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    I was in a fan group over 10 years ago and there was a discussion exactly like this one. The following year WDW set an all-time attendance record. Seriously, when prices are raised in most businesses, how many times does the price come down? WDW is a business; a very large business and will continue to be run as a business. Our problem is that we love the product they sell. They will charge what the market allows. Dilemna.
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    Happy birthday HiddenMIckey!

    Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm late.
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    Happy Birthday Disneydazey

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Miz Fiz!

    So another birthday. As an old guy, I feel the responsibility to pass on a bit wisdom as you grow another year (stop laughing ALL OF YOU): 1)Don't begin sentences with "Nowadays." 2)Happy Hour is not a nap. 3) Wine improves with age. We improve with wine. 4) People with the most Birthdays tend to live the longest. Happy Birthday to my favorite redhead!
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    Happy Birthday disneydiva!!!

    Happy Birthday cutie!
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    Happy Birthday, Fizbain!

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!! They keep stacking up, don't they? So to help forget how many there have been: Kiss a redhead, Take a wdw trip, Enjoy the kool-aid (wink, wink), Wear a camera on your chest, Do something crazy at Hoop-de-Doo, and Eat cake............eat lots of cake. Happy Birthday Dude!
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    Happy Birthday GopherHockey

    Happy Birthday!
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    Disney Trivia August 2018

    We have noticed you talking to yourself quite often.
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    Happy Birthday Andre

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday littlebatty!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday MooseTV

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday oldharmony

    Happy Birthday OH! Now's the time to go out on the town with that girl you hang around with.
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    Happy Birthday bostonrob!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday momfiz!

    Wait! Fiz has a mom that admits that she's his mom? Happy Birthday to You! And you're very brave