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  1. School Belle

    Happy Birthday oldharmony

    May your birthday be filled with calm tropical breezes, warm wishes, and some cool brews! Many more happy and healthy years to you! Let the adventures continue!
  2. School Belle

    Happy Birthday momfiz!

    Happy Birthday to the mom of Fizbain!! Wishing you a magical and fabulous birthday!
  3. School Belle

    Happy Birthday bostonrob!

    Happy Birthday bostonrob! Hope it is magical in every single way!!!
  4. School Belle

    Happy Birthday ZWarrior

    Have a most magical birthday this year Zwarrior! May you be healthy, wealthy, and, pixie dusted!!!
  5. School Belle

    Happy Birthday disnycrayz!

    A most magical birthday wish for you, disnycrayz, all the way from Disney World!!! Look forward to chatting with you again and hope you had a great birthday!!!
  6. School Belle

    Thanks Tech Team!!!

    Amazing job of getting EoE up and running on YouTube! What a bonus to have the streams and chat embedded here. I appreciate all of you who worked so hard to help us with this transition.
  7. School Belle

    Live Streaming with a Phone: tutorial

    Hey Mrhub! We can't embed channels currently on YouTube.
  8. School Belle

    Emma's heart

    Sending love and peace to Emma's friends and family. She was so loved even by CMs that didn't know her yet let us take their photos to wish her a speedy recovery.
  9. School Belle

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    I really enjoyed your first day! Thanks for being such troopers!!!!!
  10. School Belle

    Happy Birthday ryknow!!!!

    "The most fantastic magical things can happen, and it all starts with a wish." Wishing you magic and wonder on your birthday! Thanks for streaming and chatting with us . . . and beating me in trivia every time.
  11. School Belle

    2018 Trivia

    Noose posted this yesterday: Been awhile since we had some fun with Trivia hasn't it! Lets see if we can take this to the next level! LIVE Youtube streaming Trivia Event .... using Youtube AND an application called Kahoot. Just a crazy idea really no idea if that would work with the possible lag, but worth testing out. Anyone who wants to test the first part out check out Kahoot. You will be able to join via their website and/or download their ap from your phones ap store. https://kahoot.com/ https://kahoot.com/mobile-app/ Testing the platform .... https://kahoot.it/challenge/0296471 If you have the kahoot ap on your phone just enter the pin 0296471 Thanks Noose - it was fun! Everybody sign up, please!!!
  12. School Belle

    Happy Birthday kopitedor!!

    Hope your birthday is extra magical! Looking forward to chatting with you again!
  13. Wishing you all the best on your birthday!
  14. School Belle

    Happy Birthday kbmum

    Happy Birthday kbmum! Hope your next trip to wdw will be extra magical!
  15. School Belle

    Happy Birthday mwalter59!

    Sneaking in just before midnight to wish you a most marvelous birthday! Hope your day was fabulous!!!