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  1. School Belle

    Sorry everyone

    Hope your lap top dries out and that you have a great time in WDW!
  2. School Belle

    Happy Birthday Weatherwatcher!!

    Have a magical birthday weatherwatcher514! Here's to no complaints about the weather for this year!!!
  3. School Belle

    Happy Birthday DrawntoMickey!

    Wishing you the most artistic birthday ever!
  4. School Belle

    Trip canceled

    Hope everything will be fine. Prayers!
  5. School Belle

    Happy Birthday NoosesRoz

    Happy Birthday to the woman behind the magic of EoE, NoosesRoz! Hope you have the most fabulous birthday ever!!!
  6. School Belle

    Happy Birthday grumpylover

    Happy Birthday grumpylover! Hope your year is extra magical!
  7. School Belle

    Happy Birthday Grumpyhaus

    Hoping you are having a magical birthday today! Will we see you in September at SSS18?
  8. School Belle

    Happy Birthday RI-DVC-Jay

    A most magical birthday to you RI-DVC-Jay!!! Wishing you all the best and thankful for your streams!
  9. School Belle

    C6 on multicam page

    Thanks - it's working now
  10. School Belle

    C6 on multicam page

    Anyone know how to get rid of this on C6 of the multi-cam page? I tried going full page and can't get page to the multi-cam page after.
  11. School Belle

    Sorry Folks!

    Sorry for your troubles! Have fun!!!
  12. School Belle

    Wdw streaming August 2018???

    I didn't know the answer to your question. So I asked osh! Here's his reply: You'll need at least 4GB of RAM. With Disney WI-FI the bigger concern would be available bandwidth (internet connection speed). The only time you'd need to worry is if you were streaming and decided to use the laptop for watching YouTube videos in HD or uploading or downloading lots of smaller file or a few large files. Hope that helps.
  13. School Belle

    Happy Birthday dbeedle

    A most magical birthday to you dbeedle! Thanks for streaming for us and sharing your photos from your Disney Adventures trip!
  14. School Belle

    Happy Birthday kymousefan

    Remembering all the times you shared the magic with us! Happy Birthday!
  15. School Belle

    Happy Birthday techdavidt

    Hope you are having a magical Birthday! I'm happily remembering your streams for us!