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  1. Becky - Aunt Minnie passed away this afternoon. She collapsed at home and did not respond to attempts to revive her. I had grown very close to her the past several years. I considered her a very dear friend that I am going to miss tremendously.
  2. Done. I wish I could have donated more. Hopefully later in the year I can increase my donation.
  3. With having the root canal (two days) this week I am running behind with my packing. As of right now I can't find our camera to set up in the resort to stream from there. If I find it yet tonight - great I will do my best to resort stream. If I don't find it - I'm sorry. We will still do mobile streaming. That I promise. Not sure I will have time to come back here and let everyone know if I find it or not. I will try to announce it on FB. Cross your fingers we find it.
  4. I Just booked the dessert party for the Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! fireworks on December 10th. As long as it is not raining I will more than likely be streaming this. So excited!!!
  5. Thanks Everyone. Radionomy turned out to be a NIGHTMARE. So we were really on the verge of pulling MHR completely again. I was up until 4am the past two nights trying to save it. Today I am VERY happy to report we have found a hosting service and will I will be moving my photography business page to smugmug and getting rid of my PPA (professional photographers of america) membership this in addition to the money we will not longer be paying to Live 365 gives us about 100.00 a month we can put towards MHR. The current hosting is only 6.00 a month so that leaves us a decent amount to cover the licensing. AND - I dug around in the Live365 forum enough to figure out how to get all of our tracks FTP'd back to us. It was heartbreaking to hear Live365 is closing. What was a real kick in the gut was we along with many many other broadcasters never got the email they sent out. We found out via a FB message from a fan. Live365 is acting horribly as well - we are completely closed out from access out billing information. We have sent a support ticket - but this seems to be something they have done to everyone. I am not sure if they are making it impossible for people to close out their accounts - while they go off and try to find new investors or not. Either way it is very shady and we are not happy about it. Thanks for the tracks NE... I haven't even checked my email yet today. I wasn't able to shut my head off and fall asleep until after 6 am. I was back up at noon and working on finding a server host. I am currently uploading WL tracks to it and will begin the very slow and tedious task of getting everything moved over. I will let everyone know when we can be found via shoutcast. We won't be back to normal for a while since it will take quite a while to get all the playlists back and also get used to the new format. We are on the way though.
  6. Some of you may have seen my post about Live365 closing at the end of the month. So we are trying to move our music files over to Radionomy. We have had MHR up and running for 12 years and that is a lot of different PC's we have gone through - meaning I can't find all of my music files! I am begging for donations. LOL please please please If you have any park audio tracks you are willing to share I would forever be grateful. I am searching frantically for the Wishes soundtrack right now. Please let me know if you have anything you can send to me and I will give you my email address. Thanks
  7. Glad you were able to get things back and it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
  8. I was underwhelmed by the new Fantasyland. I did enjoy the new Little Mermaid ride - but wouldn't want to wait in a long line for it. We didn't even try to do Belle (there Christmas week and it was always a VERY long wait). The storyboard circus area looks cute for families with young children. I am hoping when the new Snow White rollercoaster ride is complete the area will appeal to us a bit more. Honestly, I was expecting there to be more than there was. As far as Test Track - only our oldest DD went on it - with a CM friend. She liked the changes.
  9. 54 and it has been raining for the past two days. Supposed to be 70 on Friday.. rain again on Saturday and then drop down in to the 40's on Sunday and remain there into next week.
  10. Continuing NE's ride theme.... My Dad is no longer here but I always try to get a shot of John Wayne because he loved him so much.
  11. Happy Birthday. Hope it is PICTURE PERFECT!
  12. Happy Birthday MizMagicalBirthdayGirl!