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  1. Pricey but . . . https://wdwprepschool.com/disney-world-vip-tour-guide/?fbclid=IwAR2Niau3usZPbBgLO9rDZNTP9i8R4J6-T4LnmhxOp2Nsmz7G8S478Eh9aCU
  2. What's going on with chat disappearing?
  3. Hey! What about doing this during SSS20? We like the Wave and fireworks!!! Member Dining Event (dinner at The Wave along with reserved fireworks viewing): available most days through September 30, 2020 (blockout dates apply)
  4. Happy Birthday flounder! May your day be as extra special as you are!! Wishing you every bit of magic that your heart can hold for this year!!!
  5. That is weird! And scary!!!
  6. Uhm . . . You are correct the 9th - 13th I'm an upside down dyslexic! September 6th is a Sunday...are your dates Sunday Sept 6 through Sunday the 13th or Thursday September 9 through Sunday the 13th?
  7. You go Girls!!! Latest I've been reading in the DVC Disney Vacation Club Members FB group the security check posts closest to the parking lot are less crowded and the regular lines are less crowded than the no bag lines. Thanks for streaming and may the Force be with you!!!
  8. Isn't Fiz the planning group? We are at BWV Thursday, Sept. 6 - Sunday the 13th.
  9. Hope you are doing something extra special on your birthday like visiting WDW! A most merry birthday to you!
  10. Happy Birthday to disneydaze36! May your year be filled with magic and great times on your races! Thanks for streaming for us!
  11. A most magical birthday to the big cheese . . . Waternoose!!!
  12. Happy Holidays to you and yours!
  13. Happiest Birthday TiggerPiglet! Thanks for all your 20191211_143306.mp4 help getting the word out about EoE streams <3 20191211_143306.mp4