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  1. Happy Birthday weatherwatcher 514! Hope you have a magical day! Looking forward to meeting up again with you and your Tink soon!
  2. Hope you have the most Magical Birthday ever DrawntoMickey! Thanks for streaming for us and chatting with me!
  3. Wishing you the most magical birthday ever Roz! Thanks for your support of EyesOnEars!
  4. I don't know if it can be done but I sure do miss our nightly gathering for Illuminations.
  5. Thanks Joe!!! Thanks dbeedle!!! Thanks GoofyOnEoE!!! Thanks mrhub!!! Thank Fiz!!! Thanks Noose!!! Thanks any one else helping!!! Thanks for helping us keep our eyes on ears!!!
  6. Okay Streaming Gurus! Got logged in to StreamLab went to setting and chose my personal account on youtube not going to mess with the camera enhancements yet push the red button . . . I get What would you like to stream? Stream Games Stream IRL Hit Stream IRL finally scroll down to go live Clicked the camera on the YouTube page and this is what I got. Is this right? LOL I was streaming the tv since it is too ugly to go outside. I just got a copyright violation notice from YouTube . . . the Brewers are playing
  7. Wishing you a most magical birthday and look forward to your next adventure with deano!
  8. According to the Digital Ready Blog and other sources, that rule is for channels that collect revenue from You Tube https://digitalready.co/blog/new-changes-to-youtube-monetization-in-2018-to-better-protect-creators I couldn't find anything recently posted on a You Tube rule change.
  9. Remembering your many contributions to Eyes on Ears and wishing you a most Magical Birthday!!!
  10. Wishing you the most magical birthday ever dbeedle! Thanks for streaming with us!!
  11. Wishing you the most practically perfect birthday in every way
  12. Voting is now open for the February Photo of the Month
  13. Wishing you a magical birthday and a year of enchantment! Can you join us in September for SSS19?
  14. Wishing you the most magical birthday!