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  1. School Belle

    Happy Birthday rooneymouse

    A very magical birthday to you rooneymouse!!! Hoping you are healthy and happy!
  2. School Belle

    2018 Donation Drive

    Okay!! Here's my holiday donation to Eyes on Ears! Thanks for all the hard work to get the new platform up and running so smoothly!
  3. School Belle

    Happy Birthday Disneydazey

  4. School Belle

    Happy Birthday Disneydazey

    May this year be filled with love, laughter, and, pixie dust! Happy birthday Disneydazey!
  5. School Belle

    Happy birthday HiddenMIckey!

    Wishing you a most magical birthday!!!
  6. School Belle

    Beginner streaming Qs...

    Kicking around the idea of trying to do some streaming during a December trip and have a couple Qs... How exciting that you are considering joining our stream team! There are lots of support people here on EoE. They've helped us so much!!! I have a spare/old cell phone that I have thought of using, for, say, a resort stream. Is this workable? I have experimenting a bit with streaming though my own YouTube channel and it seems to do the job. I may also, possibly, have a new GoPro by that time. The new one offers live streaming over wifi. I understand it's limited to a 720p resolution though. Are folks doing 1080 or 720? Or both/either as conditions allow? We have used a spare/ old cell phone for a resort stream. It does work. I have never set resolution. We use whatever we get which is usually 720p Second, has the WiFi at the resorts and around the parks been adequate for streaming? We don't have a ton of mobile data so, curiious if this is usable at the resorts and at the parks. We always use Disney WiFi for our resort streams. We used a Verizon mobil hot spot and purchased data for our trips until this past September when our cell phone plan changed and we got unlimited data. We have not had good luck with Disney WiFi in the parks. Finally, does anyone have experience streaming at the DL Resort area? Our December trip starts in Orlando then Anaheim before coming home! We have resort streamed from Paradise Pier and the Grand Californian using Disney WiFi. On our first trip we were not very successful getting WiFi in the DLR. We used the Verizon mobile hot spot in the parks for our 2nd trip. Seems like there were some dead spots in the parks. Thanks for considering streaming for us! We really enjoy streaming. Hope you do too!
  7. School Belle

    Happy Birthday Miz Fiz!

    Have a magical birthday Miz. Thanks for sharing the magic with us
  8. School Belle

    Happy Birthday disneydiva!!!

    Wishing my daughter the most magical birthday ever
  9. School Belle

    Happy Birthday, Fizbain!

    The most magical birthday to a great Disney friend! Thanks for all your help here on EoE!! May all your dreams come true!!!
  10. School Belle

    Looking at webcams

    That is the cam we have too
  11. School Belle

    Happy Birthday GopherHockey

    Happy Birthday GopherHockey! Always great to see you in chat!! May all your dreams come true!!!
  12. School Belle

    Happy Birthday Andre

    Wishing you a Port Orleans special kind of birthday! Looking forward to chatting with you and watching your streams this year
  13. School Belle

    Happy Birthday littlebatty!

    May you have a most joyful Birthday littlebatty! Alway appreciate your support of Eyes on Ears!
  14. School Belle

    Happy Birthday MooseTV

    Wishing you the very best birthday ever MooseTV! Look forward to visiting in chat soon!
  15. School Belle

    Happy Birthday oldharmony

    May your birthday be filled with calm tropical breezes, warm wishes, and some cool brews! Many more happy and healthy years to you! Let the adventures continue!