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  1. Waternoose

    2018 Donation Drive

    We are 5 months into 2018 and so far have raised only $80. If you are able please consider a donation to the operational costs of the EyesOnEars community, thanks!
  2. Waternoose

    Forum upgraded

    The ustream feeds are html5; the IRC chat is still flash based. There are a few options available to replace it, but they all have issues that would present more headaches than they are worth right now. There are plenty of non-irc chat aps, but they would all mean no cameron.
  3. Waternoose

    Forum upgraded

    I just ran another forum upgrade, if anyone sees something totally out of the norm i.e. it appears to be broke, let me know! Thanks! AND, O M G I totally had missed Mr Hubs issue with Chrome, please let me know if the latest upgrade fixed that or not. Thanks!
  4. Waternoose

    2018 Donation Drive

    Can you believe it is March already? WOW time sure does fly! I have been asked to get a 2018 donation drive thread up so that is what this is. As you all know EyesOnEars relies on donations to meet operating cost. We do not profit from the streaming ads and we run no advertisements on our site anywhere. As we have historically proclaimed, this site does not exist to profit and never will seek to profit. EyesOnEars is about SHARING magic and thanks to your support that directive is made easier. Last year the community covered 100% of those cost including the cost of our forum upgrade – we are extremely grateful to all that donated! Without your support this site simply would not exist. With that in mind if you are able to do so please consider making a donation to our 2018 operational cost and review our listing of previous proud supporters. Thanks! Support Eyes On Ears Proud Supporters
  5. Waternoose

    2018 Streamer Recognition

    Below you will find a distinguished list of members who have streamed on Eyes On Ears. January 2018 Streamers nhlfan - Old Key West nhlfan - WDW Mobile Streaming newharmony - Fort Wilderness newharmony - WDW Mobile Streaming TinkCrafter - Saratoga Springs TinkCrafter - WDW Mobile Streaming Mr Hub - Saratoga Springs Mr Hub - WDW Mobile Streaming Flounder1959 - WDW Mobile Streaming nhlfan - DL Mobile Streaming February 2018 Streamers nhlfan - Grand Californian nhlfan - DL Mobile Streaming NewHarmony - Boardwalk Villas NewHarmony - WDW Mobile Streaming SchoolBelle - Boardwalk Villas wihumphrey - WDW Mobile Streaming March 2018 Streamers Billpatrain - WDW Mobile Streaming Twoboysdisneymom - WDW Mobile Streaming NewHarmony - WDW Mobile Streaming Previous Year Streaming Logs View 2017 Streamers (99) View 2016 Streamers (82) View 2015 Streamers (94) View 2014 Streamers (78) View 2013 Streamers (70) View 2012 Streamers (89) View 2011 Streamers (91) View 2010 Streamers (101) View 2009 Streamers (72)
  6. Waternoose

    2017 Donation Drive

    Thanks to everyone who donated and/or contributed in 2017; you truly make what we are doing here possible! This past year we upgraded out site software and the additional cost was offset by the generous donations of EOE members like you. In 2017 we had 31 donations (most of all time) with many of those made by repeat donators. Without your passion for sharing the magic; it would be impossible to do what we do; thank you! May 2018 be a magical year for each and every one of you!
  7. Waternoose

    No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    They were to have had meetings in the past as well and no policy ever came about. I think its all about education and consistent application across all resorts; that's what they really need; not a ban on something that would be a major headache to enforce.
  8. Waternoose

    No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    I used that sign and post it right in my window when I stream. If anyone wants an updated version let me know I can make if for you.
  9. Waternoose

    No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    No, we could/would just shift our eyes and focus them more on mobile streams vs stationary resort streams.
  10. Waternoose

    Happy Birthday nhlfan

    Hope you have a GR8 bday!
  11. Waternoose

    No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    I could see Disney claiming they were going to disallow streaming based on the Vegas incident, but if that was their primary reason I would argue that its a knee-jerk reaction that will not in any way make the place safer. Seriously if some kook really wants to do something, not allowing streaming of public spaces isn't going to make the place safer or prevent the kook from doing what they have their minds set on doing. If there had been an EOV (eyesonvegas) streaming public spaces, there might have been 2 dozen calls asking why someone was taking 50 suitcases into a room; but I digress and really don't want to get into discussing that incident here; there are way too many things that simply do not add up. I think we should just wait and see if they actually are going to publish a photography/videography policy that disallows streaming of public spaces; then we can talk about it; until then we are playing guessing game.
  12. Waternoose

    What happened with our resort stream

    Yes it is very sad that they choose to treat their guest (who have paid very handsomely) like some sort of criminal. More and more I am learning that no matter the cost we are all a dime a couple two or three dozen to Disney; they just don't care like they used to.
  13. Waternoose

    What happened with our resort stream

    So sorry that you had to go through this WW; I am astonished to hear of the actions of this Pete character! It was bad enough that they locked you out of your room, but searching you on Google should be considered unacceptable behavior by any Disney employee! Further it is unfortunate that the general manager pawned you off; this IMO was a big enough issue that they should have handled it directly. In EOS's 9-10 years and thousands of streams we have had a handful of members have issues with streaming. NewHarmony had a pretty bad experience a few years ago, but your case is the worse I have heard. IMHO, Disney should be ashamed of their actions and I cant believe they didn't make this right with you and your wife. As far as a new policy that disallows photography/videography of public spaces; I'd be very surprised if Disney moves in that direction. Not only would it be a logistics nightmare enforcing; it would affect the majority of their guest who carry a camera and use them. Again, I am so sorry you had a bad experience simply trying to share a piece of the magic with all of us.
  14. Waternoose

    No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    I am curious who told WW that POFQ had a new policy. I personally spoke with the manager our last stay at POR after security asked me to take my camera down. The manager stated it was perfectly fine to have the camera taking video of the public space and apologized to me for the security guards actions. I ran the camera the remainder of our stay without issue. It seemed to me there was a lack of understanding among staff and quite possibly the lack of a policy that led to confusion. With that said it is possible they have finally crafted something; if so I would love to see it. Andre is as close to anyone that I know with POR (I figure they would have similar policy at POFQ) so if they are stating a new policy disallowing photography of pubic spaces we should be able to get that confirmed very quickly. I'll reach out to him to see if he has heard anything about a new policy.
  15. Waternoose

    No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    Over the years we have had numerous @disney.com individuals on our site, in our chat, and watching our streams. We have never heard anything from them indicating what we were doing was not acceptable. Likewise I have spoken with several resort managers over the years and they all have said they had no issues with it. Resorts of course have asked streamers to remove cameras if another guest expresses a concern, but as long as the streams have been streaming public areas there has been no real issue to date. If they are actually going to implement a streaming ban / resort policy Disney-wide I would be very surprised for a variety of reasons. The only thing I have ever seen posted by Disney is there policy on "professional photographers" We are not acting as professional photographers, nor do we do this for professional purposes nor for profit. We do this because we love the magic and sharing that with as many people as we can brings us great satisfaction. It could be argued that EOE and its many awesome streamers provide a great service to Disney. I've always advised our streamers to not stream private backstage spaces, don't stream pools areas out of respect, and in general only show spaces that are open to the general public as you have no expectation of privacy in those areas even on privately owned property. As for the daily room cleaning, I'd argue that their guest pay way too much money to have their privacy invaded while on vacation! Not only that, plenty of people simple do not trust the cleaning staff; we have had several members here (in our very small world) have item stolen from their rooms. I have a feeling there is something more going on here, time will tell. Anyway, if we get a cease and deist order you will be the first to know.