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  1. Roule Lard & Fromage (Bacon and Cheese Roll) at Boulangerie Patisserie, Rueben Panini at Sunshine Seasons, and Anchors Aweigh Sandwich (tuna salad) at Columbia Harbour House. Honorable mention to Signature Pizza Slice at Boardwalk Pizza Window. YOU are on the clock FIZ.
  2. I think Disney has been reducing all the benefits that the party used to have. Originally there was a free photo op but that's gone. I've always believed that the parade and fireworks were Disney's best , but now, I swear, the parade is shorter and the fireworks have not improved with available technology and now don't compare with other of their night-time options. Candy stations have been reduced. And in the category of "I can't prove it but I just know"......MANY more tickets are being sold than before. The only thing that has been improved is the stage show featuring the villains. But they never fail to increase the ticket price. I haven't purchased tickets for September yet, and now wonder if I will. ( Understanding, of course, that this is just my opinion and Belle will probably tell me to buy the tickets).
  3. Not sure how bold that is but, most probably, accurate
  4. Happy Birthday WW. Sorry this birthday greeting is a bit late but do you suppose you could give a future forecast for September at WDW? Do something bold for your birthday
  5. Anyone know a local brewer that could create this ghoulish concoction?
  6. Happy Birthday to the boss's boss
  7. I would imagine that they would serve "light " entree items and feature "dark" beer.
  8. I've never flown them but in most of the travel sights that rate airlines, Spirit does very poorly.
  9. You had me at the nap
  10. So you picture Cameron about to get wet, dream about getting soaked on Kali Rapids and go by the name of WATERnoose. Have you had this obsession with water looked into Noose? Perhaps a release of sorts would be helpful with ridding you of this aqua-obsessive behavior. Perhaps a vacation to WDW, perhaps in early September, would give you the peace you so obviously need?
  11. Hoping every thing works out for her. Good to hear from you.
  12. Reminds me that Belle and I have a couple of old 10 day forever passes laying around with days remaining on them.....thanks for the jolt "Fizzy."
  13. Geez, Jim. Would you please stop beating around the bush and just tell us?
  14. Taking this a bit more seriously, I'm sitting on my balcony in the early morning with my first cup of coffee, enjoying the wonderful Boardwalk view. Crescent Lake is as smooth as a mirror with the Boardwalk buildings reflecting off the water. By my second cup of coffee, I can clearly smell the reassuring odors coming from Boardwalk Bakery, the Boardwalk music almost imperceptively has begun, and Friendship boats come around the bend quietly gliding to their new morning destinations. The day begins.
  15. That's the other recurring nightmare They both seem so real.