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  1. Happy Birthday to my Disney business partner!
  2. That's ok, I only work 50% of the time. Law of averages.
  3. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite tequila swilling partners. Hoisting a shot and and downing a caramel pinwheel in your honor.
  4. How many Birthdays do you have during a year? We. Just. Did. This.........didn't we? Seriously though, Happy Birthday Fiz, no matter how many you have. Thus I have spoken. Thus it is said. Thus.
  5. And because of thus , it is thus. Thus.
  6. This is the best news. Welcome back dude.
  7. How about something "real original" like The Real Housemates of Orange County (RHOC)? Or perhaps we could convince a Kardashian to live with us.
  8. I think you've got something here Nut. We could pool our resources and buy a Golden Oaks house and than pitch a reality TV show. Think of all the plot twists we could have: "Who Ate Miz"s Pinwheels?" "There's Not Enough Space in the Frigging Dishwasher" "For God's Sake Do You People Ever Go to Bed?" We would need a name for the show's opening season. Any suggestions? I have one for season 2: "They Used to Be Friends." Suggestions for show storylines? Can't wait to be famous.