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    Tree house villas

    When I talked to reservations they mentioned a lot of people rent golf carts but I'm not sure if she was saying they had then available to rent or if people rent them elsewhere and bring them. I will have to call back and get more information.We are wanting to do a big family vacation and know they sleep a lot!
  2. Winnie

    Tree house villas

    Has anyone stayed in the tree houses? If so how did you like it and also how did transportation work? I'm assuming you have to walk back and forth from the tree house to the resort? Thanks for any info 😀
  3. Just thought I would repost to this now that we have done club level at Grand Floridian. We have stayed both in the main building club level and outer building club level and we loved both but really did enjoy the outer building more! When we were in the main building kids from other levels kept sneaking in for snacks, drinks and goofing off. The outer building seemed to be more personable and they knew who you were when you came in. Can't wait to go back!
  4. I always liked them and really miss 4 for a dollar also!!!
  5. If not for your birthday we would never have found our happy place
  6. I've noticed the more we go the more time we spend relaxing. Yeah we still go to the parks but we don't spend all day and night in the parks especially during the summer months. We stayed at the Boardwalk club level and we really enjoyed it. We have never stayed at the Grand Floridian and have been thinking about going there... Any thoughts on that resort?
  7. Guess no one has an opinion on this subject or its just a stupid question like every other question I have asked on these boards...
  8. In your opinion which club lounge do you like the most and why. View? Food selection? We have only ever stayed at the boardwalk club level and enjoyed it a lot. I have read where some of the resorts are not worth staying club level at but others are. Anyhow what are your thoughts on it?
  9. At the moment I would say Rose and Crown Pub-best Scotch egg ever!
  10. Hey Jen.. I know this is an older post but I was wondering what you decided and how it went? We are planning a trip in July, we have never done HDDR and plan on doing it for this trip.
  11. Happy Birthday Noose!! Hope you have a magical day!!!
  12. We ate at Teppan edo in June and it was on the dining plan then! It is now one of our favorite places to go in Epcot! We also love Tuto Italia, Boma, San Angel Inn, Le Cellier, Bongos ummm lots more.. We really liked yak & yeti also but the appetizers were the best part and I would probably only order them if we go again! Great wings, egg roles and pot stickers!
  13. We've been to all the values, two out of four of the mods and two deluxe and I can honestly say we have never been upset with any of the housekeeping at any of the resorts...Well not as far as cleaning goes! We have had things come up missing before at POR and really dont like getting a run down smelly room and we also had that a few times at POR. I am pretty sure we will either go with CBR or one of Epcot's deluxe resorts... Thanks for all the comments
  14. I agree with you on that! I feel bad for the people who got scammed but..... Really? I mean REALLY? Airirfare, seven nights at Poly, park entrances, free meals and a rental car all for $1200... ??? I'm not trying to be uncompassionate and I really do feel bad for people who fell for this but I just can't understand why someone fell for it. Anyhow as previously stated... If it seems to good to be true it probably is! Also always do your research before handing over your hard earned money.. So sad....
  15. SarahMouse-Thanks for sharing your experiences with me and for the tips... You mentioned housekeeping, was your room clean? I have read reviews about nasty rooms but then again I think you can reviews like that about even the best of resorts.. MauiMouse- Can't wait to hear how your trip goes and about your stay at this resort! Have a great time! JiminyC- Is Old Port Royale close to the food court, main pool or busses? I am assuming yes... Hmmm perhaps I should go pull up a map hehe