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  1. according to Wi it's the Bean Counters...they wanted more $$ so they jumped the gun. I agree with WI, he's a smart guy you know!
  2. do you think that everyone is scared to come for the beginning of SWGE opening or are waiting until Decmber when the last ride opens? Or they just heard EOE shenanigators are coming so everyone else postponed their trips and they're expecting lower crowds? Like WI said maybe the bean counters counted too many open reservations. alas but somehow i doubt that!
  3. actually a lot of late risers might like this. not me, i'm up and out early!
  4. Is the France Movie new or refurbed?
  5. Well if I don't go to MK, i'll probably go back and watch Illuminations, actually that will be the only night i have free to catch Illuminations or HEA. Decisions decisions! What about your France movie routine or is that Friday before you leave?
  6. Counting down...24 days to go...well for some of us. Time to dust off the suitcase! @pittsburgh_jim do you have your suitcase out yet? LOL Can't wait to see everyone. @School Belle and @wihumphrey I will try to catch up with you before your dinner Thursday night or do you plan to go to MK after dinner with the group? I'm not doing the after hours even but will probably go for a while to MK. Let's hope SW doesn't change our flights again and shorten our trip up even more!
  7. a little late but thank you for all the birthday wishes!
  8. So with RotR opening at DW on December 5th anyone thinking/hoping that people will postpone their trip until after December? That would be excellent for us!
  9. yeah i just make sure i have other options...usually flounders external charger!
  10. so far undercover tourist is the cheapest for me. Don't forget you have to add tax to a lot of these other sites. Undercover tourist tax is in the price already. If you have cheaper options, please share.
  11. I also love that they'll have USB charging ports in them! Of course that's going to be a popular thing.
  12. I love the new buses! Going to have to try to ride all of them...lol
  13. I guess you have to be a member to see the prices? I can't see them unless I log in. Do you know if these tickets are electronic or can be mailed? We don't have a Sam's Club around here anymore. I guess i would want to know what the prices are and if you you can buy them online before I signed up for membership.
  14. and this is better? Just more money in their pockets!
  15. you know what they can do with this deal??
  16. I can't seem to post the link here but just google it...They are changing the FP system at HS as of 8/29/19. All rides will be tier 1, yes ALL of them and then the shows will be tier 2. REALLY! I hope people complain enough and they change it! At least now you can choose 1 Toy Story ride and then RNR or TOT but NOPE not anymore. GRRR
  17. Happy Birthday! hope you have a magical day!
  18. Happy Belated Osh! Hope you had a great day!
  19. Coming soon to a Disney resort near you! AP holders and Disney report guests will be able to upgrade their solid color MB to one with a design or character on it for only $10! It looked like the option will be in you MDE account! Watch for it if you want to upgrade!
  20. Fiz are you really going from August 21 through September 14?? If so you're a lucky dog!!!