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  1. Member map???? where do I find this? still looking.
  2. Capttigger


  3. Ok I am keeping my Sprint phone for now but I got an I phone 4 for work on verizon. I have to remember how to go download the apps. for the i phone since I have never had one before..... Bret
  4. ok so what phones do yall have????
  5. I hope this is the right place. I have Sprint and have had them for over 14 years. I want to change... Issues at home and not working through Huricane Isaac. No help from sprint just that a tower is not working and no idea when it will. I am looking at verizon works great at home what about at Disney???? ANyone have it and use it there? Thanks Bret
  6. Snow????? Whats snow????? Yea we dont have that problem here in Louisiana......
  7. I am a member of My coke rewads and the have a Mini Webcam on the rewards site right now. I got it as a back up to the cam I have now. It does not have a name brand on it but I cant wait to get it. Ill let Yall know how it is when I get it.
  8. NE thanks you for telling us about your friend. I am sorry for your loss......
  9. When we started going as a family we stayed at the All-Star Sports and I have no problem with them at all. I love the sports... But we stayed at Wilderness Lodge one time and then that was home. We then bought a resale for the Villas at Wilderness Lodge and have been there since. We added points and our home resort is SSR but we will never stay there. I did get my wife to stay at the Boardwalk in march of this year but our next 2 trips are back home at the Wilderness Lodge again. It is just home to us.
  10. Happy Happy Happy Birthday..................
  11. WOW is this still going on???? That is kind of cool.....
  12. OK the deal is done........... Sherrie now has a Samsung Epic 4G. Now we better learn how to use it......
  13. Thanks folks.... I have been working a lot and just got to stop by. I am going to look into the other phone too... thanks.