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  1. Hope you had a wonderful birthday with your lovely sons! May all of your birthday Wishes come true! Old and New Harmony
  2. OH did much better than me! He's only missed 4 including #9 (ride Toy Story Mania) and #34 (taken a Disney Cruise)*. I have missed 13!! I have not, among other things, attended Hoop Dee Do...had an adult beverage at Epcot...visited a Disney water park....eaten at CRT. *OH has been going since 1971, I started going in 1989.
  3. We're there August 20-25. We did meet Jane and our first EoE meet up dessert party at Epcot, but didn't meet you that evening...would love to say Hello! Old and New Harmony
  4. They do have park-to-park buses, but no buses from DS to the parks, as far as I know. Anyone have an update on that? You could walk over to SSR (Congress Park) to catch a bus to AK.
  5. It's time for lunch at Disney World. You're eating at a counter service restaurant (park or resort). What dish are you having??? Please name 2 or 3 of your favorites. I'll start...either pulled pork nachos at Captain Cook's (Poly), create-your-own-pasta at Riverside Mill Food Court, or the house salad at SSR. (It was the hot turkey sandwich at the Contempo Cafe, but they changed the sandwich )
  6. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, DrawntoMickey! May all of your birthday Wishes come true!
  7. Congratulations, nut! When my kids visit at Christmastime, we spend one day at Disney. The ticket prices are crazy, for sure!
  8. Happy birthday, Roz. May all of your Wishes come true!
  9. Well....the bad news is...we won't be going to Michigan in June for the Motor Muster. The good news is...we sold our house in Michigan and need to get there in May! Since we won't be going to Michigan in June, OH suggested we go to Fort Wilderness instead!
  10. Update...yes, we did move to Florida...last August. And we DO have plans to go to the Motor Muster again this year! We'll be visiting Michigan in June and have reservations at a hotel near Greenfield Village/The Henry Ford for two nights. We'll attend the Motor Muster on Saturday, June 17, and hope to do the add-on tour of the Ford River Rouge Factory, too. We'll happily stream. More info at thehenryford.org.
  11. You're welcome. Details are on starwars.com.
  12. The Disney Blog on FB announced info on the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando next week. Something that caught my eye was "StarWars.com is live streaming over 30 hours of the event on their website (and probably on YouTube as well). The live stream will feature celebrity guests, interviews with creators as well as give access to various panels throughout the weekend." I did not see the dates but will check on that.
  13. I'd be at France, too...with a creme brulee!
  14. Where are you and what are you eating/doing?
  15. Hi! I found it under Support.