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  1. wihumphrey

    Happy Birthday oldharmony

    Happy Birthday OH! Now's the time to go out on the town with that girl you hang around with.
  2. wihumphrey

    Happy Birthday bostonrob!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday momfiz!

    Wait! Fiz has a mom that admits that she's his mom? Happy Birthday to You! And you're very brave
  4. wihumphrey

    Emma's heart

    This is sad news. Condolences to Emma's family and friends. But, these days, we could indeed use an angel.
  5. So if I set up my resort boardwalk view stream, I'll have to turn it off when I do a live mobile stream and reset it again when I get back to the room,right? With ustream we could have a resort stream on the channel, and remotely do a live mobile stream. When done mobile streaming, the resort stream would automatically kick back in. We can't do that anymore, right?
  6. Okay, I know it doesn't take much, but I'm confused. Noose, does this mean I have to decide to do a resort view stream or live mobile streams, but I can't do both?
  7. So we can flip back and forth between our web cam and mobile streams from our phones? Good to know. We're good with EOE 3. Three has been a favorite number since Sesame Street.
  8. This thread raises many questions. I know our youtube experience is early on but I'll ask some questions anyhow. As many of you know, I do not fear the stupid question: 1. Can our web cams and laptops be used on the youtube platform? 2. Do we have enough channels to do resort and mobile streaming for SSS? 3. Since we are a little over 2 weeks away and have every other event planned, we might want to organize streamer assignments soon? Or is there some other master plan oh our great techy gods?
  9. wihumphrey

    Happy birthday, School Belle!

    Happy Birthday baby doll.
  10. wihumphrey

    Whispering Canyon Cafe

    So apparently they did not take my mime suggestion
  11. wihumphrey

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    Having an issue inside a building is no surprise to me
  12. wihumphrey

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    Very nicely done. I told you so
  13. wihumphrey

    Happy Birthday kopitedor!!

    Happy Birthday!