Streaming with a Phone: tutorial

    Resolution to Upload Speed: 1080p - 3-6 mbps 720p - 1.5-4 mbps 480p - 0.5-2 mbps Use the web site below or the SpeedTest app by Ookla on your phone to get upload speeds: http://www.speedtest.net/
  15. oshpopham

    Random WDW Pics