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  1. Ahh, good info..I have been trying to gather. I am thinking we will get Minnie Van to the Lodge at 6am. Studios opens at 8am. I am thinking touch points will open 6:30 am or 7 am. 20 minute drive to the park from Wilderness Lodge. Speaking with Disney cast members thru DVC, they indicated using an alternative form of transportation to resort buses would be advisable. lol
  2. ok, 7 month mark next month for booking DVC...I am tentatively booking that time frame around our Sept 9th ressie. Do we have a planning group?
  3. Hi, Tinklittle and I are arriving, this Saturday, Jan 11th for a whirlwind tour. We are staying Copper Creek Villas and Cabins Saturday night, Std view studio at Polynesian Sunday and Monday nights, and then Saratoga Springs Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The purpose of this trip is so that Tinklittle can Ride Rise of the Resistance before her AP expires in June. We determined January is the best bet since she is in Winter break from college and work granted her time off. Two of the family of Pirate Smith's are also with us. So, there will be crazy rush to Studios on Sunday morning..we have it all planned..Minnie Van will be reserved. I am going to try to pack room cam but we will definitely be mobile streaming and I will be working, as well. Parks in the evening and night for me :-) Stay tuned.
  4. Maybe check some of my streams..maybe you found what you are looking for already...
  5. I snagged a club level ressie for Sept 9th for our Anniversary at AKV Jambo...just waiting to see if I should make a Std View ressie for the nights after that..
  6. I am wondering if we should try the app that INP used to stream to youtube and FB at the same time. We are now on an unlimited data plan with verizon...;-)
  7. It looks like it will be awesome :-)
  8. Hi, So we are onsite at OKW from 11.30- 12.4 and then offsite until 12.7. We plan to stream From EPCOT the evening/night of 11.30. We plan to try to be at Top of the World on Sunday, Dec. 1st for MVMCP fireworks. We have Candlelight Processional dining ressies on December 3rd and reserved seating is for 8:15 pm Show with Neil Patrick Harris. We will probably be in Studios the night of December 4th to see if we can catch sight of anything happening in Batuu that night, if they do something the night before like they did for Toy Story Land. MK has late extra Magic Hours that night, so we plan to hit them, as well. Then Thursday, December 5th, we will be in line, early, to try to ride Rise....fingers crossed. We plan to visit resorts and see decorations, etc. :-) Drone x-wings? https://www.clickorlando.com/theme-parks/2019/11/22/report-disney-testing-suv-sized-drones-over-star-wars-galaxys-edge/?fbclid=IwAR1nFSVT4lUE8ZUwKRub6CiUEGYz8GQ6zI9Y-T2Gh3-eu4qZEFJn81OOpF0
  9. So, we have modified our dates a little, again... Anyway, tinklittle will be flying in very late the night of the 5th, so we had to grab a dvc room for her to Magical Express to WDW from MCO. JC and I will be arriving some time earlier on the 5th to activate our AP renewal passes, etc and then we will all be hitting Galaxy's Edge Extra magic hours at 6 am on the 6th, 7th and 8th. That is the sole purpose for TL's weekend trip. She has told me I need to take away her charging privileges and lock up her bank account when she is in GE...lololol! She will be with us until about 1:30 Sunday afternoon, when she needs to fly back for college ;-) She plans to attend breakfast on Sunday morning at Trail's End, so those of you that want to meet her, will be able to do so:-) @Fizbain, @MizFiz We are staying at OKW now, so we might be within vicinity of each other, maybe. This trip is much needed and I am excited to be getting together with the EOE team!
  10. I was trying to flash Windows onto one of our older tablets but the processor wasn't fast enough. It is possible to to put Windows on an android, just has to have a fast enough processor...I believe it can support two operating systems, you choose which one to open the device. I don't know if I will have the experimentation time for this upcoming trip but may try it in the future. We have an s7 and an s7 edge hanging out in the safe. I would love to find a way to be able to just directly stream to youtube on the go, again without having to utilize another app to patch into youtube. Not that I don't appreciate that ability to use Streamlabs right now....lol. Its just cumbersome to me.
  11. I was trying to figure out if I could put windows mobile on one of our old cell phones, Galaxy s7 and if youtube would allow direct streaming that way versus having to go through the streamlabs, app. just a thought...
  12. Hi, We will be in MK on July 3rd for the 4th fireworks and in EPCOT for the 4th. Streaming from both park
  13. Just tested on my S9 plus on my personal channel..worked awesome!