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  1. Many thanks for the info. Shame about all the rules and regs getting in the way. Needed these days I should think with the things going on in the world. Interesting on the no live streams from mobile; I wonder how "Resort TV1" have overcome (bypassed?) the ruling?
  2. Hi, I'm on a Mac but I can’t see any live stream cameras listed. Streamers are shown in the calendar but as I say, no cameras visible. I’ve updated to the latest flash. Is there anything else I need to do, or is this just the Apple “Stasi” controlling my world?
  3. Likewise ...... ...... and a lot more expensive with it.
  4. You've just motivated me to do something with mine (as opposed to them lying in drawers around the house)
  5. Good luck. I'd thought about doing the half marathon myself, but I'm not sure how I'd cope with the heat (I have enough problems doing 10 miles in the heat in England never mind Florida:eek:)
  6. Hi there, We've been members since 2006, and don't get me wrong, we thoroughly love our DVC, but...... ...for people buying in the UK I would tell them to think very carefully. From 2006-2008 I would have recommended it without question, but now a number of things have changed. We we bought the exchange rate was nearly $2 to the ?, now it's about $1.55, therefore far more expensive. We have 150 points in SSR and that costs us approx ?425 a year (and rising) in maintenance fees. Remember, hotel fees are a small proportion of the cost of a holiday for us Brits. Airfares, insurance, park tickets, food make up the major cost for us. There used to be quite a few benefits, but these have eroded over the years (free valet parking gone, everybody gets free wifi internet now etc). Forget about all the "exchanges" that are in the sales pitch allowing you to visit various places around the globe - these are not value for money. NOW to look at the GOOD aspects.... You get great accomodation, a number of discounts (certain food outlets, park tickets, tours of the parks etc). Out of season it is easy to get accomodation in other resorts. We have stayed at Vero Beach, Boardwalk, Wilderness lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Beach Club, Bay lake Towers. You're in for the long term and if you're big kids like us (I'm now in my 50's) it's thoroughly enjoyable, and now my daughter is at university, we can benefit from the low seasons. Hopefully, when we are out of this recession, Disney will stop upgrading people from the value resorts into SSR and OKW and some of the previous benefits may return. All in all, we still think it's a great thing, but that is because we bought when the economy and exchange rates were in our favour. So, as I said above, think very very carefully. Can you still see yourself doing "Disney" in 50 years time. I don't think I'll be going in my 90s, but hopefully I'll still be "perky" enough in my 70s.
  7. people in DVC have a similar issue. No free dining but..... ....people who book Value Resorts get upgraded to DVC resorts AND they get free dining, AND they get maid service everyday (DVC get maid service once a week and "trash & Towel" on the 4th day). That's life I suppose. Free dining comes with a "package" deal. Campsites and DVC are "book your own" holidays.
  8. I still miss the resort specific mugs they used to produce. We're running out of cupboard space - every trip we go on we buy a new one each.