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  1. I din't hear how long EPCOT will have this show? When is the permanent show starting?
  2. are you on the youtube page? if not go to youtube and search eyes on ears and subscribe to all the channels. I think there are 6 and then the main one...maybe fiz or someone can post a link.
  3. Oh hiding alcohol in ice...i guess im a good girl because I wouldn't ever do that.
  4. So i guess this is it for the smokers! I personally don't smoke, never have but I kinda think it's unfair to smokers. I never had an issue with designated smoking areas. I honestly don't even remember being bothered by smoke since they put in the designated smoking areas. I do suffer from Asthma and cig smoke really bothers me so for it not to affect me in the parks shows the smoking areas are in quieter areas. I know fewer and fewer people are smokers these days and Disney is a family place with lots of kids but this one is just not fair in my opinion. I know i'll get negative feed back but oh well...i'm just voicing my opinion. Now for the strollers...this one is going to make a lot of people very unhappy...well families with kids. I saw so many of those stroller wagons last few times i was there and thought those were great but I for one would not want to lug around such a monstrosity in the parks! But I did think it would be great for Fiz's streaming paraphernalia during EOE SSS! You can even take turns riding in the wagon! When i brought strollers back in the day I took the smallest one I had, usually an umbrella stroller. Didn't even take the big one. Last January we saw one of the Cinderella Coach strollers wandering through MK...OMG that thing is HUGH and i can't imagine how much it cost to rent it. And why no loose ice cubes? Can't for the life of me think of why they wouldn't let you bring those. I usually freeze a water bottle, it's just easier. Anybody know why the no cube policy?
  5. just another thing to make it difficult for vacationers. Kim does this all the time and it works because well it's just her...she can stop by the front desk any time she chooses. What will be hard is when you have a family that is busy busy touring parks, keeping kids happy etc it just makes it more difficult for them. Lets face it, it is more stressful vacationing with littles, I've done it many times, the last thing they want to worry about is stopping by the front desk every few days to pay off the bill. I try to avoid using MBs to pay anything because i don't feel like worrying about going to the front desk to pay and that's OK, it's my choice. One of the reasons was because i would get all they way to my room and then realize i forgot to stop to check the bill. Well it's too late now, i have my Disney jammies on. It's not like it's Wal-Mart, you can't go to the front desk in your jammies...just the pool!
  6. I'm excited to see the theming, Disney always seems to go over and above in this area. Now if they could only get the MDE app to work all the time!
  7. A whole new world just opened up for SSS2019....SW GE will be opening August 29th!! Watch your DVC or AP emails for special viewing events!!
  8. All you SSS 2019 Peeps will get to see Galaxy's Edge because its opening August 29th!! So you know what that means??? Us too at home watching the streams!!
  9. Yes get out and exercise your constitutional err.... i mean EOE right to vote!
  10. oh i would have if she hit me, for sure.
  11. oh wow that's not too bad. Can you do it for other resorts?
  12. OMG that's awful! the campground will lose its charm for sure! What are they thinking! Did you read this somewhere?
  13. I heard a rumor once...long long time ago...that you could use your DVC points at any resort in Disney not just a DVC resort. Is that true? Fiz could you use points at FW?
  14. So i have a question...if you get T-Boned in the parking lot (no I didn't, almost though) at work who do you report it to if the HR director is the one who almost T-Boned you!! OMG!!! I was driving down the row to park my car and out of the corner of my eye i see this woman, both hands on the steering wheel, face nearly pressed up to the windshield coming at me! She was in the row behind me but decided to pull through those spaces and come into my row! WHAT? Crazy HR Lady! she didn't even get out of her car right away...i think she was like OH CRAP, that wouldn't have been good! Thank God I didn't give her the old your #1 sign!!
  15. WOW! And you have your own camper! We were looking into it the last time I went with my kids and wow, between renting the camper and the site it was more than 2 rooms at a mod! My kids love camping, so one day we'll get there. But at those costs it might be worth just renting a cabin. There aren't many campers that will accommodate all of us...without killing each other!
  16. oooh that's cool...i'll have to check it out!
  17. there's also the Fairy tail Fireworks cruise you guys could do. Not sure if that's new but it sounds like fun!
  18. IDK I'm still trying to be optimistic. I just don't think they "fit". Just my opinion. Might try them one day, but i'll have to see them up close in action. I don't like they way they look at the international gateway.
  19. I saw that! How crazy is that! but if you book it TP, remember who your friends are!
  20. Did you see the "snack" rain jacket? I LOVE it...can't buy it though. it would look pretty funny when i get hungry and start licking all the snacks that are on my rain jacket! OOHHH wouldn't it be awesome if they made the rain jacket like the wall paper in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory!? i can lick a dole whip or a mickey bar it would would taste like them! Come on Disney, you can invent this...you did awesome things with FOP...but then again they can't even work the bugs out the the MDE app. forget it...
  21. wdwnut

    Dragon fire

    I just read online that the dragon is back in the parade as of yesterday with new safety measures! WOOT!