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  1. Just tested on my S9 plus on my personal channel..worked awesome!
  2. Wait, Did I miss something..we can mobile stream again to youtube?
  3. I tried to upload my 4k recording and youtube will only make it visible to me for copyright violation
  4. Tinklittle desperately wants an opening day tshirt...
  5. I can still get DVC reservation but there will only be one ride open, the Smuggler's Run with the Millenium Falcon. We were thinking of trying for opening day but not now. I think the crowd levels will be insanity the Thursday before Labor Day. So, we will see it a week and a half later.
  6. Beware of biting bugs on Ft Wildy beach. Experienced them many, many times....noseeums or something like them
  7. I think they have limited the number of nights that you can book fp to match the number of nights you have a ressie on site up to 7 days, now
  8. ok, So, I just booked JC and I At OKW, waitlisted AKV for Sept 8th with check out Sept 14th
  9. I'm watching this thread, right now. Waiting to see if Tinklittle gets chosen for Fall Advantage College Program, some other planning orbs juggling around....
  10. I want to be in.... Lolol
  11. I'm very much behind the times but I am sorry she passed.
  12. I am wondering if it would be possible to maintain access to the channel that we streamed from so that I can transfer/keep the videos I would like? I used to go into ustream and grab the ones I wanted and upload them to my youtube account. Nostalgia, tinklittle growing up, etc prompted me to do this. I understand if this isn't possible..maybe I could reserve a day in which I could grab whatever videos I wanted. Thanks!
  13. ok, Just catching up on all of this. I have subscribed to main and all sub channels. I will get JC to make a youtube account and subscribe :-) I believe tinklittle was ahead of me and already did it. I will also throw the page link out on my fb feed, twitter, etc..to help get subscribers I also have a ton of hd videos here and some saved to my youtube channel of WDW stuff :-) this is the link to my youtube channel..my user is tinkcrafter1: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC44RihK5oN1_y3_NnYu5QMA?view_as=subscriber Feel free to grab and use, if needed, or I can upload videos to EOE youtube channel, let me know. :-)