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  1. Happy Birthday tinkerbell

    Happy Birthday, Tinkerbell!! Hope to see you again soon at WDW! Old and New Harmony
  2. EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    I will get them done and mail them to you!
  3. EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    If anyone is interested in ""I (heart) CMs" buttons, I had mine made locally for $1.00 each. If EoESSS attendees want buttons, I can order more for you.
  4. Emma's heart

    Mrhub posted his original request at 5pm, I didn't see it until 8:30pm. We were already in for the night (OH was asleep). I forwarded Mrhub's post to Belle, knowing she was still out at MK. She and wi went into action to get those photos for little Emma so she would have them when she woke up. I think the CMs are to be commended for helping send Magic to Emma, as are Belle and Wi...
  5. Emma's heart

    Belle is surely a real Fairy Godmother! And wihumphrey is a Prince!
  6. EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    Whoa...our plans have changed. We have booked a stay at Aulani for September and won't be able to come to SSS. That makes us sad, but we're happy that we've been able to see so many EoEers when they visit WDW! Please let us know if you're going to be at Disney and hopefully, we can meet up!
  7. What happened with our resort stream

    Just an FYI... We were here yesterday afternoon when we had a knock at the door. When OH opened the door, the man said he was there for "trash and safety check." OH handed him our trash...the man did not try to come into the room, but we were here. Not sure what would happen if we weren't so we take our cam down every time we leave. (Luckily, it's easy up and down).
  8. Emma's heart

    I forwarded this to Belle. We're in for the night, but I might be able to get photos in the morning... I'm so sorry about your friend...we wish her and her family well.
  9. wihumphrey & SB's Valentine Adventure

    Nice! Looks like a wonderful week! I'm anxious to hear about The Edison! Enjoy!
  10. Happy Birthday beercap8

    Happy birthday, Beercap!
  11. Happy Birthday Lovin'Stitch

    Happy birthday, Lovinstitch! The Harmonies
  12. Happy Birthday eazyeray

    Happy birthday, eazyeray! Hope you had a wonderful day! Old and New Harmony
  13. Before we moved to Florida, we once drove to WDW from MI for a 5 night stay. We spent 4 days on the road for those 5 nights at Disney! . Now that we live in Florida, we often stay for one night so we can attend a concert, etc and not have the late-night drive home.
  14. Visual room inspection

    Hello, I did see someone on your balcony a while ago. I saw her when I sat down at my laptop. I didn't see her look at the cam, but I don't know how long she'd been out there. (A young woman with her hair up in a bun). Thanks for the info.