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  1. They have 52K subscribers and not uncommon for them to have over 1000 viewers on a stream. They are way beyond meeting the rules/eligibility and then some!
  2. Having tried to mobile stream from Youtube, I am told I do not (anymore) meet the eligibility requirements. I can, however, stream from my computer/webcam or laptop. For people who wish to opt for 3rd party apps like Stream Labs for their personal channel, I say go for it. But for a site that relies on having a dependable channel, I think it's a bad idea. 1.EoE streamers (some who are not tech inclined) need an easy, hassle-free as possible way to connect and stream. 2. With the new guidelines Youtube has put in place to mobile streams, finding a way to circumvent those rules might end in a warning, suspension, cancellation. I know of no one that has put that to the test, but is it worth the risk? The current EoE Youtube channels are allowed to stream from computer/webcam (and I suppose software like Wirecast on a PC.laptop) I still think that using FB for mobile streams and promoting/redirecting viewers to Youtube streams when they are available is the safest way to go. Trying to meet the eligibility requirements on Youtube is probably best done following their rules.
  3. I just tried using my Samsung tablet (wifi only).... "doesn't meet Youtube requirements"...... so it appears phone and tablet are not options. I would think the Raspberri would be recognized as a computer and not a mobile device....give it a test on your channel and you'll find out quickly.
  4. I agree with you. Also, just a matter of time until Youtube figures this out and puts a speedy end to getting around their eligibility rules. I also question sites that are selling Youtube subscribers to meet the 1000 subs requirement...wonder if they are just bots.
  5. While a subscriber campaign push is a good idea, it seems very hard for those who stream less often to reach the 1000 subs eligibility. If you can't stream live, then you are at a great disadvantage to get subscribers (did Youtube really think this one through?) I would like to offer the following suggestion as to how to proceed: 1. Keep one or two of the Youtube channels active for resort streaming since there is no eligibility requirement for webcams/computers. Also, those streams can remain active for long periods of time. 2. For mobile streams, I would suggest utilizing the already established EoE Facebook page. The page is already established and has over 2000K followers so it would be fairly easy to reach viewers when there are live streams. . Streamer permissions could be assigned at the time streaming requests are submitted (for the length/duration of their trip) It's easy to use and it is FREE! Notifications are more reliable than Youtube Video quality has improved a lot since live streaming first started on FB. The Facebook live streams do include a chat feature The Facebook page could be used to promote upcoming streams Other sites started with Facebook and then expanded to Youtube. Use the Facebook page to promote and redirect viewers to any live Youtube streams and encourage them to subscribe and get notifications. The only drawback, of course, is the inability to embed streams to the EoE site......but that was true for Youtube if the 1000 eligibility requirement had not been met. Maybe this isn't an ideal solution, but given the current situation, it would be easy to implement and promote. Other options might include sites like Periscope (not a fan) but that would mean starting from scratch to build a following.
  6. I received the error message on my phone today when I tried to mobile stream to YT ( I do not meet eligibility requirements for mobile streaming). The new policy means that anyone who wants to mobile stream with less than 1000 subs per channel can no longer do so. You can still stream using a webcam, however, with no sub limitations.... so far.
  7. When IBM purchased Ustream, it was pretty clear where they were headed. You can hardly find an internet service that is not subscription based and IBM is following that model. Their focus is on the "big bucks" accounts (business/professional/corporate) and discontinue the free ad-supported accounts. It's a loss for the "little guy", for sure. There will be two plans: professional and enterprise. A professional plan costs $99 up to $999/month (100-5000 streaming hours depending on the plan you chose) Clearly, most of those with free accounts cannot afford and/or justify such a high subscription fee. Unfortunately, the options for an alternative to IBM/Ustream are very limited as far as I can tell. Facebook Live has grown by leaps and bounds, but it is not without its limitations. Some that come to mind are the lower video quality and time restrictions (I think there is a 4-hour limitation per stream) All streams would have to be generated through the EoE facebook page and viewed on FB. I am not aware of a way to embed those streams to a website as I write this. YouTube live is also very popular now. The video quality is top notch and can be embedded. However, unlike Ustream, each YouTube live stream has its own embed code, so keeping a website updated with the current live streams would be very time consuming and a lot of ongoing work. Livestream is subscription based and has never been an affordable option. Not good news for individuals or small sites..... but the days of anything for free on the interest are pretty much history.
  8. To those who never got to know Aunt Minnie (Becky), she was a character.... smart and very funny. She will certainly be missed by many!
  9. HiddenMickey


  10. You may read the obituary for Justin Brower at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/ldnews/obituary.aspx?pid=183628399
  11. Our condolences go out to our EoE family members, Deano426 and Grumpylover. Their son/stepson, Justin, lost his life January 14th in roll-over accident in PA. He leaves behind Katrina Hartman and 4 children, Hanna, Abby, Kylie and Grayson. We hope they will find some comfort at this sad time knowing that they are in our thoughts. Obituary: http://www.legacy.co...x?pid=183628399
  12. Happy Birthday, Flounder! I hope you have a magical day!!!
  13. Yes, indeed. Thanks Osh for the research... and Noose for the quick fix!
  14. As a TEMP measure only..... my web page has chat set up. This is Ustream chat, so you will need your old Ustream screen name and password to log in, Feel free to come there and chat.... but YOU WILL NEED YOUR USTREAM SCREEN NAME AND PASSWORD, http://johnweddel.wixsite.com/nemickeyfan/live-streams