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  1. Happy Birthday newharmony!

    Happy bday hope its been magical!
  2. Forum upgraded

    Just ran a forum upgrade and it changed several of our colors .... dont be alarmed I am aware and will be going in and updating them as I see them. This update adds several new features that I will expand on in time - if you dont find them first. Thanks!
  3. Under the weather

    Thanks for the well-wishing - had a dr appt. today; he is sending me to a surgeon next week. Pray he isn't in the mood to cut; but he probably is needing to pay for a Disney trip. DOH!
  4. 2017 Streamer Recognition

    Below you will find a distinguished list of members who have streamed on Eyes On Ears. LINKS > View 2009 Streamers (72) | View 2010 Streamers (101) | View 2011 Streamers (91) | View 2012 Streamers (89) | View 2013 Streamers (70) | View 2014 Streamers (78) | View 2015 Streamers (94) | View 2016 Streamers (82) January 2017 Streamers Gainsville Girl - Bay Lake Tower Gainesville Girl - WDW Mobile Streaming nhlfan - Hilton Anaheim Resort nhlfan - DL Mobile Streaming NewHarmony - Fort Wilderness NewHarmony - WDW Mobile Streaming Mrhub- Polynesian Resort Mrhub- WDW Mobile Streaming NewHarmony - WDW Mobile Streaming February 2017 Streamers nhlfan - Polynesian Resort nhlfan - WDW Mobile Streaming NewHarmony - Fort Wilderness NewHarmony - WDW Mobile Streaming March 2017 Streamers NewHarmony - Fort Wilderness NewHarmony - WDW Mobile Streaming Billpatrain - WDW Mobile Streaming NewHarmony - WDW Mobile Streaming April 2017 Streamers Disneydazey - Old Key West Disneydazey - WDW Mobile Streaming Oshpopham - WDW Mobile Streaming May 2017 Streamers
  5. 2017 Donation Drive

    Surely we have some famous members who are rolling in cabbage
  6. You've just been teleported to Disney World...

    On kali river rapids with the kids; which means its around 90° and were all having a heck of a good time getting soaked.
  7. 2017 Donation Drive

    Golly stranger, how you been?
  8. Forum Upgrade

    Sent you a private message with your post wp. I am really liking the new notifications including onsite and via email they give a whole lot more info than before and keep you on top of things!
  9. Eyes On Ears Supporters

    2016 Supporters (84% of operating cost covered.) ============ oshpopham Fizbain flounder1959 NEmickeyfan School Belle wihumphrey flounder1959 NewHarmony kbmum MooseTV ZWarrior Skyblue02 MizFiz Mrs. Wolf Fizbain oshpopham Fizbain 2015 Supporters (93% of operating cost covered.) ============ ZWarrior Skyeblue02 pittsburgh_jim NEmickeyfan NewHarmony GoofyOnEOE weatherwatcher514 ZWarrior TiggerPiglet DisneyDaze tinkerbell Fisher Skyeblue02 MrHub rooneymouse wihumphrey School Belle Fizbain BrotherDave TiggerPiglet ZWarrior Fizbain NewHarmony 2014 Supporters (64% of operating cost covered.) ============ Fizbain Schoolbelle flounder1959 oshpopham tyme4tea oshpopham NewHarmony flounder1959 ZWarrior weatherwatcher514 MooseTV pittsburgh_jim TiggerPiglet NEmickeyfan wihumphrey ZWarrior oshpopham 2013 Supporters (52% of operating cost covered.) ============ TiggerPiglet NewHarmony oshpopham ZWarrior pittsburgh_jim NEmickeyfan NEmickeyfan NEmickeyfan Fizbain NEmickeyfan disnycrayz LovinStitch TiggerPiglet Mr Wizard 2012 Supporters (72% of operating cost covered.) ============ BWVNUT mmexpress wihumphrey flounder1959 ZWarrior auntminnie BWVNUT LovinStitch tagryn poohsplace LovinStitch NEmickeyfan tyme4tea jchice2 LovinStitch kbmum wihumphrey MooseTV Zwarrior pittsburgh_jim GoofyOnEOE Fizbain I'mNoPrince 2011 Supporters (85% of operating cost covered.) ============ KVanHilton Fizbain mmexpress JDH oshpopham wihumphrey Disneyrob42 Fizbain flounder1959 NEmickeyfan Fizbain LovinStitch LovinStitch pittsburgh_jim LovinStitch ZWarrior oshpopham LovinStitch GoofyOnEOE mmexpress MooseTV TiggerPiglet LovinStitch kbmum chris4disney Mr Wizard Fizbain luvwdwfla2 NewHarmony 2010 Supporters (60% of operating cost covered.) ============ MooseTV TiggerPiglet mmexpress AndreWilley NEmickeyfan poohsplace DisneyCouple poohsplace disneydaze36 oshpopham BWVNUT Peanut_Mommy GoofyJeff poohsplace mmexpress mmexpress Fizbain NEmickeyfan ImNoPrince TiggerPiglet kbmum zimomiller mdanderson2 pittsburgh_jim Fizbain BWVNUT mom2mykids TheCatLady JiminyC 2009 Supporters (100% of operating cost covered.) ============ auntminnie maz tecdavidt mmexpress DVCJen MooseTV TheCatLady MrErk garethslee bbarnett flounder1959 BrightScouter mmexpress NEmickeyfan TiggerPiglet cazzie Wiidrone tecdavidt
  10. Forum Upgrade

    WP, I checked the old forum and it appears the thread you might be talking about was created just after I began migration; if you forgot what you had posted and want to post again let me know and I will forward the content to you.
  11. Forum Upgrade

    Will sort out Calendar this evening when I get home from work. EDIT .... check events now. Any post made in the last week + after I had started migration will not have been saved here; everything else was confirmed to have crossed over without any loss of data. WP when did you make that post? I see one you created titled "Try This- Not That - Dining Opinions"
  12. Forum Upgrade

    We are at just under 5000 members so that would be an average of 13.6 per day.
  13. Forum Upgrade

    The forum upgrade is nearing completion and I have changed our DNS info so you will all start seeing the new site; everyone should be on the new site by the end of the weekend at the latest. Change can often be tough as we get used to one thing and then overnight things become unfamiliar, but based on the age of our previous forum this change is without question a good one. Explorer the forums, topics and make a post or two to get familiar with the new system . Be sure to check out the photo and video gallery, and the brand new features like the leaderboard and member map. Let me know if you have any errors or issues that need to be addressed; also let me know if you have any request for a feature. Thanks!