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    I just want to say thank you to everyone who tuned in to my first streams with Eyes On Ears! You guys made it a success. I just want to say thank you to everyone who answered my questions regarding YouTube live features, etc. If you guys have any suggestions on how I can improve for EOE or just suggestions in general I'm all ears If you have any streaming tips I would love to hear them. You guys are the experts of Youtube live-streaming. lol Happy streaming!
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    Streaming July 3rd and 4th

    Hi, We will be in MK on July 3rd for the 4th fireworks and in EPCOT for the 4th. Streaming from both park
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    Camera mount

    NHLFAN, this is the device we use for the cam. Old Harmony said it is something you'd find in the automotive section. He has some for GPS or the cams in our vehicles. It's very adjustable, too!
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    Blue Heron Cam

    It would be nice to have a live cam here on EoE...it gives us a "gathering place". I often think that any resort stream I put up is more a vehicle for us to get together than a window to WDW.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWu_Pp27-SU&feature=push-lbss&attr_tag=gz31LV232i0cvbzK%3A6 I was just testing this tonight.
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    While a subscriber campaign push is a good idea, it seems very hard for those who stream less often to reach the 1000 subs eligibility. If you can't stream live, then you are at a great disadvantage to get subscribers (did Youtube really think this one through?) I would like to offer the following suggestion as to how to proceed: 1. Keep one or two of the Youtube channels active for resort streaming since there is no eligibility requirement for webcams/computers. Also, those streams can remain active for long periods of time. 2. For mobile streams, I would suggest utilizing the already established EoE Facebook page. The page is already established and has over 2000K followers so it would be fairly easy to reach viewers when there are live streams. . Streamer permissions could be assigned at the time streaming requests are submitted (for the length/duration of their trip) It's easy to use and it is FREE! Notifications are more reliable than Youtube Video quality has improved a lot since live streaming first started on FB. The Facebook live streams do include a chat feature The Facebook page could be used to promote upcoming streams Other sites started with Facebook and then expanded to Youtube. Use the Facebook page to promote and redirect viewers to any live Youtube streams and encourage them to subscribe and get notifications. The only drawback, of course, is the inability to embed streams to the EoE site......but that was true for Youtube if the 1000 eligibility requirement had not been met. Maybe this isn't an ideal solution, but given the current situation, it would be easy to implement and promote. Other options might include sites like Periscope (not a fan) but that would mean starting from scratch to build a following.
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    Disney Days are a'comin'!

    My honey bunny is eyeing fast passes today! Disney days are coming!
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    Streamlabs Trip experience...

    I thought I'd toss out a few notes about using the Streamlabs App on my recent trip. I did only a resort stream, no park streaming. Unfortunately, after a day or so, I switched to the CamOn Live app. Streamlabs did preform well overall after tuning back some settings. I settled on 720p, 24fps, 2500kbps bit rate. Max fps it could sustain was around 14 much of the time. I would chalk this up to WiFi congestion at the resort and it did seem to get better as folks came and went. During the day, for example, when more folks were at the parks, it seemed to do better. This a from a very passive observation! I switch to the CamOn app due to Streamlabs having issues focusing (through a window, especially at night) and showing a frequent and regular fuzziness. I might attribute this to the phone I was using, a Motorola Droid Turbo. Motorola phones have, occasionally, had issues with apps and how their cameras operate. I think this may be the issue with Streamlabs. The phone is also an older one now which may also contribute. I have an even older Motorola that Streamlabs immediately crashes on. Newer phones with newer OS levels may fair better I suppose.
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    I started working on a doc for changing the Broadcast settings before I saw dbeedle's post above. I'm used to writing step by step tech docs for users to follow. Click on link below to access. Let me know if there are any errors: How to change the Streamlabs Broadcasting settings
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    I managed to test stream using Streamlabs to my YT channel. Any hints on the basic things I need to know? I did have the choice of streaming to my channel or EoE2. Thanks
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    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    We're in for Splitsville on Sat night / in for Sunday Caring for Giants as well (we don't leave until Monday) @Fizbain
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    Dang, so many changes that ales things difficult. My plans for December are to take the laptop and resort stream. I hopefully will be able to mobile stream as well. If the Facebook live stream works I will do it.
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    As someone who wishes things wouldn't change (wish we were still on Ustream, on eyesonears.com), using YT for resort streams and FB for mobiles seems to be the answer for now.
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    WDW "Inside Out"

    Hi, I came across an old series that some of you may enjoy. It was aired on the Disney Channel on Sunday evenings (I believe) between 1994-1997 and featured a behind the scenes tour of WDW. This YT playlist contains 27 episodes. There's a lot of 'fluff' but its a fun show. Hosts include Brianne Leary, JD Roth and George Foreman. These are not my uploads and I am not affiliated with the uploader (I didn't intend on spamming) :-)
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    Going to Disney World!

    Hey all! Streaming seems to be working for me this trip. I will stream from the room when we are in for a while at a time. Hope you all liked the Fireworks from TOTWL.
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    Beginner streaming Qs...

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    2018 EOE POTM Winners

    November 2018 Winner Ryknow Subject: Sorcerer Mickey Taken From: Disney's Hollywood Studios Taken: August 20, 2016 Equipment Used: Sony Cybershot DSC-WX9 CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!
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    I figure i'll just save money by either hiding on the monorail or bus and when they park it for the night i'll sleep! or find a lounge chair somewhere, a bench, sleep in a lobby. If they question me i can say my husband or travel buddy kicked me out of the room! Then i'll resort hop changing hotels every night!
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    Happy Birthday Miz Fiz!

    Thank you everyone for all the spectacular birthday wishes, magic and sound advise (thanks Wi !!) It has been an amazing year and it only gets better from here. So hang on everybody, cause this is one the craziest rides in the universe and if you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong. Tally Ho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    School Belle

    Thanks Tech Team!!!

    Amazing job of getting EoE up and running on YouTube! What a bonus to have the streams and chat embedded here. I appreciate all of you who worked so hard to help us with this transition.
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    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    I'm very excited to see everyone!
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    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    Counting down...24 days to go...well for some of us. Time to dust off the suitcase! @pittsburgh_jim do you have your suitcase out yet? LOL Can't wait to see everyone. @School Belle and @wihumphrey I will try to catch up with you before your dinner Thursday night or do you plan to go to MK after dinner with the group? I'm not doing the after hours even but will probably go for a while to MK. Let's hope SW doesn't change our flights again and shorten our trip up even more!
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    New Disney Buses

    These buses are so cute: https://wdwnt.com/2019/07/new-sensational-six-character-buses-featuring-usb-outlets-and-wifi-coming-to-walt-disney-world-this-month/
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    Camera mount

    @newharmony We ended up using a window mount when we streamed from All-Star Music the weekend before last.
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    The stream will start May 29, 2019 at 11:20 p.m. EDT/8:20 p.m. PDT. If that's past your bedtime, you'll be able to watch the recording later. Link to the Disney Parks Blog post: #DisneyParksLIVE to Stream the Dedication Ceremony of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort on May 29 at 8:20 P.M. PDT
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    A Streamlabs set up guide...a start anyway! Streamlabs Setup
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    Here's a shot at one: Streamlabs Setup - Android It is for Android. I imagine IOS might be similar?
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    I think the only trick might be connecting to the EoE channel and back to your own. Once logged in to one, to get to the other, use the log out of Streamlabs option at the bottom of Settings then log back in. The EoE image in the corner that Mrhub has is a nice touch if you can swing it. I got it by clicking the EoE Icon on the top of the EoE Web page, saved it on my phone (press and hold on an android phone). Then, in Streamlabs, use the Editor option, then the arrow looking thing in the upper right. Hit the plus sign and Add Image. Pick the EoE image and size it and position it as you like. I also didn't like the chat showing in the video but, whatever works for you. In the editor option again, it can be turned off but selecting the Chatbox widget, the the 3 dots menu, click "showing on stream" to make it "Hidded on stream".
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    I attended, watched and interacted. Great 1080p and sound quality. MrHub saw my chat and interacted. Of course he shared his Tiki collection. I sub'd too
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    SW Galaxy's Edge OPENING!!!

    A disturbance in the Force.
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    In the finale of Happily Ever After I captured a Hidden Mickey in the fireworks. Full picture below
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    My first two streams with Eyes On Ears

    Ditto on the bandwidth and stability. And welcome aboard JohnDisney! As a caveat, I haven't done a lot of streaming from Disney but I have experimented a fair bit at home... I'd add to that, the abilities of the camera and the device it may be attached to. They need to be able to reliably generate the data. I've done some experimenting with a few devices, an old android phone (low end as cameras go these days), a newer android phone, a GoPro 7 (more advanced) and a cheap web cam on a Raspberry Pi. All of them can establish a stream with varying levels of success. I would argue, however, the camera is not the deciding factor. In my case, the most successful device has been the low end android phone! The Raspberry Pi was able to sustain a reliable stream...but at 7 frames per second. It and that camera are not the best combination. It doesn't matter how snazzy the camera is, though, if you don't have the bandwidth to push the data. So, a thought on improving through put...kinda out of our control. Wifi and cellular data signal strength and congestion at that location probably has a bigger impact on the ability to send a stream than anything else. These things we can't change. Well, we may be able to do something in our own homes but while out and about we probably can't do much. Other than... Minimize how much data you need to push. My basis: I'm thinking a reliable stream is better than a choppy one at higher resolution. We all would like a 1080 HD stream. Looks good, impresses the viewers. But, unless you have a really strong signal with an un-congested network it probably can't be sustained. At least, in my experience. I've had more success sustaining a stream by going with a lower resolution and a lower frame rate. 720p or 480p at 24 fps (if you can get it) has been the most successful for me. Not cutting edge by any means but the lower end settings are far less demanding in terms of bandwidth and processing. Again, this is all just my experience trying to do a resort stream or a "home" stream in my experimentation. Your mileage may vary. I think, though, most folks will think that bigger is better and go for a higher resolution and higher frame rate not considering cutting that back a bit. Now if you do have a strong signal and open network...the HD does look durn good! I haven't done a "parks" stream. Mostly because I don't have an unlimited cellular plan but, I would imagine, the bandwidth availability is even more problematic while in the parks. WiFi in the parks typically seems to not be up to the task and the sheer concentration of people all hitting the same data "pipe" while in the parks tends to lead to low bandwidth availability and fluctuating signal strength. Even if not streaming this is noticeable. So, again, pushing less data may help to maintain a stream at a reasonable rate. Just some random musings as I'm at work on a Friday! I suppose I should go be productive now. Bummer.
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    2019 EOE POTM Winners

    January 2019 Winner MizFiz Sunset over World Showcase Lagoon CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!
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    Stream testing...

    As an experiment I have hooked a Raspberry Pi to a web cam and figured out some commands that will stream to YouTube. If you have nothing better to do, maybe folks can take a look just to see what it looks like. Let me know if it works for you! Nothing exciting to look at, just our front yard! Not certain of the quality, the web cam is not top of the line by any stretch and a Pi hasn't got the most horsepower...but both were cheap! I do have some tunes though! Music provided by http://www.subsonicradio.com/ (their background music stream). Live if the live stream keeps up! The stream is unlisted but you should be able to get to it at ...stream link removed. Still working on it. Pardon the dust!
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    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    I have booked POP arriving 9/5 until 9/10. Woot!! Pittsburgh_Jim?? Tiggerpiglet?? Wherespluto/Hellonurse?? Oshpopham/MrsOsh?? Tinkcrafter/JC?? Come on everyone....do a weekend trip and join us!!
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    2018 Donation Drive

    WOW - that was one heck of a finish! THANKS to those who really pulled the weight the last week; without your generosity EOE would not be possible. Those last few donations helped EOE pay software expenses for the next 6 months! THANKS! May 2019 be a year filled with magical streams!
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    2018 Donation Drive

    Thanks to everyone who has donated and especially to those who have donated multiple times this year and in past years. I received a message asking how EOE did budgets and why they weren't for 2019 instead of 2018 so thought I would give a quick run down of how they have worked to date. Firstly donations help pay web hosting, software, website prizes for Trivia and POTM contest (which we started back up late this year so were not in the 2018 budget) ; and in the past when we have had excess I have sent gifts to the annual meet and greet better known as EOESSS. EOE does not seek to make any profit all we need is enough to keep those essential expenses paid. So the budgets have always been for the current year, with bills paid as we go. If/when the donation pot has no money in it the expenses come out of my pocket. If I buy Ts for prizes in bulk I anticipate the 2019 goal will be 1500. Again - thanks to everyone who helps support EOE through financial donations, live streaming, posting on the website, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc it really takes a community to keep something like this going and we sure have a GR8 one!
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    2018 EOE POTM Winners

    October 2018 Winner Kywildwolf76 This is to the right of the entrance of Polynesian resort. it is a beautiful water feature and one of the most gorgeous pics I've ever taken there. It was taken with a Cannon I think model is shs-100 camera. was set for 4k resolution picture. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!
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    I was in a fan group over 10 years ago and there was a discussion exactly like this one. The following year WDW set an all-time attendance record. Seriously, when prices are raised in most businesses, how many times does the price come down? WDW is a business; a very large business and will continue to be run as a business. Our problem is that we love the product they sell. They will charge what the market allows. Dilemna.
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    Lots of Disney experts here...what do you do to SAVE money at WDW? There are lots of ways to spend tons, but what do you do to save? One thing we've done is started packing lunches!! I take a small, collapsible lunch bag and pack things like lunchables, fruit, cookies and use frozen bottles of water as ice (to drink later). Spending $30 or $35 for a counter-service lunch is unacceptable!!
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    I have water and breakfast/snacks delivered to the room. Always leave with a bottle of water in the morning. Kids meals at quick service places are usually more than enough food (and healthier options)! AP discounts too. At SSS most times someone has tables in wonderland for 20% off, I really appreciate that! Also use Disney gift cards bought at a discount to pay off room and folio bill before I leave. Five percent is five percent!!
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    We bring a brita water bottle and just refill it all day long to avoid paying for water. You can ask any kiosk to fill it for you and they will When we do counter service we tend to split a lot of meals to save money that way, a lot of the quick service meals are pretty big so easy to split. I also have a Disney Visa card which I will use to rack up points. (always pay it off, don't want credit card debt ) Last trip in May I had $1200 since I missed out on the SSS trip due to Irma, it was a year and a half of getting points, was certainly more than I had ever racked up. That paid for all our food and we even got a shirt each.
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    I gotta be nuts!

    Magic isn't cheap Honestly I don't know how we will pull off a lengthy trip now that all 5 of our family are considered adults 10 years old + ... it's quickly getting out of control! From 2005-2014 we went every year and 2x a few of those years then missed 2015 then went 1x 2016 which was the first year our oldest turned 10. I guess instead of those awesome 10 day vacations we will have to do 2 maybe 3 days and take advantage of coupons and budget eating to make it work or wait till we are empty nesters - Nahhhh we will probably just go in debt as we are planning on going as soon as star wars is ready to fly. Bob thanks us all! (Trivia Reference from this past Thursday)
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    2018 Donation Drive

    Ok i've been slacking! I will make one on pay day! I do appreciate this site and all the streamers!!
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    Greeting Eyes On Ears Friends and Family, First, thank you all for being such loyal followers of Eyes On Ears. This site is truly based on sharing that special magic that only Disney can offer and there is great appreciation for all who participate and/or just enjoy the adventures and experiences along the way. As you may know, Ustream will no longer be supporting the ad supported live streams that Eyes On Ears relied on. Eyes On Ears is now in the process of replacing Ustream with YouTube live. It’s been a little bumpy so again, we thank you for your patience and support as we work through this transition. What you may not know, is that the ads that Ustream would place on the streams did not provide any money to Eyes On Ears, nor does Eyes On Ears have any targeted ads from Google or any other ad service. Like public radio or TV, Eyes On Ears is entirely funded through the generosity of its fan base. Unfortunately, we find ourselves well below our contributions compared to last year. So with this post, I am asking you to consider sending a little magic back to Eyes On Ears in the form of a donation. The process is easy and quick and we do not collect your personal information to sell or spam you. Think of it, when was the last time you received spam from Eyes on Ears? The only emails you receive are notifications on items you may follow in the forums. All donations are greatly appreciated in helping Cameron and his friends to continue sharing that Disney magic with you.
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    I made a 6 hour dvd of the poly and mkg that I play on my computer instead of a screensaver. It helps pass the day when I'm working in my garage.
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    Okay, I was just wondering on the limits. I know I can upload videos that are 3 hours because that was the limit for the UStream videos that I uploaded from UStream. Just never tried loading anything any longer. Like you all have said before, most people are not going to sit and watch a video for more than 15 - 20 minutes max, except for a few. I myself do cast them onto a large screen tv at work when I am on the midnight shift and play the MK view videos I have done for hours on end when I am working alone. Its great hearing the boat whistles and train whistles and the sounds of Disney in the background. I play a lot of those 5-minute bench videos that people do and have linked a lot together to make it an entire shift worth. Make the time go by much faster.