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  1. BumpusWI

    Live stream

    Thanks Streetrat. Been REALLY enjoying your stream, up here in the frozen tundra.
  2. BumpusWI

    Favorite Photo Thread #3

    Where's Wal...er...Cogsworth? He's hiding there someplace. Bonus points if you correctly id the photo background.
  3. BumpusWI

    Home resort?

    We fell in love with AKL some time ago and have usually planned our trips around discounts available for that resort. It's usually fallen into place because come Feb in WI, we can't take the crappy winter anymore and start the booking process, usually ending up with a trip in late April/Early May. In 2006, I think, when the AKL renovations were going on, we were given the opportunity to swap our ressie for one of the other delux resorts and opted to do this. We chose the Contemporary and got a tower room for the same $150/nite. Uh, Wow! The convenience of that resort is making us rethink our fav. As wierd as it sounds, WALKING to the MK from your resort is kinda fun. We STILL love AKL but have gotten the worst rooms there, over the bus stops, on the last 3 trips. (I know, ya get what ya's pay's for.) All in all, AKL is still our clear fav.