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  1. School Belle

    Happy Birthday oneota!

    Have a magical day oneota! See you in chat.
  2. School Belle

    Happy Birthday mom2mykids!

    Happy magical Birthday mom2mykids!
  3. School Belle

    POR early August

    A while back mrhub posted about using 3M contact strips to use on his tablet to stream. Using his method you would not have to transport a laptop. I have used this idea with a cell phone twice. Once at BLT and there was an open channel on EoE. We had a Bay Lake view in addition to the Castle view. The 2nd time was at VGC before we got our "real" room. You put two contact strips on the phone camera side and two on the window or the sliding door. We didn't have sound either time but the video was fine. This is his post. Unfortunately, the photos no longer show up. http://www.eyesonears.com/topic/2133-resort-stream-with-apple-device/page__hl__mrhub#entry19789
  4. School Belle

    Happy Birthday I'mNoPrince

    Happy, magical, Birthday INP!!! Fondly remember your streams and hope to chat with you soon!
  5. School Belle

    Thanks June to July Streamers

    A big thank you to our streamers from June 11th to July 11th. Thanks to you we visited: The Ringling Family Museum -> OH and NH The Poly and sites and sounds of wdw -> Mrhub and his DW Toy Story Opening Day -> GoofyJeff The BoardWalk and countless wdw streams -> NH and OH Saratoga Springs and sundry streams of wdw -> TC and JC Vero Beach Ocean view -> JC and TC Disneyland resort view and mobile streams from DLR -> nhlfan We appreciate your sharing your vacation with us! Prayers for a speedy recovery for your mother KBmum. Hope you and your children could enjoy some of your vacation.
  6. School Belle

    Happy Birthday DVCJen

    Wishing you all the best! Hope you have a magical day!
  7. School Belle

    2018 Donation Drive

    My summer contribution! Your turn wihumphrey!!!
  8. School Belle

    Stream Check List

    Hangers are helpful when using the curtain rod. Picture clipping.pictClipping
  9. School Belle

    Happy Birthday Billpatrain

    Happy Birthday Bill and thanks for sharing your Disney trips with us! Wishing you all the best!
  10. School Belle

    MDE to report Bus times

    I thought it was a good idea!
  11. School Belle

    Happy Birthday garethslee

    A very merry birthday to you Gareth!!! Hope you have a magical year!!!
  12. School Belle

    Happy Birthday JiminyC

    Happy Birthday JiminyC! Hope it is extra magical this year!!! Looking forward to your upcoming Birthday trip to WDW Thanks for streaming for us!!!
  13. School Belle

    Ad supported ustream, going the way of the dodo

    Don't know the answer but our current chat is through IRC not ustream.
  14. School Belle

    MDE to report Bus times

    Good! we use the buses all the time!
  15. School Belle

    Happy birthday, Mrhub!

    Hope your birthday is out of this world! Have a great trip!! Thanks for the streams!