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  1. newharmony

    Happy birthday, koolkirby!

    Happy birthday, koolkirby! I was looking through my photos yesterday and found one of you and Bubbles at Epcot. What a sweet memory! Hope you're having a magical day! New and Old Harmony
  2. newharmony

    Happy Birthday Billpatrain

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Bill!
  3. Will resort streams on youtube be available to the public, or will they be protected somewhat, like streams on EoE?
  4. Thanks for the info, Fiz. OH and I will have another talk about points! I do think we will shorten stays at WDW now that we live so close. *Just DVC stays, not stays at Fort Wilderness.
  5. What will the switch to youtube mean for resort streams? Will they be the same, or will youtube be used for mobiles only? We're thinking of doing more, but shorter DVC stays at WDW and using points for Aulani for long stays. If we won't be doing resort streams, we won't use points for Boardwalk or ocean views, but get a more standard view using fewer points. We have happily used points for nice views to share, but if we won't be streaming them on EoE we'll go with fewer points/longer stays.
  6. newharmony

    MrHub at the Poly

    Thank you!
  7. newharmony

    MDE to report Bus times

    Although we hardly ever ride a bus it's a nice addition.
  8. I know nothing about hardware/software, etc...but I can Google!! I read something about Word Press (maybe for your web site?) and putting live FB streams there? It would probably only work for mobiles. And I saw something called DaCast...?? And like I said, I know practically nothing!!
  9. newharmony

    Happy birthday, Mrhub!

    Happy birthday, Mrhub! Enjoy every moment of your day! Old and New Harmony
  10. Two of the members of Off Kilter play at Scat Cats (the lounge at French Quarter) on most evenings. We often go there to listen when we're at Disney. Check out Jason and Billy / Billy and Jason on Facebook for dates. Other Off Kilter members often substitute or show up to play along. Great fun!
  11. I don't know if there is a way to EASILY put FB streams on EoE, but we streamers who are on FB could have a separate FB page just for streaming. Just use our nicknames instead of real names. I have something kinda like that now...the problem might be getting the live streams here.
  12. I am confident that our crack IT team will find a solution and keep EyesOnEars functioning and vital for us. Can't imagine being anywhere else for streaming!
  13. newharmony

    Happy Birthday Weatherwatcher!!

    Happy, happy birthday, weatherwatcher! Hope your day is filled with fun, surprises and Magic! Can't wait to see you in December Old and New Harmony
  14. newharmony

    Happy Birthday DrawntoMickey!

    Happy birthday, DrawntoMickey!
  15. newharmony

    Dragon fire

    OH said he wondered about the safety aspect. If the dragon is still in the parade, will it still "breathe fire"?