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    FaceBook Shareing

    Hey kids, may I ask your help? Could you occasionally share some of our Facebook posts instead of just liking them? Sharing them is a bit like free advertising for us. Liking does not get the same upgrade with your peers. No need to share EVERY post, but every now and again may help Thanks for considering us Fizbain
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    @oshpopham really has been spending a BUTT load of time recently trying to standardize our process. Thanks! Osh!
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    School Belle

    NH & OH go to SWGE

    newharmony and oldharmony will be be going to Star Wars Galaxy Edge today, August 19th between noon and 12:30 Eastern today! They will be streaming on EoE Channel 2! Thanks so much for sharing Harmonies!!!
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    hey i think i heard this rumor!
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    I added a note to the doc that mentions if you have access to multiple YouTube accounts, you will be present with a screen with the list of the accounts and to pick the one you want to stream to. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g6Y36nZnqyRdsqiaAua76jKHAthIsxFQ
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    Happy Birthday Schoolbelle

    Happy belated birthday, Belle!
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    Happy Birthday Schoolbelle

    Happy Birthday @School Belle !
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    Happy Birthday Schoolbelle

    Happy birthday, Belle! Hope it was magical!
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    Happy Birthday Schoolbelle

    Happy Birthday !!
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    I’m gonna need to read this before our trip in December, make sure I’m on then same page.
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    Happy Birthday Schoolbelle

    Happy birthday Belle!
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    Happy Birthday Schoolbelle

    Happy Birthday cutie!
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    Happy Birthday Schoolbelle

    Happy Birthday Belle!
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    Happy Birthday Schoolbelle

    Happy Birthday SchoolBelle! Hope you have a magical celebration!
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    Not sure how they can promise a certain amount of people at any given party. Isn't that idea of these parties, a limited amount of people will be let in. With these tickets giving access to all the parties, but one, there is no way for them to predict how many people will attend each one. https://www.wdwinfo.com/news-stories/walt-disney-world-introduces-new-mickeys-not-so-scary-halloween-party-pass-ticket/?fbclid=IwAR0EU5L62qKODZUyySn3cuhzHAjigkEiEKPr5uUaVcVyf4xx4tSY_plip8I
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    All New Mid-Day Magic Ticket

    I personally believe it's because of the EOE shenanigators, but it's probably because of people being scared away from the opening of GE, coupled with the fact it won't even be fully open. I honestly think that was the biggest mistake Disney made. They never should open a land not fully done. Not sure whose bright idea that was.
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    Great instructions Joe! I'll be setting it up and playing around with it before I leave....although I may need a Tech appt. when I get there No guarantees, lol
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    Thanks for the donations!!

    Hi all, we are well into the 2nd half of the year, any donations will help
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    Thanks for all the effort!!!!!!
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    I wrote up a Streamlabs 101 mobile app guide that you can download from the link below. There is a Word and PDF version. I need to test the app more to figure out viewing and removing chat text from the screen while live. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1g6Y36nZnqyRdsqiaAua76jKHAthIsxFQ?usp=sharing