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  1. Bring your pups to WDW?

    We love dogs...especially German Shepherds. OH and I both had GSs before we ever met each other. However, like kids, no one loves your dog like you do. No one thinks your dog is as adorable as you do. No, I don't want to be nosed or licked! No, I don't want wet dogs in the lobby. And it does seem that leaving your dog in a hotel room for 7 hour stretches isn't the best place for them. A kennel or a dog sitter at home might be better.
  2. EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    We're booking a stay for September, 2018 when our window opens. Are we pretty sure the BIG weekend will be Sept. 7, 8 and 9? Barring any hurricanes, we plan on being there! Thanks!
  3. Balloon

    That is amazingly magical! What a lovely thing to do, Miz and Fiz. He's a darling boy, 2boysdisneymom!
  4. Happy Birthday Andre Willey

    Happy, happy birthday, Andre Willey! Old and New Harmony
  5. Happy Birthday littlebatty

    A belated Happy Birthday, littlebatty! Old and New Harmony
  6. Happy Birthday leslsu

    A belated Happy Birthday, leslsu! Old and New Harmony
  7. Happy Birthday jchice2 & MooseTV

    A belated happy, happy birthday jchice2 and MooseTV! Old and New Harmony
  8. It would be difficult to choose just one! We love Beach Club but couldn't buy points there when we were in the market. We bought at Boardwalk and it is all the things wihumphrey said! We like the decor and parking better at Beach Club, although the streaming views are better at BWV. We also have points at SSR (the resort that was available at the time) but we usually use those at other resorts, most recently the Poly and Aulani. We've also stayed at BLT and WLV. I'd have to say our new favorite has to be the Poly. Huge room, beautiful grounds, the CMs are amazing, the monorail to Epcot next door and all of the Disney sights and sounds we love. A special memory....hmmm, would have to be spending Hurricane Matthew at the Poly.
  9. Happy Birthday Zwarrior

    Happy, happy birthday, Zwarrior!!
  10. Belle, we wish you a very Happy Birthday and a year filled with Wishes Come True! Old and New Harmony
  11. Happy Birthday Ryknow!

    Happy Birthday, Ryknow!! Have a great day! We're looking forward to meeting you soon! The Hamonies
  12. Happy Birthday kopitedor!

    Happy, Happy Birthday, kopetedor from the Harmonies!
  13. August to Sept EoE members at WDW

    We're at the Poly from August 20 to 25
  14. Florida rain...

    Memorable stories, indeed! Belle and wi, were you able to go on your Wishes Cruise later? Yes, flounder, I do remember the rain storm before Biergarten! I was carrying gifts into the park that evening! We have several, too. One that comes to mind is arriving back at Boardwalk one afternoon, with rain threatening. We debated waiting in the car, or going on the long walk to the lobby from guest parking. We decided to go...about halfway there, the wind and torrential rain started. We stood under a big tree at the corner of the lot while it POURED! We were drenched. When it finally let up, we walked through the lobby, dripping! That was the afternoon that we discovered our cam was ruined by the storm. We had to make another trip out to get another cam!
  15. Florida rain...

    It seems like our most vivid memories of WDW include getting caught in a huge rain storm! Tell us about the time you were caught in the rain,... *thanks for the idea, TP!