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  1. wdwnut

    Video of new gondolas

    IDK I'm still trying to be optimistic. I just don't think they "fit". Just my opinion. Might try them one day, but i'll have to see them up close in action. I don't like they way they look at the international gateway.
  2. wdwnut

    A new tour at Disney for only $12,000!!!

    I saw that! How crazy is that! but if you book it TP, remember who your friends are!
  3. wdwnut

    New Alex and Ani D-Lish snack bracelets

    Did you see the "snack" rain jacket? I LOVE it...can't buy it though. it would look pretty funny when i get hungry and start licking all the snacks that are on my rain jacket! OOHHH wouldn't it be awesome if they made the rain jacket like the wall paper in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory!? i can lick a dole whip or a mickey bar it would would taste like them! Come on Disney, you can invent this...you did awesome things with FOP...but then again they can't even work the bugs out the the MDE app. forget it...
  4. wdwnut

    Dragon fire

    I just read online that the dragon is back in the parade as of yesterday with new safety measures! WOOT!
  5. Happy birthday Flounder! Hope yo have a great day...well your working so .... BUT in 16...yes that's 16 days we'll be celebrating in DISNEY!!!!
  6. wdwnut

    Coast to Coast 2018!

    I would like to get out to DL one of these days but I wonder if i'd feel let down. I like going into DW and not seeing any outside stuff. But it's something on my bucket list.
  7. wdwnut

    Dragon fire

    not 100% sure but i thought i read it was coming back but not with the fire.
  8. wdwnut

    New Magic Band Colors

    i thought there was a black one?
  9. wdwnut

    2018 Donation Drive

    Good to hear...keep poking us...well me...i forget.
  10. wdwnut

    nonsense EOE trivia

    I'll leave that one up to you Fiz!
  11. wdwnut

    nonsense EOE trivia

    Yes this is what i sometimes do when i'm on a never ending hold... The day with the most birthdays on EOE is January 1st with a whopping 47 EOE birthdays! WOW! The least amount of birthdays on a day is 4 with 5 days in the year with only 4 birthdays. Maybe next time i'm on hold i'll do a spreadsheet and give you the over all daily average, the percentage of males to females, their proximity to Disney, color of hair and eyes.
  12. wdwnut

    Happy Birthday nhlfan

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy you day!
  13. wdwnut

    2018 Donation Drive

    Done, come on peeps almost at the goal...keep eoe going!
  14. wdwnut

    2018 Donation Drive

    OK nobody poked me and i forgot! Doing it now.
  15. wdwnut

    Merry Christmas

    Merry (Belated) Christmas! Hope you all had a wonderful day!