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  1. wdw_eeyore

    CBR or PORS

    It was a tough decision, but here was the reasoning. CBR- + 1st stay there/new hotel surroundings + I enjoy steel drum/tropical music - Way too many bus stops (4? more than PORS) - Likely chance of more kids/noise PORS- + Newly refurbished rooms + Boatwright's Restaurant + Boat Transportation to DTD + Walking distance to French Quarters + Yehaa Bo - Been there, done that, but going back! Thanks again to all for their insight. Just in case someone wants to know the score ASM-1 POP-5 PORS-2.
  2. wdw_eeyore

    CBR or PORS

    We just booked our trip, and decided to stay @ Caribbean Beach for the first time. However, we are thinking of going back to Port Orleans. We stayed at Riverside for the first time in Dec 2011. We absolutely loved everything except for the room condition, but now all the rooms will be refurbished. Any suggestions or comments? PS- I do enjoy walking over to French Quarters from Riverside.
  3. wdw_eeyore

    CBR help

    I saw them in a video from 1999 about CBR. Had a feeling that they took them out, because no recent pics or vids featured them. Thanks everyone for the input.
  4. We also did online check-in for the first time, and our room was ready upon arrival at 12:30p. They have your keys pre-printed, and had a separate line which was much shorter. We stayed at PORS - Dec 2011. I agree that you should request a specific building when booking your reservation.
  5. wdw_eeyore

    CBR help

    We are staying at Caribbean Beach Resort for the first time, and I heard that they have caged tropical birds. Does this exist? Where is it located? Our other traveling party is anti-animal caging. I want to know if this area can be avoided. They refuse to take their kids to zoos, aquariums, etc until they are old enough to make their own determinations. THANKS! for any input.
  6. Garden Grill @ the Land in EPCOT, but if they were booked I would go to Ohana @ the Polynesian.
  7. GoofyJeff- Hope you have a safe and magical journey. We still have to wait 111 days, but will be there soon enough.
  8. We just love to stay at POP Century. The price is right, and we enjoy the whimsical atmosphere. Their food court is also consistently good with a nice selection. You know you are home when the doors open up, and you can smell the lobby.
  9. MooseTV:icon_cheers: Thank you for sharing that amazing collection of music. It really made my night, and brought back many memories. I was wondering if you had, and can share any music from Port Orleans Riverside/French Quarter and/or POP Century. Thanks again; you are the best!!!!
  10. Thanks for the tip. I will have to check it out.
  11. We have decided to try Port Orleans Riverside this year. We always stay at POP Century, but are looking for a new/more relaxed vacation spot. Our plan is to go down Dec8-17 (still considered value season). Should I book now or wait for Disney to come out with a discounted offer. Does anyone know if they usually do or what it is? Thanks for the help. :icon_smile:Jason