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  1. Belle, we wish you a very Happy Birthday and a year filled with Wishes Come True! Old and New Harmony
  2. Happy Birthday Ryknow!

    Happy Birthday, Ryknow!! Have a great day! We're looking forward to meeting you soon! The Hamonies
  3. Happy Birthday kopitedor!

    Happy, Happy Birthday, kopetedor from the Harmonies!
  4. August to Sept EoE members at WDW

    We're at the Poly from August 20 to 25
  5. Florida rain...

    Memorable stories, indeed! Belle and wi, were you able to go on your Wishes Cruise later? Yes, flounder, I do remember the rain storm before Biergarten! I was carrying gifts into the park that evening! We have several, too. One that comes to mind is arriving back at Boardwalk one afternoon, with rain threatening. We debated waiting in the car, or going on the long walk to the lobby from guest parking. We decided to go...about halfway there, the wind and torrential rain started. We stood under a big tree at the corner of the lot while it POURED! We were drenched. When it finally let up, we walked through the lobby, dripping! That was the afternoon that we discovered our cam was ruined by the storm. We had to make another trip out to get another cam!
  6. Florida rain...

    It seems like our most vivid memories of WDW include getting caught in a huge rain storm! Tell us about the time you were caught in the rain,... *thanks for the idea, TP!
  7. Happy Birthday mwalter59

    Happy, happy birthday, mwalter59!
  8. Happy Birthday newharmony!

    Thank you! What sweet messages. I've had a wonderful, magical day...your wishes were the whipped cream and cherries on top!!
  9. Shades of Green Resort recently announced their annual "Oktoberfest". Old Harmony and I have gone the past 3 years and highly recommend it! It is open to the public, features a HUGE buffet and entertainment (including a German band). The cost of the buffet has been around $20 each; there is a cash bar, too. We were honored to be at SoG's celebration with so many from the armed services. It's easy to get to SoG...you can park there, or walk there from the Poly. The pathway is well marked. We wish we could go this year but will unfortunately miss it...:( . New Harmony
  10. Happy Birthday Disneymadness

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Disneymadness!
  11. Happy Birthday wdwnut!!!

    Happy, Happy Birthday from the Harmonies!
  12. Remy!!! Can't wait for the Ratatouille ride!
  13. Happy Birthday Billpatrain

    Happy Birthday, Bill!
  14. July Streamers

    Thank you, Streamers! We have enjoyed your resort and mobile streams! You've spoiled us! Old and New Harmon
  15. Under the weather

    Noose, Old Harmony and I wish you a speedy, full recovery. We miss you here on EoE!