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  1. This came in the mail today. Already got the thank you email when we got home. We will frame this with a picture of us and we won't ever have to remember when it was taken.
  2. All I can say is if I was staying there and looked out the balcony and saw this I would be broken hearted. I know it doesn't interfere with seeing fireworks but what an eyesore.
  3. Yet more typing problems, tried to add this to existing and it just disappeared when it was supposed to post. anyway. . . . . . . . . There was no Deaaaaaaad men tell no TALES-tales-tales. . . . . . in Pirates. Big banner outside that said just that so I don't think they are shying away from the phrase. Big disappointment, like taking out the cannon balls hitting the water.
  4. And since I'm running Win 7 I'm beginning to see the problems. But a restart seemed to help so here goes a few more: I never thought much about people complaining that the dining plan was killing the restaurant menu variety but I am now inclined to agree. The semi-tough strip steak I got at Tony's in MK was the same as the one I had at Coral Reef. Which used to have great steaks. If I was staying at the Poly I would be SO ticked off about all the construction noise and ugliness going on. It was everywhere. Saw a test run of the new 7 Dwarfs Mine Train with people riding in the cars. And they looked BORED. How DARE they ? ? ? And lastly, on the way home it's neat that they have put back up a lot of the billboards for South of the Boarder but the new Pedro character is really lame looking. And the last of the animated ones has gone away.
  5. While we didn't get to spend the week in the Presidential suite at the Contemporary with Marty Sklar making the drinks and Tony Baxter entertaining us with tales of days gone by we had a great time in a nice room. We were bumped up to a Princess room on the front of the building with a great view of the water at Port Orleans Riverside. And without further ado here are my rants, raves and general comments. Magic Bands: I don't like choosing where and when I'm going to eat dinner four months in advance. I sure as heck don't like picking ride times that way. Especially when I go to check what rides I chose and the system won't let me in. And the lines at the MM+ kiosk are as long as the lines for the rides themselves. It was down for fast passes three days out of seven, it didn't want to let me in the park a third of the time and was hard to open room lock. Not Impressed. None of the trash cans on Main St had the oval raised emblems on them. Which was extra puzzling because Tomorrowland did have theirs. More details disappearing Had dinner at Hollywood & Vine for the first time and it was really good. One of their better buffets. The lobster mac and cheese is to die for. We missed PUSH's last appearance. Drat ! The new version of Test Track is a hollow shell of a once ( no, actually twice ) great ride. When you are designing "your own" car they continually push you to make it low,swoopy and underpowered. Then you get on the ride and are taken thru the now empty building with nothing but black walls and white lights. And you keep looking at the screen in the car to see how your design stacks up against others ( the supposed story line ) but there is nothing there. Then after you exit the ride vehicle you see a BIG screen with all the recently designed cars compaired and surprise surprise. They all were scored pretty much the same. How nicely that fits into the Everybody Gets A Trophy mentality of today. We had dinner at Be Our Guest and it was beautiful. Good food too. They also let us in early when a monsoon was brewing. Very nice. And I do have more to sound off on but it's too darn hard. I type the letters but they don't appear on the screen. Or they appear a few seconds later. This little bit took an hour ! If anyone knows what the problem is and how to fix it let me know.
  6. I guess this is proper here under deals, because this is not a good one. Magic Bands Fastpasses three months in advance WORST-IDEA -EVER ! ! !
  7. Well no GF water view room but no Rice Crispy Treat either. We were upgraded to a royal room at Port Orleans. On the first floor right on the end with a great view of the water. The room is really nice, they did a good job on these. That's all for now, time is Mickey and the MK is calling.
  8. 24 Hours 'till lift off ! WOO-HOO !!
  9. Did someone say brewing ?!?!? I'm in !
  10. I didn't really think much about streaming since, well truth be told, I stink at it. But you're right this promises to be such a large and auspicious occasion ( so sez the little voices in my head ) I imagine I should take steps to share it with the world.
  11. Down to single digits on the wait and the weather guess for the first day there is 76 ! That's about 70 degrees over our current temp ! Disney, sunshine, and a "special surprise". Hot dang, like the song says Who Could Ask For Anything More ? I can't wait to hit the road. There is nothing like seeing the sunrise on I 95 after you have been driving all night.
  12. We head south on Feb Friday the 7th and ETA at PO Riverside is 7-ish Saturday morning. It was 3 degrees one morning this week and 7 another. I am soooooooooo ready to get outta here. Every night I mumble a short prayer to the Weather Channel Gods to keep the temperature down there from tanking. Swimming in Feb is so cool.
  13. Sooooooooooo, a gift basket you say. Hmmmmmmm. . . . . . . . . . I wonder how many beers come in a gift basket. . . . . . . . . . . Mrs Wiz thinks we will be lucky to get the Rice CrispieTreat.
  14. I can dream can't I ? I'm still searching for that elusive and wonderuss thing known as the Free Massive Upgrade. Now I threw massive in there to separate being bumped from parking lot view to garden view from being bumped from Port Orleans to the Poly. Yeah it's a stretch, but what the hey this whole thing is about fantasy, right ? So I make my reservations at PO French Quarter only to find out later the pool will be closed when we are there. After specifically requesting a room close to the pool. So when I call to change resorts the only other option is PO Riverside which is OK but not our first choice. So after hearing my story about having to change to a less desireable resort at the last minute thru no fault of my own the CM became very concerned and apologetic ( she brought up the original res, checked the date then looked up the refurb schedule ). "We are very, very sorry this happened Mr Crockett and when you check in at PO Riverside we can assure you there will be an extra magical surprise for you." she says. To which I smartly reply "Huh ?! What!?" She then repeats the same line. After that I'm not sure what else happened cause my imagination was already in high gear thinking about the view from the top of the Contemporary. So what does the audience think ? What will be the outcome ? A free giant Mickey Rice Crispie Treat or getting to see if I can drink every beer in the cooler at our concerge level room at GF ?