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  1. wherespluto

    Bring your pups to WDW?

    So I'm going to be the abnormal one and tell you why I actually like the whole "dogs allowed in certain resorts" As a local, we don't always come over and stay days at a time. If we had the ability to come over, stay the night and bring our dogs, great. We don't always have someone who can come over to our house and let them out for us/feed them if we want to make a quick day/evening trip. Again, as a local, if I could evacuate to Disney during a hurricane and bring my dogs - then that's a plus for me. I was there this year prior to Irma coming, the preparations at Disney are top notch. If this is somewhere that's an option to me because I have to get the heck out of dodge and off the coast, then yes, I'd take advantage of it. Just my 2cents
  2. wherespluto

    Wonder if I can find these at yard sales?

    ooooh I still have my old paper tickets from the early 90s/late 80s - park hoppers too, wonder if there's any days on them
  3. wherespluto

    You've just been teleported to Disney World...

    Orange Grand Marnier Slushie from France, walking around Epcot, looking for a shady spot to sit and people watch
  4. wherespluto

    WDW Ride ranking

    So there's probably three top 10's in the WP family - the one WP (me) wants to go on and the one the kiddos want to go on and the one @Hello nurse wants to go on lol Mine: 1. Big Thunder Mountain 2. 7D Mine Train 3. Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Soarin 5. Space Mountain 6. Test Track 7. Peter Pan 8. The People Mover 9. Star Tours 10. Toy Story Mania The Kiddos: 1. Tea Cups 2. Autopia 3. The People Mover 4. 7D Mine Train 5. Toy Story Mania 6. Star Tours 7. Buzz Lightyear 8. Safari 9. Soarin 10. Pirates of the Caribbean
  5. wherespluto

    Is Free Dining Done?

    Boy I hope so! We have never used free dining, ever. We did pay for the dining plan once, the deluxe one. We had so many snack credits left over we must of brought back at least eight school breads from Norway and bunch of other things. Wasn't worth it to me. This of course was back before they changed the plan. And I would agree, the dining plan has made the menus well ... less appetizing. There use to be some really good things at certain places, but now not so much. We find ourselves sticking to the same places to eat every time we go now, since we know what is good and what is not.
  6. wherespluto

    EoESSS 2017 planning

    Hellllllooooooooo @Hello nurse
  7. wherespluto

    What is your go to counter service ?

    ahhh Tortugas.... I think the last time I actually got to eat there was in 1999 when it wasn't called Tortugas and that was on my honeymoon. Not sure why that place is NEVER open. I had a good taco salad there once Go to's for us usually are:Epcot: Yorkshire County Fish Shop , Sunshine Seasons, Lotus Blossum CafeMK: Columbia Harbour House, Pecos BillsAK: Usually it's Restaurantosaurus - I have to admit this is one park that I have not explored counter service options on very muchMGM (cause yes, it's always gonna be MGM to me): was Pizza Planet, haven't been to PizzeRizzo yet
  8. wherespluto

    Forum Upgrade

    Thanks Noose, I kinda remember what I posted but not exactly.... can you post it again?
  9. wherespluto

    Forum Upgrade

    Also gonna mention some posts seem to have been eaten... there was a post I did in the counter service thread in Dining, but it's gone as well
  10. wherespluto

    EoE SSS 2018 - yes, 2018

    woot! So I looked ahead and if we stick to our usual time 2018 would be the 6th-9th (thursday- sunday) for the usual EOE SSS stuff (that's the weekend after labor day) @Lovin'Stitch - Sept 1st is a Saturday
  11. wherespluto

    2017 Summer Stream Symposium

    We will be there the 7-10th
  12. wherespluto

    Happy Birthday, Flounder1959!

    Happy Birthday Flounder!!!! <3