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  1. HiddenMickey

    Happy birthday HiddenMIckey!

    Thank you!
  2. HiddenMickey

    Ad supported ustream, going the way of the dodo

    When IBM purchased Ustream, it was pretty clear where they were headed. You can hardly find an internet service that is not subscription based and IBM is following that model. Their focus is on the "big bucks" accounts (business/professional/corporate) and discontinue the free ad-supported accounts. It's a loss for the "little guy", for sure. There will be two plans: professional and enterprise. A professional plan costs $99 up to $999/month (100-5000 streaming hours depending on the plan you chose) Clearly, most of those with free accounts cannot afford and/or justify such a high subscription fee. Unfortunately, the options for an alternative to IBM/Ustream are very limited as far as I can tell. Facebook Live has grown by leaps and bounds, but it is not without its limitations. Some that come to mind are the lower video quality and time restrictions (I think there is a 4-hour limitation per stream) All streams would have to be generated through the EoE facebook page and viewed on FB. I am not aware of a way to embed those streams to a website as I write this. YouTube live is also very popular now. The video quality is top notch and can be embedded. However, unlike Ustream, each YouTube live stream has its own embed code, so keeping a website updated with the current live streams would be very time consuming and a lot of ongoing work. Livestream is subscription based and has never been an affordable option. Not good news for individuals or small sites..... but the days of anything for free on the interest are pretty much history.
  3. HiddenMickey

    Aunt Minnie

    To those who never got to know Aunt Minnie (Becky), she was a character.... smart and very funny. She will certainly be missed by many!
  4. HiddenMickey


  5. HiddenMickey

    Condolences to Deano426/Grumpylover

    You may read the obituary for Justin Brower at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/ldnews/obituary.aspx?pid=183628399
  6. Our condolences go out to our EoE family members, Deano426 and Grumpylover. Their son/stepson, Justin, lost his life January 14th in roll-over accident in PA. He leaves behind Katrina Hartman and 4 children, Hanna, Abby, Kylie and Grayson. We hope they will find some comfort at this sad time knowing that they are in our thoughts. Obituary: http://www.legacy.co...x?pid=183628399
  7. HiddenMickey

    Happy Birthday, Flounder1959!

    Happy Birthday, Flounder! I hope you have a magical day!!!
  8. HiddenMickey

    Unable to chat

    Yes, indeed. Thanks Osh for the research... and Noose for the quick fix!
  9. HiddenMickey

    Unable to chat

    As a TEMP measure only..... my web page has chat set up. This is Ustream chat, so you will need your old Ustream screen name and password to log in, Feel free to come there and chat.... but YOU WILL NEED YOUR USTREAM SCREEN NAME AND PASSWORD, http://johnweddel.wixsite.com/nemickeyfan/live-streams
  10. HiddenMickey

    Unable to chat

    Well, now I can't get chat to load on any browser. My hunch is that there is a problem with flash player and IRC chat (since it works just fine with Ustream). In the past the problem seemed to be with individual computers.... but now almost all of us are affected. Hopefully, they issue gets resolved soon!!
  11. HiddenMickey

    Unable to chat

    For some strange reason, I can get chat to load on Firefox. Still getting the flash policy error on Chrome. There used to be an alternative chat (Ustream), but it stopped working quite a while ago.
  12. Now that the 2016 SSS has been completed, here is a new thread for those who are planning/attending.
  13. HiddenMickey

    Happy Birthday, DisneyDaze

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a magical day!
  14. HiddenMickey

    Happy Birthday, nhlfan!

    Happy Birthday! Wishing you a happy and healthy year filled with Disney magic!
  15. HiddenMickey

    Happy Birthday, Waternoose!

    Happy, happy birthday! Hope you have a very happy and magical day!