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  1. Disney Character = Baloo (jungle book). Event - Gymnastic's - floor event. Thanks for participating guy's, I've thought long and hard....which Disney Character would take Bronze, Silver or Gold..... I would suggest Baloo for Bronze, albeit a late entry, smooth mover with loads of rythm.... Till the next time....
  2. Character: Mickey Mouse (1928 Steamboat Willie) Event: Sailing.
  3. Live update....positions are; 1. United States of America - 26 Gold, 11 Silver, 14 Bronze = 51 2. People's Republic of China - 25 Gold, 16 Silver, 12 Bronze = 53 3. Great Britain - 12 Gold, 7 Silver, 8 Bronze = 27 Time now, 21.37 United Kingdom time and we have won 2 Golds, in last 10 minutes... Here is the question, what Disney character would enter what event ? I'll start us off, What Disney character ? Captain Hook Event Fencing.. Get the idea ?
  4. :icon_birthday: Hope you had a happy birthday !
  5. Many Happy returns....what better place to be!
  6. We would just so love to go at christmas time.... This might just be our next trip across, but it wouldn't be till 2013! Can we wait this long.....
  7. Everytime we have gone (mind you it's 14 days at a time), it has been one park day followed by a leisure day. There is much to see and do around WDW and Forida, I hope you have a fantastic time..
  8. At CBR.... Don't forget to grab a hammock, evening time.... A great way to relax, taking in the evening...and you can see and hear 'Illuminations' at a distance. Course it's always better to be at Epcot....but you need the odd moment to chill. The kids have a great picture of me, in the land of nod (sleep) on a Hammock at about 9.00pm ZZZzzzzZZZzzzzZZZZz. A micro nap before we went out for our next adventure. Have a fantastic fun filled time.....
  9. Thanks I'm no prince. How thoughtful of you. This will need some serious thought and financing. Warmest regards.
  10. Hi EoE friends, Have checked past posts, otherwise wouldn't ask. We have been over a number of times on resort based vacations 2 weeks at a time. Now thinking of DVC timeshare program, top tips please for those that own. Based on 4 adults (kids now considered adults) 1. Could I purchase, sort on line and phone from the United Kingdom (any one bought without viewing ?) 2. Should we take a week to come over and sort ? when would be the best time to come across, to get the best deal possible. Is it seasonal or is there a better time to buy ? 3. Would be looking at 14 to 21 days. 4. Do they do DVC in Villa's or are they all resort based ? 5. Key question, average cost per year or whole deal what's best ? 6. Any observations would be most appreciated. If you could wrap up the above with a few words of advice......
  11. We have stayed at both, However POFQ tips it for us, as we have stayed twice. The refurb is tidy, the bus stops albeit it less in number seem to have less queues, the surroundings are lush, the staff ever so helpful. However CBR is a very close favourite.
  12. Happy Birthday, have a fantasmic day !
  13. Research shows 1.85m CCTV cameras across Britain, most of them indoors and privately operated. Further research says that's 1 for every 32 people in the UK. Smile please, say cheese your on camera.
  14. I take it things are pretty much the same in the USA re camera's and the cities ?