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  1. newharmony

    SSS 2019 at Fort Wilderness?

    Both very nice, Osh!
  2. newharmony

    SSS 2019 at Fort Wilderness?

    Osh, we are booked for Sept 3 - 9, preferred. If you can change your reservation to request a nearby campsite (since it sounds like you will arrive before we do), just use L. Harmon, 9/3/19. Or I can add you if you arrive after us!! Thanks!
  3. newharmony

    SSS 2019 at Fort Wilderness?

    We are planning on staying at FW for SSS, probably the 4th-10th. We haven't decided on which type of loop yet (premium, preferred, full). Which did you choose, Osh?
  4. newharmony

    October Photo of the Month - RESORTS

    Would it be possible to find out whose photos were entered in the contest?
  5. newharmony


    We'd be staying offsite if we didn't have DVC or could go to the campground. We just wouldn't pay their prices (plus parking fees!)
  6. He gave it to his oldest son years ago...not sure if there are any "real" photos!
  7. Next question...how do you save money on resorts/hotels? OH started in the 1970s by staying at FW in a truck camper he built himself!!
  8. newharmony

    Happy Birthday Miz Fiz!

    Happy birthday, Miz! Hope your day is filled with fun and wonderful surprises! Old and New Harmony
  9. Great ideas, flounder! We always have breakfast in the room. OH brings a hotpot so I can make tea and Via (Starbucks instant coffee) if we stay in a resort with no coffee maker. When we camp, we rarely eat out. Kids' meals! Great idea, too. If you're lucky enough to have APs/DVC, always ask about discounts.
  10. Lots of Disney experts here...what do you do to SAVE money at WDW? There are lots of ways to spend tons, but what do you do to save? One thing we've done is started packing lunches!! I take a small, collapsible lunch bag and pack things like lunchables, fruit, cookies and use frozen bottles of water as ice (to drink later). Spending $30 or $35 for a counter-service lunch is unacceptable!!
  11. newharmony

    Happy Birthday, Fizbain!

    Happy birthday, Fiz!! Hope it's filled with fun, surprises and cake!! Old and New Harmony
  12. newharmony

    Disney Trivia August 2018

    I enjoy the "did you know" facts! I Googled "Disney trivia questions" and got tons of results. I think I was remembering there was a Disney Trivial Pursuit game and was looking for into on that. The game is such fun to play and watch!
  13. newharmony

    Happy Birthday littlebatty!

    Happy birthday, littlebatty!
  14. newharmony

    Happy Birthday oldharmony

    Old Harmony says, "Mahalo" to everyone for the kind wishes! He's had a memorable birthday! We're happy we could share some of it with our Ohana.