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  1. Happy birthday, tinkcrafter! We wish you a lovely day and many Wishes come true! The Harmonies
  2. Happy birthday, koolkirby! What an exciting day, what an exciting time for you and your fiancee. Enjoy every moment. Old and New Harmony
  3. Happy, happy birthday, Billpatrain! May all of your Wishes come true! Old and New Harmony
  4. I looked at the Sam's Club site this morning...they can deliver tickets via email.
  5. https://www.disneytouristblog.com/discount-disney-tickets/ wdwnut, here is a good article on the Sam's Club discount with some info on discounts for the SC membership.
  6. wdwnut, I'll take a look at the site and post the info you need. Give me a day or two!
  7. I saw a post on FB about buying tickets at Sam's Club. We checked it out this morning and we could save a bit on a Florida Gold Annual Pass but it's nearly the same price as a DVC renewal on a Gold Annual Pass, but there seem to be good prices on other tickets. Just a heads' up in case anyone wants to check and compare. *It's under "Travel and Services", then "Travel and Entertainment"
  8. Happy birthday, dear Osh! Happy birthday to you! Old and New Harmony
  9. Happy birthday, weatherwatcher! Hope to see you and Karen in FLA soon! The Harmonies
  10. It would be nice to have a live cam here on EoE...it gives us a "gathering place". I often think that any resort stream I put up is more a vehicle for us to get together than a window to WDW.
  11. Thanks dbeedle and Mrhub. Since we go to SSR tomorrow, I'll probably just use YT for resort streaming for now...I think I need more time to learn to use SL for desktop. I'll try to use SL for mobiles. I've tested on that.
  12. We don't need to resort stream using Streamlabs, do we? Can't we still resort stream using YouTube? Thanks
  13. I managed to test stream using Streamlabs to my YT channel. Any hints on the basic things I need to know? I did have the choice of streaming to my channel or EoE2. Thanks