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  1. Waternoose

    2018 Donation Drive

    Less than 2 months to go we are at 50%; some great streams out there and a great new platform, let all your pals know to support the EOE community.
  2. Waternoose

    2018 EOE POTM Winners

    October 2018 Winner Kywildwolf76 This is to the right of the entrance of Polynesian resort. it is a beautiful water feature and one of the most gorgeous pics I've ever taken there. It was taken with a Cannon I think model is shs-100 camera. was set for 4k resolution picture. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!
  3. Waternoose

    October 2018 - POTM Contest - Voting CLOSED

    3 Days left to vote and we will have a winner ... vote now!
  4. local yocals multiple 24 hours.
  5. Waternoose


    WOW! Eventually all these price hikes are going to hit a limit - Bob doesn't need to make 40M a year!
  6. We finally received a 5th entry today so lets go ahead and vote .... (actually had 6) Here are the entries for this months Photo of the Month Contest ... Voting will be open for 14 days - take your time and make sure you select the photo which you intend to vote for. Additionally, please remember this is an anonymous contest and you should not discuss photos in a manner which would indicate who the owner is until after the winner has been selected. 1. - Tiggerpiglet 2. - kywildwolf76 3. - Ryknow 4.- kbmum 5.- Fizbain 6. - NewHarmony
  7. Waternoose

    I gotta be nuts!

    Magic isn't cheap Honestly I don't know how we will pull off a lengthy trip now that all 5 of our family are considered adults 10 years old + ... it's quickly getting out of control! From 2005-2014 we went every year and 2x a few of those years then missed 2015 then went 1x 2016 which was the first year our oldest turned 10. I guess instead of those awesome 10 day vacations we will have to do 2 maybe 3 days and take advantage of coupons and budget eating to make it work or wait till we are empty nesters - Nahhhh we will probably just go in debt as we are planning on going as soon as star wars is ready to fly. Bob thanks us all! (Trivia Reference from this past Thursday)
  8. Waternoose

    October Photo of the Month - RESORTS

    Good suggestions indeed! I picked the November because it was a tie with resorts vote last month. It is Disney Characters but EOE characters is a good one for future too. (y)
  9. Waternoose

    2018 EOE POTM Winners

    This thread will feature monthly winners of the EOE Photo of the Month contest. After each contest the winning photo will be posted along with the winning photographers EOE nickname. Prize alert - winners should send me a PM with their desired shirt size along with shipping information.
  10. Waternoose

    October Photo of the Month - RESORTS

    Photos are submitted via email and will be posted just prior to voting
  11. Waternoose

    Disney Trivia August 2018

    I didn't see either of them in Trivia last week.
  12. Waternoose

    Disney Trivia August 2018

    Should I continue with the "Did you know" facts after the questions or just get on with the game?
  13. Waternoose

    Happy Birthday MooseTV

    Happy bday Moose!