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  1. A most very merry birthday to you tinkcrafter! Thanks for streaming for us here on EyesOnEars!
  2. Wishing you a magical birthday koolkirby! So happy to chat with you the other day. Such an exciting time for you with your wedding approaching Hope your trip to wdw and honeymoon cruise is fantastic .
  3. Wishing you a birthday filled with dog kisses and magic!
  4. Happy Birthday Billpatrain! May you have a magical year filled with wdw, trains, and baseball victories!!!
  5. That would be cool wouldn't it?
  6. Love them!!! Wonder if there is a trading card for each character for their bus
  7. Thanks TC, JC and TL You are so kind to think of us
  8. Happy Birthday garethslee! Wondering if you are coming to wdw to celebrate. Have a magical celebration today and everyday!
  9. Happy Birthday JiminyC! Wishing you the most magical birthday imaginable!!! Thanks for sharing the magic with us!
  10. Happy Birthday Mrhub! Wishing you a joy-filled birthday! Thanks for sharing the magic with us!!!
  11. A most marvelous birthday to you 2boysdisneymom and to Capttigger! Wishing you many magical moments today and the entire year!
  12. Happiest Birthday tinklittle!! Wishing you a great big beautiful tomorrow every day!!!
  13. Happy Birthday hannahslee! It's been such a joy seeing you at wdw! May you have a magical birthday and year!
  14. Happy Birthday osh!!!!! Thanks for your great streams, witty chats, and all your help with my technical difficulties! Here's to many more happy and healthy years!!
  15. Happy Birthday weatherwatcher 514! Hope you have a magical day! Looking forward to meeting up again with you and your Tink soon!