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  1. in 32 Days my youngest, my baby will be going to Disney...without me! It's bittersweet. You other Disney freaks er umm Disney enthusiasts are probably the only ones that get what i'm feeling. Yes i'm sad that I won't get to see her experience Disney....again (that never gets old, watching your kids enjoy something so much) but I"m so excited for her to go on a girls trip with her bestie next month. She's been around the parks many times by herself or off with her brother or cousin without me but this is the whole trip by herself...soup to nuts. Navigating the airport, finding the ME (which she often says...no mom it's this way), room check in, buses, park hopping, FP, etc. I know she can do it but she's the tour guide this time because her friend has never been to Disney before nor has she ever flown. So my DD is so excited to show her all the things that I showed her growing up in Disney. I can't wait to see all the pictures and hear the stories. Then it will be my turn 11 days later!
  2. wdwnut

    October Photo of the Month - RESORTS

    2 things...first the photo of the month voting i believe is only until the 14th? If I am correct Get VOTING! And second are we doing a December photo?? If so may I suggest a Disney Holiday theme?
  3. wdwnut

    New Magic Band Colors

    So i read a while back that they came out with 6 new MB colors, dark green, navy, turquoise, black, millennial pink, lavender and white. Anyone know why we can't pick them in the MDE app or are they just for "sale"? I want lavender!! I see them on the Disney store site for sale @14.99 each but if i'm going to pay for a MB i rather spend a little more and get a Mickey one. Nut
  4. wdwnut

    New Magic Band Colors

    Does anyone know how long you can use the magic bands for? So many people buy the specialty ones with characters on them and I was thinking of getting one for DD for Christmas but if you can't use them for long, what's the point. I guess im asking do you use them until they fail? Has anyone ever had a magic band fail?
  5. wdwnut

    Happy Birthday pittsburg_jim

    Dang How did i miss this! Well happy birthday a day late! Hope you had a great day celebrating in Disney!
  6. wdwnut

    New Magic Band Colors

    well that stinks! One more way they get more cash out of you...i'm not falling for it...well not for a solid color one. One day i do want a Mickey one or Chip and Dale.
  7. I read on FB that Disney may be replacing photopass photographers with an automated photopass system!!! I DO NOT like that idea! the candid shots would be gone not to mention people losing jobs. Why would they even consider this?? They will be placing an Automated photopass box at the tinker Bell meet and greet only. You have to scan your MB after seeing the photo. How the heck is that going to replace photopass photographers!? This idea gets a million thumbs down from Nut! Said box is supposed to be rolled out by the end of the month. If this is the new Photopass way, i would never buy photopass. Maybe I can move to Fla and start a personal photopass business and just follow families around for the day! Once again Disney trying to Cheap out!
  8. wdwnut

    Universal studios hollywood

  9. wdwnut

    Replacing Photopass Photographers???

    i did read an update to the original article that stated "Photopass Photographers will NOT be replaced. they will still be in 100's of locations around the parks but the "Box" will tested at a few character spots in place of live people." NO NO NO i say to that still. Those of you with children (or adults) seeing the characters for the first time is an absolute priceless moment that a "photo box" will NEVER capture. I can show you several examples of this. It did sound like this mindless box would only be at the meets and not meals so far. So you go in stand on the X and snap snap snap you get your picture taken, but DON'T step off the X! This would have never worked at the Sully and Mike meet when Sully unexpectedly wrapped our friend in a "monster" hug off the dreaded X or when Donald and Daisy were "fighting" last year when my sister asked Daisy if Donald was going to put a ring on it! They were so funny and one of the top character meets ever. Now if that stupid mindless box was there how would they capture that? Donald was pacing all over and Daisy was chasing him...never would work. ok stepping off my soap box...for now...
  10. wdwnut

    Replacing Photopass Photographers???

    I think they will lose a lot of photopass buyers. Or do you think not enough people are buying photopass at the moment and they're trying this at a discounted cost? I did not read what the cost will be but who knows.
  11. wdwnut

    Happy Birthday Kywildwolf76

    Happy birthday Wolf!!
  12. wdwnut

    Happy Birthday deano426

    Happy Birthday Deano!
  13. wdwnut

    SSS 2019 at Fort Wilderness?

    Osh are you renting a camper again? If so with who?
  14. wdwnut

    Halloween fun

    Osh you have to do that if you go back for Halloween some year!
  15. wdwnut

    Coast to Coast 2018!

    That's great, can't wait to see some pictures, please post some on EOE!
  16. wdwnut

    Whispering Canyon Cafe

    OH but that grilled cheese sandwich i had there during EOESSS one year! IT WAS SO GOOD. That was the year Mini and PaPa Thomas joined us and I believe I shared part of my sandwich with you Fiz! Sadly that sandwich is no longer on the menu.
  17. wdwnut

    Extended Fass-Pass selections

    I took the morning off to help my daughter make her FP for January trip! Can't work on a fp day!
  18. wdwnut


    What about DVC members, are they charging you more for stuff and/or taking stuff away?
  19. wdwnut

    Making FP question

    DD and her friend are going to Disney in January. Their fp day is November 14 but DD's friend will be on her way to school and can't help with making FP reservations. My question is...can DD and I both sign in to DD's MDE account and make fp's at the same time or will it only let one person sign into the one account and make the reservations? Our last trip we all made FP for specific days but we all signed into our own account. this time it would be 2 people signing into the one MDE account. Nut
  20. wdwnut

    Making FP question

    Ok Thanks!
  21. wdwnut

    Making FP question

    DD and her friend are already friends, do you mean adding her friend to my friends list then i will sign onto my own account and just make the FP for DD and her friend?
  22. wdwnut

    October Photo of the Month - RESORTS

    Hurry today is the last day to vote for your favorite POTM!! Head on over to the contest forum and VOTE!!! IT's your civic duty!
  23. that's how I felt when I watched Wishes...not so much with HEA.
  24. wdwnut


    I guess I just like staying on property because i'm spoiled. I have ALWAYS stayed on property because DH is not a Disney fan and refuses to fly so I have always gone with just the kids and friends (i know, he's a big 6'2" baby but i can't drug him and carry him on the plane, he's too heavy) so I rather not have to figure out how to get from point A to point B. If I got lost outside of Disney and it cut my Disney time, I would not be a happy camper. That being said, the high prices will most likely force me to always stay value or if it's possible I rent DVC points from a friend if we have a group more than 2. I do cut back on food costs by bringing snacks and breakfast items with me or we order and have them delivered. Flounder also smuggles some coconut rum or vanilla vodka with her so we can make our own cocktails from time to time. We also take the earliest flight to Disney and latest flight home to maximize our Disney time! And I don't go every year...just too expensive!
  25. wdwnut

    Happy birthday HiddenMIckey!

    Happy belated birthday!! Hope you had a great day!