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  1. newharmony

    Happy Birthday Weatherwatcher!!

    Happy, happy birthday, weatherwatcher! Hope your day is filled with fun, surprises and Magic! Can't wait to see you in December Old and New Harmony
  2. newharmony

    Happy Birthday DrawntoMickey!

    Happy birthday, DrawntoMickey!
  3. newharmony

    Dragon fire

    OH said he wondered about the safety aspect. If the dragon is still in the parade, will it still "breathe fire"?
  4. newharmony

    Dragon fire

    What a shame...loved the dragon...
  5. newharmony

    Happy Birthday NoosesRoz

    Happy birthday, Roz! Enjoy your special day!
  6. newharmony

    Happy Birthday Grumpyhaus

    Happy birthday, Grumpyhaus. Hope you've had a wonderful day! Old and New Harmony
  7. http://dvcnews.com/index.php/dvc-program/policies-a-procedures/news-70636/4111-resort-managers-solicit-feedback?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Interesting...
  8. newharmony

    when will it end??

    We drive and aren't charged for parking (DVC or FW). We do leave property more often than we used to, picking up groceries, etc. OH was upset by the parking fee and said we probably won't be paying out-of-pocket for any resort, like the All Stars, for a one or two night stay.
  9. newharmony

    when will it end??

    Curious...do you think they are doing it, in part, to keep you on property? No car - no outside restaurants, etc. A back-handed way to increase guest spending?
  10. newharmony

    Happy Birthday tinkerbell

    Happy Birthday, Tinkerbell!! Hope to see you again soon at WDW! Old and New Harmony
  11. newharmony

    EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    I will get them done and mail them to you!
  12. newharmony

    EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    If anyone is interested in ""I (heart) CMs" buttons, I had mine made locally for $1.00 each. If EoESSS attendees want buttons, I can order more for you.
  13. newharmony

    Emma's heart

    Mrhub posted his original request at 5pm, I didn't see it until 8:30pm. We were already in for the night (OH was asleep). I forwarded Mrhub's post to Belle, knowing she was still out at MK. She and wi went into action to get those photos for little Emma so she would have them when she woke up. I think the CMs are to be commended for helping send Magic to Emma, as are Belle and Wi...
  14. newharmony

    Emma's heart

    Belle is surely a real Fairy Godmother! And wihumphrey is a Prince!