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    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    Ok I said I would do this, here is our planned schedule. We will Get streaming in between all the fun . Aug11- really early arrival, HWS, possible POR resort stream.(fireworks at HWS) Aug 12- MK (fireworks) Aug 13- AK (ROL), DS or resort tour POR AUg 14- Epcot, Boardwalk and a late night snack at beaches and cream (illuminations) Aug 15- Epcot then MK Aug 16- MK, dinner at wilderness lodge, AK night time Aug 17- DS, resorts, MNSSHP (includes hocus pocus, boo to you, hallowishes, and four people dressed up like monsters inc) Aug 18- AK then HWS (fantasmic) Aug 19- DS in the morning leave early evening any requests for what you want to see streamed?
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    MrHub at the Poly

    Hello from the Poly. Well, as you see I have been doing some mobile streaming, but we got a full on room view of the quiet pool so I'm not going to be doing any streaming from our room. Fiz, I'm sorry but I will try to do some mobile streaming just sitting on a bench or something at the Poly to get you some footage. You can always use one of the ones I already have too. it is HOT! & HUMID!. But we don't mind, just taking things easy. Did MK yesterday until 11pm and HS this morning. Got a thunderstorm coming in now and we are back in the room chilling, waiting to go to the Cali Grill for dinner! Catch you all in a bit, will stream from there maybe. MrHub
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    Thanks, wihumphrey!

    So I'm lying on my recliner (shut up Noose) and reading all of these kind comments. First, thanks for that. Second, I appreciate anyone who was able to follow along with my stream of consciousness videos. That takes a certain type of fortitude. Third, I apologize for the numerous technical glitches that occurred which my extremely limited techy knowledge was unable to correct. Lastly, NH please don't put your phone down, you're too good at this, and Albinotrout, I have little doubt that you'll be just fine.
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    https://www.youtube.com/user/EyesOnEars I have started adding channels under that main account. Subscribe to the main channel and all other EOE channels as well. i.e. EyeOnEars 1, EyesOnEars 2 etc as they are added This is totally new to me so like Fiz said, we are going to learn as we go.
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    When IBM purchased Ustream, it was pretty clear where they were headed. You can hardly find an internet service that is not subscription based and IBM is following that model. Their focus is on the "big bucks" accounts (business/professional/corporate) and discontinue the free ad-supported accounts. It's a loss for the "little guy", for sure. There will be two plans: professional and enterprise. A professional plan costs $99 up to $999/month (100-5000 streaming hours depending on the plan you chose) Clearly, most of those with free accounts cannot afford and/or justify such a high subscription fee. Unfortunately, the options for an alternative to IBM/Ustream are very limited as far as I can tell. Facebook Live has grown by leaps and bounds, but it is not without its limitations. Some that come to mind are the lower video quality and time restrictions (I think there is a 4-hour limitation per stream) All streams would have to be generated through the EoE facebook page and viewed on FB. I am not aware of a way to embed those streams to a website as I write this. YouTube live is also very popular now. The video quality is top notch and can be embedded. However, unlike Ustream, each YouTube live stream has its own embed code, so keeping a website updated with the current live streams would be very time consuming and a lot of ongoing work. Livestream is subscription based and has never been an affordable option. Not good news for individuals or small sites..... but the days of anything for free on the interest are pretty much history.
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    Wdw streaming August 2018???

    Parades ,fireworks,live shows and attractions are always popular. However, I have found that when it comes to mobile streaming, opportunity chooses you.You will come upon something, quite by accident and will say: "I gotta stream this." That's part of the fun. Let it happen, because it will. Oh yeah.....and shopping. A store walk-through is always popular at EOE.......I have no idea why
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    Thanks, wihumphrey!

    Thank you, thank you for all of your great streams on youtube!! OH and I loved them! It was so much fun to "walk" along with you, and we loved hearing your descriptions. (And I have to admit...I love your laugh, wi!) You are a natural streamer and make me want to put away my phone forever! You're the best! Thanks again!
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    Thanks, wihumphrey!

    Yes! Thank you so much for your streams on youtube WiHumphrey! We love to being able to access them at any time to view again! (And we have!) We are looking through the calendar tonight to see what WDW visits you have coming up! We would like to add that you are doing a great job with your streaming! And we appreciate so much your willingness to share them with all of us! Count us among those who have added your youtube to our favorites list! Albinotrout, your streams are wonderful too, and we are looking forward to Port Orleans Riverside this week! Newharmony, don't you ever put your phone down, lol! We all love your streams! Is a YouTube account in your future? Fingers crossed!
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    EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    We are now about 29 days away from SSS2018....DME tags have arrived, magic bands have arrived for some.... enroute for others....excitement is building!! We will have a couple interactive events this trip, more info on those will be coming up! One thing for sure, it will be a great couple weeks of streaming, laughs and memories...all shared with our EOE family!! So be sure to mark your calendars, subscribe to the Youtube channels and click on the notifications and follow the EyesonEars Facebook and Twitter pages....There will be some Disney shenanigans in September!!!
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    Technically, the Ustreams today are public. But, most people do not know how to find them there so they do feel more protected. We may be able to set a youtube channel to private, but that would probably prevent us from embedding it into EOE. Right now, it looks like until we get 1k subscribers and 4k hours viewed, the only way to see a live stream on an EOE youtube channel is on Youtube. I/we still need to work out a plan , a process etc... There are still many potential gotchas along the way
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    MrHub at the Poly

    Hey all, MrHub here. We are at Top of the World Lounge on top of Bay Lake Tower and will be streaming “Happily Ever After” fireworks tonight at 9:15. Hope someone sees this to pass the word around. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mobile-from-wdw — drinking Seriously Good Food at Bay Lake Tower - Top Of The World Lounge.
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    We are looking into live streaming via youtube, it seems like an early contender for replacing ustream.
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    Before we bought into DVC, Belle and I rented points, twice from individuals and once from a service. We had good experiences from all. The only major thing you really need to have with these transactions is a contract. Don't even deal with people who say you don't need one. The contracts protect both you and the renter ( My info is , of course, correct because Fiz says so)
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    I am confident that our crack IT team will find a solution and keep EyesOnEars functioning and vital for us. Can't imagine being anywhere else for streaming!
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    Wdw streaming August 2018???

    Sounds great! This is looking to be fun for sure.
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    Wdw streaming August 2018???

    Well, most of the regulars here will enjoy anything you come up with. Just wandering WDW with the camera going is great. People always love fireworks.Parades. Dapper Dans. If you think you would enjoy seeing it when you at home, then I am sure some one else will as well.
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    Thanks, wihumphrey!

    Funny I am a newbie at this myself
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    2018 Donation Drive

    Just made a donation, I know every little bit helps.
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    School Belle

    Thanks June to July Streamers

    A big thank you to our streamers from June 11th to July 11th. Thanks to you we visited: The Ringling Family Museum -> OH and NH The Poly and sites and sounds of wdw -> Mrhub and his DW Toy Story Opening Day -> GoofyJeff The BoardWalk and countless wdw streams -> NH and OH Saratoga Springs and sundry streams of wdw -> TC and JC Vero Beach Ocean view -> JC and TC Disneyland resort view and mobile streams from DLR -> nhlfan We appreciate your sharing your vacation with us! Prayers for a speedy recovery for your mother KBmum. Hope you and your children could enjoy some of your vacation.
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    Dragon fire

    I've had a light bulb moment for the dragon. I agree that it should be a retrofit and no fire but with a twist. Replace the dragon head with the head of Stitch. Instead of fire, the Stitch dragon burps. This solution satisfies the Disney tort lawyers and bean-counters, as well as cross-markets the Stitch dragon with the Stitch ride in Tomorrowland (I mean does anybody go to that anymore?). To really plus it, imagineers could emit a corresponding smell to accompany the burp, keeping guests from getting too close to the "dragon", thus pleasing the lawyers even more.
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    Received the button

    Yes EOE has big buttons. EOE also has hats, bags and assorted clothing items but I'm still indignant that my request for EOE swimwear has been ignored
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    MNSSHP & MVMCP tickets on sale

    Ordered MVMCP tickets for November 9th! My first Christmas Party! Can't wait!
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    Sorry Folks!

    For the 2nd year in a row I'm going to have to bail on streaming from my room, I was in a savannah view room at AKV but the roll in shower sitation didn't work so we had to move rooms , we are at BWV but overlooking the creepy clown pool and other peoples rooms. Sorry about that. I will mobile stream when I came.
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    Wdw streaming August 2018???

    Streetmosphere is great in any park, resorts, etc
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    Wdw streaming August 2018???

    Ok that gives me a few ideas. Thanks!