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  1. And milkshakes for breakfast!!!
  2. As I won't be able to visit this wonderful restaurant before it is closed next week for refurbishment - looking for those who've been there recently to share their experiences. Also, once it reopens in December, interested in hearing about the new character dining experience that will be offered.
  3. As with many things, it only takes a few who aren't responsible to ruin it for those who are.
  4. dbeedle - may I ask if you used a rental company to do the transaction, or did you work directly with the DVC owner?
  5. wlodge_man


  6. I can't recall which trip it was when we first heard Off Kilter, but we just stopped and listened for quite awhile. They are such a cool group - always a good time when they are playing and it was sad when I heard that they were leaving Epcot. Believe we were able to see them on 2 visits; now I listen to them on a CD I bought on eBay. ;-)
  7. I wish my memory was incorrect this time. I was looking at a possible end of Nov/early Dec stay and I believe they are booked [at WL] I have not explored DVC availability yet, as we're not 100% we are going, but we do want to stay here. And if we do go, not sure if I can convince my wife that renting DVC points will be the way to go, as it isn't "the normal way" to book a Disney vacation.
  8. OK - I know, I'll have to change my profile name for asking this... I believe that Boulder Ridge is the former Villas at the WL? And Copper Creek cabins are along the water, if I recall. But what about the Copper Creek Villas? Did they take a wing of the WL and convert it to DVC? At least my feeble brain remembers something like this...
  9. So I believe that the official position of Disney and at the WL is that you can't walk to the Ticket and Transportation Center or the Magic Kingdom. Looking at Google Earth, it does look like it would be possible; both are showing about a mile walk via World Drive. Understood that probably the last thing you want to do is add another mile of walking to your day; I'm just curious if anyone has ever done it? And am I the only one who looks at WDW via Google Earth? ;-)
  10. So how is the new Frozen ride anyway? I'm glad we took the time to ride The Maelstrom the last time we were in WDW. Now don't get me started on Mr. Toad...
  11. I believe I recall him from our first 2 visits, but I do not think I had the pleasure to meet him. But I'm sure he must have greeted us at least a few times. I don't know what it is but when those doors slide open, it is a moving experience to walk into the lobby. I can't wait to go back!!!
  12. Hello fellow EonE members, Has Disney published dates for the 2010 Food & Wine Festival? Those of you who have done this event - what can you tell me about it. Extra cost above admission, how many days to do this event, etc... My wife made a passing remark that she would like to do this someday & next year is our 25th anniversary...;-) Dave
  13. kbmum - I understand what you're talking about just making a stay at the resort you vacation. We've made the same comment when at the Wilderness Lodge. Twice when I was in Orlando for business, I made the trek to the Lodge just to sit in the lobby, or get a snack at the Roaring Forks cafe. Now I want to go back!
  14. Well I think you can figure out my choice... Ironically in 1997, my wife picked it & I thought it was too pricey. I am glad I let her pick - the Wilderness Lodge is such a wonderful relaxing place to stay. I just love the lobby; sitting by the fireplace or the hot spring. We've also enjoyed some of the small sitting areas that overlook the lobby from the upper floors. Last year I bought a bottle of wine & some cheese and we just relaxed as we looked down to the lobby floor by the fireplace. Or walking to the beach area & watching the Electrical Water Pageant. A CM told us that WL has the highest return rate of all the resorts, but they may say that at all the resorts... It is expensive, but well worth it IMHO. Dave