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  1. even with the discount it's still high. I'm sure they're going to have discounts for fall. I wonder if crowds will wait at that point until 2021 for the big anniversary!
  2. Happy birthday Flounder!! Hope you have a magical day!
  3. Are they really high? I know Kim was looking into Pop for Sept and she was saying the rack rates are up there. I was looking for a friend (yes it was really for a friend) and it seem the rates are really high. Has anyone else noticed this? I understand the Skyliner resorts going up but seems for what you could get a moderate room for the values are now charging! Come on Disney you're killing me!!
  4. wdwnut

    EOE SSS 2020

    September 6th is a Sunday...are your dates Sunday Sept 6 through Sunday the 13th or Thursday September 9 through Sunday the 13th?
  5. I think this is totally unreasonable! So people with a fear of heights get punished. The more the skyliner breaks down (it did again over the Christmas/New Year break) the less people are going to want to ride it. I do think it's something i'll try...unless it keeps breaking down but that's just not fair to those who love these resorts and stay at these resorts all the time. AND to just come out with this on the day it takes effect! SHAME ON YOU DISNEY! what about the people already staying there or have trips booked at these resorts! They should have had the option to change resorts and not just be told this when they are already there or very close to a trip! There you go again Disney...pissing paying customers off again. ok off my soap box...
  6. Toontown is a perfect fit for this ride...too bad it's not at MK. BOOO! I think of all rides and shows to come and go TGMR is my hardest loss along with parade of nations (i think that's what it was called) at EPCOT.
  7. after this week if i see one more piece of chocolate or cookie, i'm going to...well you know!
  8. Happy Holidays to you also and all eoe peeps!
  9. Happy late birthday @wihumphrey Hope you had a magical celebration in Disney Sorry your happy birthday is 2 days late, your girlfriend was on vacation!
  10. Happy birthday Mary Co. Hope you have a great day! Ok @School BelleTime to come back from vacation so you can keep track of the birthday list!
  11. was that a CM that came up after? He does look a little "under the weather" but somewhere i read they thought he was autistic. But who knows. Anyone hear anything after, were they banned for life?
  12. i still miss GMR, that was a classic. Why didn't they put the Mickey ride in MK?
  13. Happy Birthday Jim...a day late. Hope you had a wonderful day!
  14. wdwnut

    EOE SSS 2020

    i am up in the air but am thinking EOESSS or December...but of course that depends on how much my bank account shrinks after the wedding!
  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE FOP but have no desire to watch the Avatar movie...those things creep me out! Maybe i can handle Tron.