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  1. We remain interested in plans for SSS2020...we never know what this year may bring and our current plans may change.
  2. Fiz, I did find some YT vids of the torches when I Googled "Epcot torch video" but not sure if you can use someone else's vid.
  3. Happy, happy birthday, Michelle! Have a lovely day with your lovely family (and cake!) The Harmonies
  4. Jim! Happy birthday from the Harmonies! We wish you all the best today and always.
  5. Happy, happy birthday, John! Old and New Harmony
  6. We're doing some non-Disney sightseeing next year and would be glad to stream. I haven't put them on the calendar since they aren't Disney trips. We're going to Tampa from Jan 16-20 for the Florida State RV Show at the fairgrounds (and other sightseeing), the Rolex 24 at the Daytona Speedway for two weekends in late January and to St. Augustine from May 11-18 (campground on the beach, sightseeing). Happy to stream if anyone is interested.
  7. My oldest son, his wife, son and son's girlfriend are coming to our house for the holidays! They want to go to Universal to see Harry Potter. Which park? Both parks? Any hints? I know it will be insanely busy but this is the only time they can get away from work and school. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! New Harmony
  8. I use MDE, too. I find it very easy to use.
  9. Happy, happy birthday, disneydiva!! The Harmonies
  10. Happy birthday, littlebatty! The Harmonies
  11. Happy birthday, MooseTV! The Harmonies
  12. Old Harmony says "Thanks for the birthday wishes!" He had a great time on his birthday...he really enjoyed his lunch with fellow birthday boy, wdwhamm (Steve).
  13. Happy birthday, ZWarrior! The Harmonies
  14. Happy birthday, Ry! Hope your day is filled with happy surprises and cake!! The Harmonies