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  1. Nut's Wedding adventure

    Day 2 We got up and had breakfast at Olivia's then we went to AK. DS and GF left a little later than us, or so we thought. When we were waiting at the bus stop we saw them go by on the boat to DS. Yes we waited that long for a bus. We then decided to take a Lyft. We set up the ride and she was there within 5 minutes and off to AK we went. It was a quick ride and were in the park within 15/20 minutes. IT WAS SO CROWDED! Holy smokes, I know it's not like Christmas or Spring break but this was the busiest time I have ever been. It was hard to even walk through the park. We got to the back and did some shopping and just people watched. You couldn't get near any food stands with out a long line or rides even. DD, myself and my friend decided to wait for Dinosaur as it said 35 minute wait. I was very skeptical because the park was so crowded. And of course i was right. We got in line and only minutes later they moved some ropes around and BAM 35 minutes went to 45. Now don't get me wrong I am not a wait snob...ok well maybe i am a little, but i've been on every ride in Disney that I desire to go on so if i don't like to wait well that's my issue. But we were in line already and the other 2 wanted to ride so I stayed. It was more like an hour wait. We got off just in time to get across the park and to the next Lion King show. We were meeting everyone there, or so we thought. DS and his GF had to wait for a bus for over 25 minutes. Needless to say they did not make the Lion King show. While they were waiting they did TTBAB, took some PP pictures etc. After Lion King we met up with them and did our FP to Safari. After the Safari we got some lunch and just walked around waiting for our Navi' fp. I don't remember where we ate lunch but it was horrible. it was a counter service an we got ribs...yuck. Then we walked over to Pandora and OMG it was so cool! Disney outdid themselves this time. I'm not an Avatar fan but this was so cool. We went on Navi and it was so pretty with all the lights and stuff but i will admit i was left with wanting more. Then it was off to ROL. We were in the first show. DS was really a trooper, he was getting tired as he was not back to himself yet. ROL did not disappoint. I heard a lot of negative comments about it but I thought it was beautiful. By this time DS was really tired and we were going to Raglan Road for dinner at 9 so him and his GF left ROL a little early to get a jump on the crowds. When it was over we walked...slowly...with the masses of people going to the buses! When we finally got there a bus was sitting there....we ran thinking it was going to leave but there were only 2 people on it...DS and his GF!! They left early to get a jump start only to have to wait on the bus because it wasn't full and they must wait knowing the crowds were coming. Oh well. We got back to the room, freshened up and off to the boat and Raglan Road. Raglan Road did not disappoint either. The food was awesome! I love the boat ride to DS, so relaxing and a very welcomed change from the buses. We ate and really didn't walk around too much just over to WOD to shop a bit. DS was PACKED! DS, GF and DD left us early to go back to the room, yes us old folks outlasted the young folks! OH funny story...on our way to DS on the boat we were going by some of the OKW rooms. There was one room where the family must have done their laundry and had hung all their t-shirts on the fans to dry and then turned the fans on! We were all laughing about it and the Captain was making jokes about it. On the way back they were still drying clothes on the fan. Don't know if this was a new load of laundry or the same but it was funny. The same Captain was making more jokes and we all had a good laugh. We got home and fell into bed. Tomorrow was the wedding!! Am I going to get 3 tired young kids up on time??? We'll see!
  2. Nut's Wedding adventure

    So onto day 1 EPCOT was REALLY busy. You could get to most kiosks to get food but some lines were a little long. But they moved them right along so no big deal. But if you didn't have a fp+ forget it you were waiting a long time. Never got on the Frozen ride or MS. Thankfully we made a few other FP+ for Friday night so the kids could get on TT. We also rode Nemo Friday night with a standby of maybe 15 minutes. But the character meet was crazy long too. Oh well...on we went. I actually never even got to all the countries. I figured we'd finish the rest on Friday night but the crowds were even worse that night so we bailed! For some reason Canada was closed for a private event, i wonder if it was where the Wheel of Fortune was being taped? I had a tooth issue (or so i thought) before we left so i was having a very hard time drinking anything frozen. No slushie for me! DS wasn't sampling any beer from the countries either per Dr's orders so i think DS and I should get a do over! We wandered around EPCOT and got all the way to Italy and had a late lunch at Via Napoli. The Pizza was AWESOME as usual. Everyone was highly satisfied. This was actually one of our favorite meals of the trip along with Raglan Road and House of Blues. After we ate lunch we took the boat back to the front and wandered around a bit. We were all pretty tired since we've been up since 1:00 am so we headed out and called it a night. Cue the cranky grey haired lady that didn't want to share bus stop information. Oh well all in all for getting up even earlier than the butt crack of dawn i think we did pretty well. When we got back to OKW the sun was just setting and we saw a beautiful sunset walking back to our room and from our deck. It was an early night but we all needed the sleep. Tomorrow B-fast at Olivia's and AK...stay tuned!
  3. Bring your pups to WDW?

    For us it would be a disaster with Twiggy because she would be so stressed out in a strange place and then being left alone. I know for sure she would bark non stop and I would also be more stressed out knowing she was in a strange place for hours each day while i'm out in the parks. When she's left at home i know she's safe, well cared for and has her own couch to sleep on. Yes i know she misses me but she's not missing me in a strange place, she's home where she's comfortable. And even though i know Twiggy would love to see lots of people around, you never know what an animal would do in a stressful situation. That being said i know a lot of people with dogs that go everywhere with them and stay in different hotels etc all the time and are fine. they need a "dog park" of sorts because i don't like the idea of dogs using a whole world as their toilet. There are a lot of irresponsible dog owners out there. The guy around the corner would let his dog lift his leg on anything. I finally got tired of it and yelled at him when his dog peed on our garbage pail again. I don't want to clean his dog pee off our garbage pail! I never even let Twiggy walk on other peoples lawns because i don't want her using their yard for a toilet. If Twiggy were in a strange hotel you bet your booty she would take over one of the beds...princesses don't sleep on the floor!
  4. Technically this isn't a trip report just a trip summary. Yes we're back....booo!!!! It's nice to get home to the hubby and Twiggy but if they were with us i'd never come home! We had an excellent time, a few bumps and hiccups along the way but over all a great time. We were in building 23 room 32...the 3rd floor!! And let me tell you those stairs got longer and longer during the trip. We had an excellent location, end unit overlooking the golf course and could see the sunset (when we were in the room at dusk which was only 2 times and that was only to refresh and head back out) It was a short walk to the first bus stop and a short walk to the main building. The first day we arrived at 10am so we dumped our stuff and headed out to EPCOT. When we got back we weren't sure what bus stop to get off so we asked the bus driver and he didn't know. I'm sure they drive all over the place and just do the stops so they don't know where each room is so he looked for an information sheet that was supposed to be on the bus...not there. SO he called someone to ask and they didn't know. I found that strange no one knew any of this. When we got off the bus at the main building and walked back to our room. No big deal now we know. DS's GF said there was a woman on the bus that said "i know which stop they should get off but im not going to tell them" Really?? The bus driver held everyone up trying to find out for us and you just sit there?? I told the bus driver not to worry we'll get off the main building and ask because i didn't want to hold everyone else up. If i heard that i would have let him hold the bus up as long as he wanted! Seriously lady your in Disney...Be happy! Then you have to get used to the buses taking 15/20 minutes (if you get on the first stop) to just get out of the resort. Flounder warned us about that but it did take the first 2 days to get used to that. I do miss the late night dining options were used to at Pop when you get back from the parks so we did have a few hangry campers at times. Next time we shop i would get some stuff for the freezer just to keep on hand. Over all on the resort it was an excellent stay. the resort is beautiful, the cast members were awesome all around and the other visitors were very nice, well except for that one lady. I'll bbl to share more!

  6. Florida rain...

    the year we took my niece Jess with us it was end of June so it basically rained a bit every afternoon but every time we went to a park it would pour, then stop when we were on the bus. We would take our ponchos off and as soon as the bus stopped at the park, the skies opened up again! other than that we seemed to luck out, it if poured we just shopped or were lucky enough to be on a ride/attraction. now if you want to hear some camping in the rain/thunderstorm/tornado warnings I have a LOT of those!
  7. Happy Birthday wherespluto

    Happy birthday WP! Hope you had a good one!
  8. Happy Birthday wdwnut!!!

    thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! It's been so crazy busy here I haven't had time for EOE! I know! How does that happen! Thanks again!
  9. Under the weather

    Oh no! Fell better soon Noose! EOE can wait!
  10. Booking resort hotel / dining ressies on June 22

    was this something temporary? I was having issues yesterday too but didn't think anything of it because...well it was MDE.
  11. Happy Birthday mrhub

    Happy Birthday Mr. Hub!
  12. Happy Birthday Twoboysdisneymom

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Happy Birthday! I'm sure you're enjoying your birthday today!
  14. I read something about this on another blog. They went into great detail as to how you can "cheat" the FP system. I was thinking to myself WOW who would have thought of that? They said it was NOT illegal according to the rules of Disney's FP system. I thought to myself oh yeah right...if you're using other peoples MBs and your old MBs that have no tickets attached to them then how is that not illegal according to Disney. It will be interesting to find out if this actually frees up some FP options.
  15. well only because you have too many friends!