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School Belle

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  1. Buy the tickets already!
  2. It looks very bland to me. Could be any hotel. The queen bed is a nice addition.
  3. Happy Birthday to our favorite weather forecaster! May you have a magical year and may all your forecasts come true!!!
  4. Wishing you a magical year with an extra dash of pixie dust since I'm late!
  5. Happy Birthday Roz! Thanks for sharing the magic with us. Hope your birthday is magical with pixie dust on the top!
  6. Congratulations on selling the MI house. Many more adventures await
  7. DS always goes to the MK the day there is a MNSSHP or MVMCP. He says it is not crowded on those days.
  8. Happy Birthday to the talented Grumpylover. May your year be filled with health, wealth, and, of course, pixie dust!!!
  9. On your daughter's wedding day, wihumphrey and I wish the bride and groom a pixie-dusted life filled with all the love their hearts can hold.
  10. #1 She does not have to buy a magic band. She can use her ticket. #2 She can make FP+ 30 days out. She links her ticket on the MDE app. She will have to set up an account if she doesn't have one already. Feel your pain nut! Maybe you can sit down with her and help her get some FP.
  11. Will be praying for all of you as you fight this cancer.
  12. Found it odd that they had several "shows" listed in their ranking of rides . . .Laugh Floor, Hall of Presidents, Philharmagic. . .
  13. Happiest Birthday ever Tyme4Tea!!! May all your days be filed with magic!!!
  14. Hope you have the most magical birthday ever tinkerbell!