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  1. There is a Word and PDF version of the doc at this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g6Y36nZnqyRdsqiaAua76jKHAthIsxFQ
  2. The latest version of the Streamlabs app has added the option back to edit the Title and Description of a YouTube stream. I have updated the EoE Streamlabs guide to version 23 (see link below) to include the steps required. You can still only edit these values while your stream is live: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g6Y36nZnqyRdsqiaAua76jKHAthIsxFQ
  3. To vote, click on the box shown below. The number should go up by one when you click on the box:
  4. I submitted a suggestion to add the option back. Try going to this web site and vote for the idea: https://ideas.streamlabs.com/ideas/SL-I-9366
  5. I got this reply from Streamlabs tech support... ________________________________________________________ Eddie (Streamlabs Help Center) Dec 11, 3:55 PM PST Hey! I have just tested this to make sure of this myself. The pencil icon is not available when logged in with Youtube. This means that changing the stream title is no longer an option.
  6. At the link below I have a doc called Testing_Title_ver10 I wrote it up with looks like what we need to be able add titles and descriptions to streams but doesn't work for me. Just want someone else to try it to make sure it's not an issue with my phone or account. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g6Y36nZnqyRdsqiaAua76jKHAthIsxFQ
  7. I just updated the doc to include an Appendix 2 that covers logging out of YouTube in the app. I wish the app had an option to to switch channels withing the app like you can at the YouTube website, but no such luck. You need to log out of YouTube in the app and re-login and select the new channel you want to stream to.
  8. No luck finding the edit stream information menu option like existed in the previous version of the mobile app. I posted a bad review of the mobile app with the issue at the Google App Store with the hope I might get a reply from the SL team.
  9. Streamlabs decided to roll out a large update to their phone app. I have a first draft of an updated user manual. It can be accessed at the link below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g6Y36nZnqyRdsqiaAua76jKHAthIsxFQ Steps 28 to 30 are highlighted in yellow because I have yet to figure out where the settings can be found to edit stream information. Let me know if you have any luck finding it before I do. Who knows, maybe they removed this option all together. Thanks Osh Popham
  10. This is the link to the cam...
  11. Fiz, did you get the chance to test the CameraFI app?
  12. I added a note to the doc that mentions if you have access to multiple YouTube accounts, you will be present with a screen with the list of the accounts and to pick the one you want to stream to. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g6Y36nZnqyRdsqiaAua76jKHAthIsxFQ
  13. I updated the doc at the link above to include an appendix that covers how to wipe preexisting SL app settings from your phone. The reason being that uninstalling and then reinstalling the app doesn't work to wipe the settings. For some reason they are retained. This is also simpler than writing instructions to revert or clear each preexisting settings. just start over following the guide.
  14. Fiz, I’m not sure what standard we will want people to use for naming their stream's Title and Description. Any ideas?
  15. I did finally find where the stream info could be edited. I was thrown off because that menu option only appears when you are broadcasting live. So the latest version of the doc is at the link below. thete is a Word and PDF version. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1g6Y36nZnqyRdsqiaAua76jKHAthIsxFQ?usp=sharing