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  1. I've been a bit out of touch lately. So sorry that I missed this. THANK YOU so much!!!
  2. Ohhh No . . . balloons have been an obsession since he could attempt talking. Many a tear have been shed over not being able to get one of those here. You guys totally rock!!!!!
  3. THANK YOU to Fiz and Miz for making my little man incredibly happy. The thought, time and effort that went into this is beyond amazing. THANK YOU to Belle, for finally figuring out how to get a picture up on here (I was having the hardest time resizing on this computer). I wish it would let me post the video. The look on his face when he opens it is priceless. You guys blessed us both beyond words and defined Disney Magic. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I just wanted to apologize for my being completely unaware that this was an issue or a need. I in no way meant to ignore it. I am not on as often as I'd like and I just now saw this. I'm so sorry. I promise to figure out a way to contribute!!!!
  5. Since he before he could communicate my little man has loved balloons. His first attempt at ANY word was "bbbbbb-bbbbb" (balloon). We live in NM and so we see hot air balloons continually. We were just at his FAVORITE event of the year, the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta a few days ago; he waits all year for it. And so the first time we took him to a Disney park at the age of 2 and he saw one of their special balloons he was captivated. We had to get it right there on the spot and he carted around with us everywhere we went. When it came time to bring it home we were unable to keep it inflated because of the plane ride and had to deflate it. This caused an epic meltdown. He cried for days. A few years later we drove to the other Park. This time because we were in her car we thought we could get one home. His older brother and he got to fighting in the back of the car and it popped. Another epic meltdown ... we had been so close this time. And so this past summer we traveled to Florida again and because he begged us to we purchased another balloon for the time of our vacation. Time he was a little bit older and so we tried to explain that when we returned home it may not be able to be "fixed." He said he understood, we deflated it, and when we arrived home we then brought it back to a store here to try to have it re-inflated. It did not work. Another epic meltdown. Every time we go to Disney we attempt to bring back this very special balloon they have because it is all he ever asks for or wants. He never wants anything else. Not one single thing. *We've attempted inflating one ... no one here can do it correctly and no one has figured out how to seal it like they do. I've literally spent years trying to get this kid a balloon successfully to his room. I've asked every friend who has traveled to the parks by car to bring one back. Understandably they all have said no as it is rather large and takes up quite a bit of space. That is until this past week when my best friend drove all the way from California making sure to stop through our town on her way home to deliver the very special balloon. For 2 days she babies it with her 3 children in the car and today she delivers it to him. He's speechless ... thrilled ... in shock. I gave specific instructions to my mom who was with him because I was still at work. Don't turn on the fan, DON'T TRANSFER IT TO HIM outside ... it could blow away, don't let the dog near it, etc. And then tonight I turned on the fan ... I haven't seen his heart break like that in a long time. He cried out "fan!" But I didn't hear him. His pillow is literally soaked from the tears. Is there any way that anyone is willing to purchase a filled balloon and mail it to us? I spoke to a woman who did this and it stayed inflated the entire journey and was ok when her daughter opened it. I will pay for every bit of it.
  6. That is so neat!!! How thoughtful!
  7. Thanks guys!!! What a nice treat to find this when I got home! I sure appreciate it.
  8. I'm so sorry. Prayers for your family during this difficult time.