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  1. Me too...or we can all just come along!
  2. HMMM...Maybe EOE SSS West Coast Edition?
  3. Finally got mine in yesterday!
  4. Crap....forgot...i will put a note in for tomorrow when i pay my bills!
  5. I will as well, tomorrow is pay day!
  6. wdwnut

    EOE SSS 2020

    hmmm, not sure if i'm going in October any more so twist my arm!
  7. or maybe i can borrow @wihumphrey credit card?
  8. i was going to but i need to borrow your credit card, please???
  9. WooHoo, anyone else get an email from Disney's Golden Oaks reality? They wanted to know if I was interested in buying a house or building a house in Golden Oaks that start in the mid 2 millions and if not right now should they keep me on the mailing list! BAWWHAHAHAHAHAHA i think they got the wrong nut! But hey, if i buy one i'll get one with a LOT of bedrooms, then i can host SSS!
  10. They'll be using a whole lot of Botox to do this face lift!
  11. according to Wi it's the Bean Counters...they wanted more $$ so they jumped the gun. I agree with WI, he's a smart guy you know!