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  1. Forum Upgrade

    Very fancy looking, but still easy to use. Great Job!
  2. disnycrayz

  3. Disney World Park Audio

    WOW! Chris4Disney that website is fantastic! I also will be plundering too! I think ZWarrior and I will still be loved by our mommies and dads. Download me hearty, Yo Ho!
  4. Disneyland 60th Celebration

    Thanks for the thoughts guys! I tried the Applause app. It worked for the first performance, but once a switched to Twitter and then went back it didn't work anymore. I recorded the special so I could try again later. I found it kind of distracting but cute. Dick Van Dyke was awesome, but way too short! I wish they would have shown more of the park and how it's changed over the past 60 years. And maybe some memories of the longtime cast members and maybe a few clips from the Disneyland show. Most of it was ok, but not really "Disneyland" more generic Disney.
  5. The End of Streaming at Disney?

    I was thinking that if Disney wants to put the breaks on in park streaming, they could lock out ustream and periscope domains from their free Wi-Fi...not that Disney Wi-Fi works that great anyway. You're right, I can't wait to see how long before the Disney sends them a cease and desist order for using their name. Not sure I'd want to blow the whistle on them though in case Disney legal decides to do something more drastic.
  6. The End of Streaming at Disney?

    Hi guys! I know I don't post much, but recently I've seen tweets for @streamingdisney They are looking for people to stream from the parks for money. This concerns me because if people start doing this Disney might decide to decide ban streaming for everyone. When we do it for fun usually Disney doesn't care, but if someone starts to make a business out of it, the Disney legal team may decide to get involved. Am I just being paranoid? I hope so... 😩 Caryn