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  1. School Belle

    Happy Birthday tyme4tea

    Wishing you the most practically perfect birthday in every way
  2. Voting is now open for the February Photo of the Month
  3. School Belle

    Happy Birthday octoberbarry

    Wishing you a magical birthday and a year of enchantment! Can you join us in September for SSS19?
  4. School Belle

    Happy Birthday beercap8

    Wishing you the most magical birthday!
  5. School Belle

    Happy Birthday Lovin'Stitch

    Wishing you a most magical birthday Lovin'Stitch! Was great seeing you at SSS18!!!
  6. School Belle

    NO Trivia tonight Feb

    Noose is at Parent Teacher Conferences and won't get home to get trivia on line tonight. Gives us some more time to study up!
  7. School Belle

    Happy Birthday eazyeray

    Wishing you a very magical birthday eazyeray! Hope all is going well with you and miss seeing you in chat and streaming!
  8. School Belle

    Going to Disney World!

    Loved the fireworks last night! Love your room view . . . monorail!!! Looking forward to Happily Ever After tonight from the Magic Kingdom!!! Thank you!!!
  9. School Belle

    Going to Disney World!

    Hear that some of those standards have great monorail views Thanks for considering streaming for us!
  10. School Belle

    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    We're down with the kids Sept. 1 - 5. Can we meet up Thursday the 4th?
  11. School Belle

    New Alex and Ani D-Lish snack bracelets

    I've never seen you wearing one
  12. School Belle

    New Alex and Ani D-Lish snack bracelets

    Buy it now!!!
  13. School Belle

    Happy Birthday Flounder!!

    Happy Birthday flounder!!! Wishing you a year of : happiness, good health, great wealth, and all the magic your heart can hold!
  14. School Belle

    New Magic Band Colors

    Yours for $14.99, tax and shipping https://www.shopdisney.com/disney-parks-magicband-2-black-1452787 They also have a Black Panther MB and Lando Calrissian MB that are black
  15. School Belle

    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    It's our biennial trip with our children this September from the first to the sixth. However, they are all grown ups so I feel that we can join in the frivolities on Thursday! Let the planning begin!!!!