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  2. Florida rain...

    the year we took my niece Jess with us it was end of June so it basically rained a bit every afternoon but every time we went to a park it would pour, then stop when we were on the bus. We would take our ponchos off and as soon as the bus stopped at the park, the skies opened up again! other than that we seemed to luck out, it if poured we just shopped or were lucky enough to be on a ride/attraction. now if you want to hear some camping in the rain/thunderstorm/tornado warnings I have a LOT of those!
  3. Happy Birthday wherespluto

    Happy birthday WP! Hope you had a good one!
  4. Happy Birthday wdwnut!!!

    thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! It's been so crazy busy here I haven't had time for EOE! I know! How does that happen! Thanks again!
  5. Under the weather

    Oh no! Fell better soon Noose! EOE can wait!
  6. Booking resort hotel / dining ressies on June 22

    was this something temporary? I was having issues yesterday too but didn't think anything of it because...well it was MDE.
  7. Happy Birthday mrhub

    Happy Birthday Mr. Hub!
  8. Happy Birthday Twoboysdisneymom

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday! I'm sure you're enjoying your birthday today!
  10. I read something about this on another blog. They went into great detail as to how you can "cheat" the FP system. I was thinking to myself WOW who would have thought of that? They said it was NOT illegal according to the rules of Disney's FP system. I thought to myself oh yeah right...if you're using other peoples MBs and your old MBs that have no tickets attached to them then how is that not illegal according to Disney. It will be interesting to find out if this actually frees up some FP options.
  11. well only because you have too many friends!
  12. Disney Never Have I Ever

    mine is no Disney Cruise No water park No Disney mini golf No Hoop De doo no kitchen sink
  13. So the hubby comes home last night and says to me... "Billy (his co worker) said Disney is not doing fireworks anymore, they are cancelling them to cut back on expenses" Poor Hubby got the wrath of his Disney crazed wife... "oh where did he read that the internet? You always say to me Do you believe everything you read on the internet. Just because it's on the internet its true right" It was like a momma bear defending her cubs! I said do you really think they would cancel all fireworks?? There would be such an uproar. To which he said "I don't know but Billy read it so..." of course I didn't give him time to finish his sentence LOL then he looks at me and says "don't shoot the messenger" woops too late! Could you imagine!? Disney cancelling all fireworks...there would be a mutiny! so of course I goggled and read some articles, it was in DL, it was because it was the dry season and they were in a severe drought. The article was dated back to July 2016, not recent. (unless someone else can find a more recent one) DH is very anti Disney, he calls it "The Money Machine" but I don't think he'll bring up anything like this again! Oh God wait until he hears about the situation at MCO last night! Maybe i'll go to Flounder's tonight!
  14. Light-Up Cotton Candy....WHAT?!

    Just another way they can track your every move through out your vacation. Hmmm Maybe if you venture over to the "dark Side" of universal it will suddenly make you sick or something to cut your stay short over at the "dark side"!
  15. Nope, That's Not a Storm Cloud - It's Disney's New Light-Up Cotton Candy! By Health-fit-beauty-fashion News 23:21 No comments If you're walking around a Disney park and notice people munching on what appear to be tiny lightning clouds, don't be alarmed - they're probably just Disney's new glowing cotton candy! The concept behind this oh-so-Instagrammable snack is simple: cotton candy perched on a glowing cone, which makes the entire dessert snack glow different colors. One version of the light-up fairy floss was released to go along with Disney California Adventure's World of Color show, but there are also versions available from cotton candy vendors at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and foreign Disney parks like Tokyo and Hong Kong. Read on for photos of the beautiful treat (and press play on a spectacular video example) to inspire your next Disney snack session.