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  2. iphone

    as everybody has had problems with all 3 of the big networks, ATT, Sprint/Nextel, Verizion. But 2 things come to mind when thinking about it, Disneys own management uses a VPN on Sprint and the defunked Disney Mobile from 2005-2007 was also on the Sprint network so Sprint should be entenched around Dis property. Then of course, the epcot, Kim Possible thing is using the Verizion network. ATT is OK around property but I use them and rarely get a full signal anywhere inside a park, but outside of parks I can get a full signal, go figure. So if I had a choice to make, I think I might choose Sprint/Nextel or a smaller company that leases on the Sprint network such as Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile USA. Just my opinion of course, hagd, ymmv
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