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  1. I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming!!!!! Will land around 1030am on Sept 1 and not leave til 1930 on Sept 10. Bringing my DIL who has never been and we are staying at Movies. I'm so peeved to see our MNSSHP is the day after youns are going.....Friday the 7th. Would still love to meet up with everyone if for nothing else a hug, pic, or a drink. Is Noosey coming along by chance? I've owed him a kick in the shins for at least seven years now. Hit me up here or on Facebook!!!
  2. thanks Fizzy!! So exciting to see my name on the calendar! LoL
  3. I know it's still 17 months away....when you've had no trip since 2012 and you're finally planning your next one, well-it's hard not to get essited. If the stream calendar is up, and I'm just blind & cannot see it, can l be added for Sept 1-10 2018 pretty please?
  4. Teying to stay outta trouble Noosey. Planning my bucket list trip for Sept 2018 to include SSS.
  5. Can l have the paypal addy please? Will donate on Friday. I haven't been able to help in a long while so I'm glad to be able to again. I miss my EoE family.
  6. My go to's are: MK - Pinocchio's Village Haus AK - Flame Tree MGM - shit...Starring Rolls is gone now Epcot - Bouleange Pattisserie (l know l butchered the spelling).
  7. Lovin'Stitch


  8. Sounds good Fiz. I think Sept 1st is a Friday, was looking from then til the 9th. Also planning to finally venture to the "dark" side to visit Diagon Alley one day.
  9. Hi boys and girls!! For those that I'm not friends with on FB, hidey ho!! Hope all is well with you and yours. My son (who's a Marine) recently finished a 7 month deployment to the Middle East and is back on US soil so all is right with my world. I'm posting to feel everyone out for potential 2018 dates as fortunately/unfortunately, I won't be getting back to the World til then. Since I haven't seen Fiz/Mrs. Fiz since 2011 and Chaka Khan since 2012, I really wanna be there for the SSS. This will be my bucket list trip since I haven't been there for 5 years so maybe l can host folks in my room for a drink/meet. I'm looking at going down the 10th thru the 18th of September but those dates can be wiggled on either end. Just wanted to put this out there.
  10. Sorry I missed this yesterday, Osh. Happy belated birthday! Meep meep!
  11. To all of my EoE family momma's l hope you have a blessed Mother's Day!
  12. And I'm the latest.... Hope your birthday was great!
  13. Hello my EoE family! Just wanted to drop in and let you know that l think of you daily. ....and wishing we were all at WDW. For those not on FB, my son graduated boot camp at Parris Island SC on 7 November and is now a US Marine! Very, very proud momma here! My daughter is doing well with American; she's currently trying to decide between Chicago or returning to NY for her next assignment. Hoping and praying l can get back to WDW soon and/or figure out when l can get down permanently. Had to postpone my planned move until at least this coming summer. Please take care everyone!
  14. Unfortunately I have once again watched my WdW plans and reservations fly away in the wind. For those that didn't know and/or aren't on FB my son had an accident June 6th- just 4 days after graduating. He was just being goofy with His friends on a merri-go-round, lost His balance, and was pulled down by the centrifugal force smacking down mouth first on the metal bottom. His main 2 front teeth snapped off the root and were thrust upwards into his nose; the 2 smaller teeth on both sides were cracked and splintered in half. He ended up having to have all 4 pulled & got his temporary partial yesterday. Things could have been much, much worse. As it was he just missed rupturing both his nasal and sinus cavities with the 2 teeth rammed upwards by just a hair's width. Taking into account my portion of what insurance didn't cover it was easy to make that wretched decision to have to cancel. You probably remember it's always been my plan to move to FL once DS graduated from high school & ships out for basic training. He leaves the first week of August and projected boot camp graduation is the first week of November as the Marine Corps boot is three months. He'll get to come home for about 2 weeks then heads out to School of Infantry. Lord Willing I will be able to work enough OT for when he's home in November he can help me pack and load so I can leave to start my life in FL when he heads out to Infantry school. Sorry this is so long-winded but I've been MIA here lately and wanted to update you all on what's been going on. You'll all have to have creme brulee and a mudslide or two for me. I was very much looking forward to seeing part of my EoE family.
  15. Just wondering if anyone else is having issues connecting here to the EoE site as it seems to lock up when I am on my tablet but not on the phone. I haven't even bothered to try and catch a stream yet as I can't navigate anything once I'm locked up. The joys of modern technological toys I guess. ;p