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  1. Feel better quick, Noose!!!!!
  2. I have taken my gorilla pod and my mono pod/tripod combo into the parks, in pieces. Security looked at one of the pieces, I explained what it was and they were fine.
  3. Awww...we don't have another trip planned, yet...
  4. Interesting......
  5. Ok, here is mine: Best Restaurant- Hollywood Brown Derby, as group, I would say Trail's End for food selection for breakfast! :-) Best Moment- Watching Fiz and Miz renew their Vows! Best Stage Show- Always Festival of the Lion King- someone messaged me on FB and stopped my stream right at the end. Learned I need to turn off the little pop up bubbles. Best Night time Show- Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Most Embarrassing Moment---When we were all having a hard time figuring out how to stand for Hitch Hiking Ghosts Picture..and it was funny! Best Frozen Treat- I didn't actually have any....ooops ;-) Best Dessert- Red Wine Chocolate Truffle from the Chocolate and Wine Booth for Food and Wine Best New Experience- Lunch with an Imagineer at Brown Derby for our 21st Wedding Anniversary Best Cast Member- I don't remember her name but the lady that authorized us to get our AP glasses on our last day even though we could not visit Food and Wine for three days- we made it for two separate. Worst moment- Leaving. We had a wonderful time, were very busy and this was the first trip in years that we have spent most of the day out of our room. Meeting new friends face to face, so many laughs! That guy on the TTA!
  6. BWV

    We actually carry around back up battery packs from Anker that we purchased from Amazon (worked very well for Dear daughter when she was in Europe for three weeks this summer), but the fuel rod might be a better option. You buy it once and then can exchange your used up fuel rod for new at WDW. It is cheaper to order it than to buy at Disney, I think you save about $5. http://www.fuel-rod....com/.��Exchange Here is the info if purchased at a Fuel Rod Kiosk in WDW: FuelRod kiosks dispense portable charging batteries for $30.00 each, which includes: A portable charging battery 6″ USB Type A to micro-USB cable (for most Android devices) One Apple 30-pin to USB cable One Apple Lightning to USB cable The purchase is not a rental, the charging device will belong to guest after purchase. The kiosk will be located in the following locations: Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland Light and Power Co. Big Top Souvenirs Pecos Bill’s Curtain Call Collectibles [*]Epcot Disney Traders [*]Disney’s Hollywood Studios Celebrity 5 & 10 [*]Disney’s Animal Kingdom Island Mercantile [*]Disney Springs Marketplace Disney Photo Imaging DisneyQuest [*]ESPN Wide World of Sports ESPN Clubhouse Shop The novel thing about the concept is that depleted batteries can be simply swapped out for fully charged ones at any of these kiosks. Depleted batteries can be swapped out for no added charge after purchase by guests, meaning they may never have to actually charge one themselves. Guests may also choose to charge the battery on their own with the included cable, of course.
  7. ohhh weird..yes, that is mine. :-) I just copied and pasted the link from my browser..sorry..lol
  8. We can upload our own streams to youtube from ustream. You just have to log into the channel and find the video and choose upload. I have done it with many of our streams so far. Here is a link to my channel- https://www.youtube.com/my_videos?o=U
  9. I know, so sad...
  10. They will still pick up color but there is actually a red tinge to most of the daytime color objects. They can not "see" the full color spectrum anymore. :-)
  11. So, I looked up some do it yourself night cam videos, as Waternoose suggested, and we took two of our really old Logitech webcams (e2500 is the model). (Read "really cheap and basic"). We took them apart, popped out the red filter piece that gives the lenses the ability to "see" color in the daylight. Put them back together and they work great as night vision webcams.
  12. Thank you so much! :-)
  13. Yep, I downloaded that a few minutes ago, got it to recognize it and then I was able to use the online ustream website. Now I just have to figure out a way to keep my firewire in the port on the camera, it seems to like to not stay in there tight. Very cool! Ustream producer is making my computer run alot. I may need to clean off some of my hard drive..lol