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  1. newharmony

    Happy Birthday oldharmony

    Old Harmony says, "Mahalo" to everyone for the kind wishes! He's had a memorable birthday! We're happy we could share some of it with our Ohana.
  2. newharmony

    Happy Birthday ZWarrior

    Happy birthday, ZWarrior!
  3. newharmony

    Emma's heart

    We are so sorry, mrhub. Our deepest condolences to her family and all who loved Emma. Old and New Harmony
  4. newharmony

    Coast to Coast 2018!

    Amazing!!! Sounds fabulous! Hope the GC works out for you!
  5. I have decided to just take the iPhone I have for resort streams. It will be easier than taking a web cam, etc. I'll do mobiles when we're out, and hopefully do the resort stream when we're in. I haven't tested the iPhone yet. (If I alternate mobile/resort, I only need one channel, too). So much to think about with youtube vs. ustream!
  6. Happy birthday, Belle! We hope you have a lovely celebration with your family. Old and New Harmony
  7. Thanks for your help, AT. I'll check out the list.
  8. newharmony

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    Thank you for sharing your vacation with us, Albinotrout and family. OH and I appreciated every stream...we had a great time watching. We hope you made lots of wonderful memories. Thanks, again.
  9. I tested on my laptop and it was frozen. I read something about an "encoder"... which sounds a bit over my head!! I'm taking a newer iPhone along...may try that for the resort. That would free up my phone for my use. We'll only stream from the resort when we're there. Thanks, Fiz!
  10. This may be a dumb question but...what are you using for resort streams on youtube? A phone? A web cam? Thanks!
  11. newharmony

    Happy Birthday ryknow!!!!

    Happy birthday, Ry! Have a wonderful day! Old and New Harmony
  12. newharmony

    Thanks, wihumphrey!

    Thank you, thank you for all of your great streams on youtube!! OH and I loved them! It was so much fun to "walk" along with you, and we loved hearing your descriptions. (And I have to admit...I love your laugh, wi!) You are a natural streamer and make me want to put away my phone forever! You're the best! Thanks again!
  13. newharmony

    Happy Birthday YensidsApprentice

    Happy birthday, YensidsApprentice!
  14. newharmony

    Happy Birthday kbmum

    We hope you have a lovely birthday, kbmum! Old and New Harmony
  15. newharmony

    Happy Birthday newharmony!

    Thank you for the sweet wishes! New Harmony