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  1. wihumphrey

    No More Antics at Whispering Canyon

    I'd like to thank Fiz for suggesting that things I say constitute thought. Others would differ However, I suggest an alternative plan for Whispering Canyon. Wait for it........mime. All WC cm's would be required to learn the fine art of pantomime. All guests could participate too with either their own miming or sign language.This would save the WL lobby from that distracting noise known as fun and entertainment, while at the same time, allowing disney to maintain their reputation for guest immersive experiences. As long they immerse quietly.
  2. wihumphrey

    Happy Birthday Weatherwatcher!!

    Happy Birthday!
  3. wihumphrey

    Happy Birthday DrawntoMickey!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. wihumphrey

    Received the button

    Yes EOE has big buttons. EOE also has hats, bags and assorted clothing items but I'm still indignant that my request for EOE swimwear has been ignored
  5. wihumphrey

    Happy Birthday NoosesRoz

    Sorry to be late ........again. But Happy Birthday to the boss's boss.
  6. wihumphrey

    Looking at webcams

    Another excellent reason for having children
  7. wihumphrey

    Looking at webcams

    Agreed. I think it comes down to which qualities you deem important and how much you're willing to spend. That said, Belle and I have always used Logitech and had no issues.
  8. wihumphrey

    Wdw streaming August 2018???

    Parades ,fireworks,live shows and attractions are always popular. However, I have found that when it comes to mobile streaming, opportunity chooses you.You will come upon something, quite by accident and will say: "I gotta stream this." That's part of the fun. Let it happen, because it will. Oh yeah.....and shopping. A store walk-through is always popular at EOE.......I have no idea why
  9. wihumphrey

    Happy Birthday Tyme4tea

    Happy Birthday!
  10. wihumphrey

    Happy Birthday tinkerbell

    Happy Birthday!!
  11. wihumphrey

    EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    So I'll weigh in on 2 ideas I liked. Hoop-de-Doo is great fun and the meal is solid. If we do that, the earlier show might be best for people who don't have a car to get around. Transportation to and from could be an issue. The problem with the early show is, apparently, only the later show takes TIW. FW used to have a hayride(haunted?) that could be fun after the early show or possibly view MK fireworks from the beach? I also like the Cape May dinner at Beach Club then llluminations. Obviously, for Belle and me, since we're staying at Boardwalk, it would be easy. Cape May, when I have gone, I considered the best buffet on property. Transportation is much less an issue for everyone. I'll add that trying out one of the new restaurants at Disney Springs doesn't bother me at all either. Geez, this is no help at all is it?
  12. wihumphrey

    EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    I see some are chiming in about the Edison as one of the SSS events in September. Belle and I just went there and although we really liked it, it ain't good for the budget. We had 1 app, 2 entrees, one mixed drink and 1 n/a drink,,,,,,a little over $82.......at lunch.....2 people. Drink and wine are in the $12 - $15 range, beer $8. Also, later in the evening, when they have the entertainment, there is a dress code, and I believe a $10 cover charge. If the consensus is to go there, I'm fine with that but just a heads-up.
  13. wihumphrey

    Emma's heart

    Although the compliments are appreciated, I'd like to point out that not one of the CM's we asked to do this refused or stated they were too busy to do it. As you can plainly see, they were happy to do this. They are awesome.
  14. wihumphrey

    Happy Birthday beercap8

    Happy Birthday!
  15. wihumphrey

    Happy Birthday Lovin'Stitch

    Happy Birthday!