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  1. How many Birthdays do you have during a year? We. Just. Did. This.........didn't we? Seriously though, Happy Birthday Fiz, no matter how many you have. Thus I have spoken. Thus it is said. Thus.
  2. And because of thus , it is thus. Thus.
  3. This is the best news. Welcome back dude.
  4. How about something "real original" like The Real Housemates of Orange County (RHOC)? Or perhaps we could convince a Kardashian to live with us.
  5. I think you've got something here Nut. We could pool our resources and buy a Golden Oaks house and than pitch a reality TV show. Think of all the plot twists we could have: "Who Ate Miz"s Pinwheels?" "There's Not Enough Space in the Frigging Dishwasher" "For God's Sake Do You People Ever Go to Bed?" We would need a name for the show's opening season. Any suggestions? I have one for season 2: "They Used to Be Friends." Suggestions for show storylines? Can't wait to be famous.
  6. Happy Birthday Old Harmony! Sorry I'm late but hoisting a virtual beer in your honor.
  7. Sure, as long as you understand that you'll go over my credit limit purchasing a dole whip.
  8. Fiz's mom? I have soooooo many questions for you. But I digress. A very Happy Birthday to you!
  9. Okay, I've been out-thused. But just you wait for the rat ride ( thus with Rizzo there will be as many rats as mice at WDW) and the Mary Poppins attraction, whatever that is. Thus, that will show you.. That's right, rats at the food court. Thus.
  10. I mean that the German pavilion remains, and thus Werthers remains, and thus caramel pinwheels remain and thus, this keeps a certain female personage who resides with you, happy. Thus.
  11. Somehow, World Showcase survives.....Phew.