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  1. Happy birthday Dazey, I hope you had a magical day
  2. I made it. The site looks great so far. Need to go explore it.
  3. I am so excited I have finally gotten a smart phone. I got the iphone4. Since I am a non techie I need your help. How do I watch streams and chat on eyes on ears with my phone? I know how to get to the website. but it does not look like chat works. Do i need an app??Yea maybe I can stream when I finally get back to WDW. Thanks guys
  4. Happy Birthday NE! Hope it was magical.:icon_birthday:
  5. non techie here, but night vision sounds good for watching AK animals at night. LOL I think someone had it once.
  6. I am not a runner at all but my friend and I have talked about doing the princess half marathon. Dont think it is happening this year. Maybe I should at least start walking. lol
  7. Flounder, Dori, Nemo, and Bruce 200M freestyle relay
  8. Happy Birthday Gareth. I hope it was magical.
  9. LOL, no question is a stupid question. Sorry I don't have any club level experiences. Wish I had some to share.
  10. I hope all you Dads had a great day. Time with family and free of chores like cutting the grass.
  11. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a magical day!
  12. No tatoo here. I have thought about it in the past but I am chicken.
  13. Thanks for the trip report. I really enjoyed it. Vero Beach looks gorgeous.
  14. Happy Late Birthday to all of you. Ihope it was full of Pixie dust.