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  1. Wdw streaming August 2018???

    Streetmosphere is great in any park, resorts, etc
  2. EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    Are we planning tshirts again this year?
  3. EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    Hi Fiz, Sorry, just seeing this..we have rsvp'd on FB..is that ok? We will plan for Sunday morning Trail's End, possibly star Wars Virtual---JC has to check out his steadiness levels and then we are doing MNSSHP Sunday Night. We are up for whatever on Monday..I will keep watching FB. As always, you are awesome!! Thanks! :-)
  4. MNSSHP & MVMCP tickets on sale

    Yes..but can't buy online, yet..only calling?
  5. Stream Check List

    We bring electrical tape or packing tape to wrap the cables going through the door.
  6. Web Cam and Equipment

    Mine is locked and I sometimes leave a remote desktop sign on window up to show I also work from my laptop..but we keep it close to the sliding door and cables are tucked away. I like Fiz's idea of throwing a tshirt over it.
  7. Forum upgraded

    Any fixes yet..I'm only using Chrome..took everything else off the laptop.
  8. Power bank

    We use Anker. We have the same one that Eileen posted.
  9. EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    Ok, I am contemplating scheduling a trip 9.6 to 9.12....
  10. What happened with our resort stream

    Yes, knock on wood we streamed, no interruption..but it faced a waterway? our cam is also very small, tucked under a railing so anyone seeing it from the ground, etc might have a hard time. We tape the cord going out the door and close and lock the door, pull the sheers when we are not in the room. Plus, we were only there for trash and towel, not full clean..that may make a difference. Also, the day of trash and towel, I was in the room until past noon doing some work. I think Mousekeeping had to do a very quick exchange of things. Plus, we had to change rooms, since our original room smelled horribly of mold and mildew. I took pics of the mildew on the curtains. We bought Fe breeze and tried to take care of the issue ourselves but I couldn't deal with it a second night and told them i was not sleeping in a moldy room and possibly getting sick I had to argue a little bit to get a fresh room. At first, none were available and then magically, one opened up. We ere moved by Bell Services at 9pm on Tuesday night. We originally checked in on Monday evening. Maybe they just didn't want to make me further upset.
  11. Holiday Overlay for ToT

    JC and I have a quick trip scheduled December 2- December 5..late flight out the night of the 5th. We will try to stream this..
  12. Under the weather

    Feel better quick, Noose!!!!!
  13. tinkcrafter

  14. Cell Phone Stabilizers on Indiegogo

    I have taken my gorilla pod and my mono pod/tripod combo into the parks, in pieces. Security looked at one of the pieces, I explained what it was and they were fine.
  15. SSS16

    Here is a link to my youtube video of the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular: