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  1. I love ya Nut, but you are woefully misinformed Not the bean counters but me being smart.
  2. Hope they keep the music. Please.
  3. As long as we're asking our competent streamers. This would exclude me.........but you all knew that.
  4. Some rumors that it will be refurbed. Hope they keep the music and retain some of the scenes.
  5. Speculation will, of course, run rampant on why Disney is doing this. But it's the bean counters, it's always the bean counters.
  6. Jim, this is the story of my life. People telling me where I can go.
  7. I will let you know what our after dinner plans are as soon as Belle tells me.
  8. Happy Birthday Darlene! Should also be declared Kindness Day, an attribute you own.
  9. Happy Birthday to EOE's official restroom archivist.