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  1. Happy Birthday to EOE's official meteorologist.
  2. A disturbance in the Force.
  3. So, you're claiming you were stable on this trip?
  4. Actually, I did ride the old skyway. Not really too comparable besides the fact that they both were in the air and moved. Skyway vehicles were smaller, open-air vehicles that travelled a much shorter distance than this new-fangled contraption will(yeah, I'm that old). Also, Skyway was built with the park not jammed into already purposed areas.Honestly, I didn't like Skyway that much either. I thought it was something you could ride at a state fair or something.
  5. I know many people are going to like these things because "Look they're in the air and they move!" I'm just not a believer. First, they take the lovely International Gateway and turn into an airport terminal. Next, frankly, they are butt-ugly. Ugly wires draped between ugly towers with ugly vehicles attached (I know they paint cute characters on them). Lastly, with seemingly no temperature control, God forbid that they ever stall in the Florida heat. The Disney tort lawyers and bean-counters will love that. But I suppose it should be my dream to hang suspended high in the air in an enclosed, slow-moving vehicle wondering if my deodorant will keep pace. Can't wait.