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  1. 2017 Summer Stream Symposium

    Now I know what the cool kids are doing
  2. Disney Old Key West

    If you get one of the buildings you mentioned and don't feel like walking to the Hospitality House then you can jump on any park bus. The next stop would be HH.
  3. Disney Old Key West

    You'll be on Miller Road in those buildings which is the 2nd to last pickup by buses. From there they go to the Hospitality House and then the parks. Same order when coming back. Allears has some decent photos of OKW, including interiors and a nice map. If you have specific questions, I'll try to help. Fiz would be the go-to guy for questions too.
  4. Happy Birthday StreetRat

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday Ryknow!

    Happy Birthday Ry!
  6. Happy Birthday Yensidsapprentice

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Happy Birthday Kbmum!

    Happy Birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday MrsOsh

    Ok then, Happy Birthday Osh female personage. Have that guy you hang-out with take you somewhere nice. NO TIKI BARS! Somewhere that gets you inebriated in more subtle and expensive ways. YOU deserve that. Make it happen.
  9. Wilderness Lodge - walking to TTC or MK???

    This would imply some sort of fanaticism, a stalker mentality or worse, a WDW fetish. Of course I look at WDW via Google Earth.
  10. Florida rain...

    I really miss those two.
  11. Florida rain...

    A different rain story from Belle's. We were booked for one of the earliest Star Wars Fireworks dessert parties. The early parties were held outdoors in a roped-off area in the main plaza. We arrived early at HS and checked the area where the party would be, then set off to do some attractions before the event. I think we were coming through the Star Wars store after disembarking from the ride, when the sky opened up. I mean it was pouring intensely. Fortunately we were under cover in the store,at least so I thought, when Belle put on her poncho. So I started putting mine on, thinking that she just wanted to be ready when the rain lightened up. Before I could get my poncho on all the way, Belle took off towards the dessert party area. After expressing a couple of non-Disney remarks, I set off after her and still struggling with the poncho, was immediately soaked through. Totally drenched we arrived at the outdoor location where 2 brave CM's were stationed to let us know that the party had been moved to an indoor location near where the dessert party is now held . Essentially, we walked from one side of the park to the other,in a driving rain, with now useless ponchos. She didn't want to be late
  12. Florida rain...

    Just an addendum to this story. Lobby cm also told me that if we did not show up at the dock we would be billed for the cruise whether or not it was cancelled. Next day a different lobby cm told me I was given incorrect info from an inexperienced cm.
  13. Happy Birthday mwalter59

    Happy Birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday newharmony!

    Happy Birthday NH! Maker of extraordinary pies, EOE's most prolific streamer, probably the most loved and respected person in these parts, and still spreader of that most underrated virtue, kindness. Happy Birthday to you.......indeed.
  15. Happy Birthday wherespluto

    Happy Birthday to our presider over all official EOE ceremonies. Happy Birthday to the author of "Where to Find All Restrooms in Walt Disney World (I think)." Happy Birthday to EOE's Beer Baroness, our only real connection to royalty. Happy Birthday wp, hope it's a great one.