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  1. Waternoose

    Happy Birthday oldharmony

    No doubt he had a GR8 bday in Hawaii, well at least we all hope so!
  2. Waternoose

    Happy Birthday momfiz!

    Happy bday MomFiz!
  3. Waternoose

    Happy Birthday bostonrob!

    Hope it was a GR8 bday Rob!
  4. Waternoose

    Happy Birthday disnycrayz!

    Have a GR8 one crayz!
  5. Waternoose

    Happy Birthday ZWarrior

    Hope its a GR8 bday Z!
  6. Waternoose

    Thanks Tech Team!!!

    Thanks for the offer, I sent you a message here on the forum Gareth!
  7. Waternoose

    2018 October POTM Contest

    We have a tie, but IMO Resorts will offer more variety, so lets go with Resorts! Get your best resort photo submitted by Oct 31; review contest rules for more info.
  8. The EOE Gear helps get the EyesOnEars brand exposure when worn in Disney, so we listed everything at cost. Depending on shipping cost the items purchased through the EyesOnEars website might actually end up costing us a few bucks. The website store, and for that matter our logosoftware store hasn't been updated in quite some time; but the affiliate store won't cost us any shipping. For the best selection of items visit https://eyesonears.logosoftwear.com/ most of that is for past SSS events, but you should be able to select a design and customize it. Can always do custom designs as well if you want something extra special.
  9. Waternoose

    Emma's heart

    Thanks for sharing this story; I pray that her family and friends find comfort in these difficult times.
  10. Waternoose

    Disney Trivia August 2018

    We had just 5 players this week and Rynow out-typed everyone! SchoolBelle RyKnow albinotrout tiggerpiglet Flounder1959 You ALL know your Disney Resorts! How well do you know your Disney Restaurants?
  11. Waternoose

    Disney Trivia August 2018

    Ohio Valley Diggers (Kywildwolf76) Your name was selected as winner of last weeks Trivia! Send me your shirt size and address via PM and I will get an EyesOnEars T-shirt sent out to you! Thanks for playing!
  12. I don‘t anticipate removing a lot of park videos, it’s the resort views that will get filtered the most. The primary reason park views might be removed would be for quality, lots of buffering etc. other than that we will keep all of the streams, until youtube tells us we have too many.
  13. Yep, after you meet a certain channel/account threshold they increase the video length. When you first open an account videos can not be longer than 15 minutes. Its pretty easy to get over those first few hurdles and then they open it up to 12 hour length for saved videos. As Fix discovered as long as you have a connection you can stream live for much longer than that; it just will create issues saving and will add additional work/time to remove it afterwords. BrotherDaves latest video stopped at 27 hours long - it says it is processing it; I am guessing based on the 12 hour limit that that process will fail. The maximum file size you can upload is 128GB or 12 hours, whichever is less.
  14. We've finally got our first Youtube resort stream - THANKS BrotherDave - great Wilderness Lodge view!!! Current feed is going strong 20 hours in I think; that's great for watching the live streams, but were thinking it likely wont make for the best saved video content. With that in mind we have few ideas to share with the community and would like to get your feedback and hear any objections prior to deploying our game plan; or at least give you a heads of of those plans. We're thinking that we may want to keep the best "resort" streams from a particular angle and time of day. So with BrotherDave's streams from this particular angle we would select the best day time stream and the best night time stream and remove the others which are very similar in nature. We might also edit the content down to a viewable time frame - doubt anyone will watch a non-live video for longer than 10-15 minutes. Ustream automatically deleted videos after a time frame, with Youtube we will need to do the management manually. What do you think?