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    I am doing one of two things....In the morning.....Sitting at a table outside the Electric Umbrella with a Starbucks iced drink listening to Epcot music, watching the fountain and the people hurrying to get to their first ride OR in the afternoon/evening I have a grand marnier slushie in my hand sitting in a shady spot with Wherespluto people watching Either way I am in Epcot!
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    Taking this a bit more seriously, I'm sitting on my balcony in the early morning with my first cup of coffee, enjoying the wonderful Boardwalk view. Crescent Lake is as smooth as a mirror with the Boardwalk buildings reflecting off the water. By my second cup of coffee, I can clearly smell the reassuring odors coming from Boardwalk Bakery, the Boardwalk music almost imperceptively has begun, and Friendship boats come around the bend quietly gliding to their new morning destinations. The day begins.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWu_Pp27-SU&feature=push-lbss&attr_tag=gz31LV232i0cvbzK%3A6 I was just testing this tonight.
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    Disney Days are a'comin'!

    My honey bunny is eyeing fast passes today! Disney days are coming!
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    No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    Hello all, Just to let you know, the Mrs. and I are heading back down to WDW this week. Staying at SSR, so depending on what kind of view we get, don't know if I will stream or not. I will be setting up a camera that will record the inside of the room while we are out, just to see what goes on when we are not there. Let's see if that brings me any attention. Maybe I should stream that?
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    Forum Upgrade

    The forum upgrade is nearing completion and I have changed our DNS info so you will all start seeing the new site; everyone should be on the new site by the end of the weekend at the latest. Change can often be tough as we get used to one thing and then overnight things become unfamiliar, but based on the age of our previous forum this change is without question a good one. Explorer the forums, topics and make a post or two to get familiar with the new system . Be sure to check out the photo and video gallery, and the brand new features like the leaderboard and member map. Let me know if you have any errors or issues that need to be addressed; also let me know if you have any request for a feature. Thanks!
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    Blue Heron Cam

    This is the link to the cam...
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    FaceBook Shareing

    Hey kids, may I ask your help? Could you occasionally share some of our Facebook posts instead of just liking them? Sharing them is a bit like free advertising for us. Liking does not get the same upgrade with your peers. No need to share EVERY post, but every now and again may help Thanks for considering us Fizbain
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    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    We're in for Splitsville on Sat night / in for Sunday Caring for Giants as well (we don't leave until Monday) @Fizbain
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    2018 EOE POTM Winners

    November 2018 Winner Ryknow Subject: Sorcerer Mickey Taken From: Disney's Hollywood Studios Taken: August 20, 2016 Equipment Used: Sony Cybershot DSC-WX9 CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!
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    I figure i'll just save money by either hiding on the monorail or bus and when they park it for the night i'll sleep! or find a lounge chair somewhere, a bench, sleep in a lobby. If they question me i can say my husband or travel buddy kicked me out of the room! Then i'll resort hop changing hotels every night!
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    School Belle

    Thanks Tech Team!!!

    Amazing job of getting EoE up and running on YouTube! What a bonus to have the streams and chat embedded here. I appreciate all of you who worked so hard to help us with this transition.
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    Thanks, wihumphrey!

    Thank you, thank you for all of your great streams on youtube!! OH and I loved them! It was so much fun to "walk" along with you, and we loved hearing your descriptions. (And I have to admit...I love your laugh, wi!) You are a natural streamer and make me want to put away my phone forever! You're the best! Thanks again!
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    Technically, the Ustreams today are public. But, most people do not know how to find them there so they do feel more protected. We may be able to set a youtube channel to private, but that would probably prevent us from embedding it into EOE. Right now, it looks like until we get 1k subscribers and 4k hours viewed, the only way to see a live stream on an EOE youtube channel is on Youtube. I/we still need to work out a plan , a process etc... There are still many potential gotchas along the way
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    I just re-read the "About Us" post. It's in the drop-down menu under "More" (above). It says the purpose of Eyesonears is to share the Disney magic with EoE members...the sharing allows others to get their Disney "fix" when they can't be there. The members that are happy to share their live streams, do so! Recently I talked to a member who was reluctant to share their stay/view because it was "just trees". I thought we loved Disney trees! I just feel that we should concentrate on the willingness of our members to share, and not which resort view they have. MK from the BLT, or Boardwalk, or savannah view at AKL are all amazing, but so, too is a golf course or woods or even a parking lot! (Just not a pool!!!) I've seen this myself. When we're at Boardwalk or Aulani, we get lots of viewers. At Fort Wilderness, not so much. The resort view pulls in viewers, and hence, viewers for mobile streams. If we're at FW, we don't get as many viewers and not as many available to watch mobile streams. Even one is important, but it's a bit discouraging for streamers. To me, EoE is a community gathering place. I always try to stream as much as I can because the streams pull people in...to watch mobiles, but also to chat with each other. OH and I have made some wonderful friends here at EoE! I hope all of you have. It's the streams that bring us together...all streams.
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    Wdw streaming August 2018???

    Well, most of the regulars here will enjoy anything you come up with. Just wandering WDW with the camera going is great. People always love fireworks.Parades. Dapper Dans. If you think you would enjoy seeing it when you at home, then I am sure some one else will as well.
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    when will it end??

    We started renting a car a few trips back because we were growing frustrated with Disney transportation. We then started using the car for trips off property as well. Karen and I have talked about this rather extensively and from our prospective Disney has reached our breaking point. Over the years we have felt we have been getting less and less for our vacation dollar while prices have continued to rise. We were always willing to put up with it though because we loved Disney that much. In my mind though this is nothing more than a pure money grab. I'm not going to give Disney what would equate to an additional $240 on average each trip to park a rental car on property when I already feel I am paying more than a premium to stay at their resorts. I even emailed George Kalogridis office to voice my displeasure. Actually got a phone call back that same afternoon from a very nice gentlemen who told me that Disney was just following the industry standard and that they have been charging for parking in both California and Hawaii for some time as well as the fact that many other hotels in the Orlando area also charge for parking. My response to that was when Walt built Disney World he was a trendsetter, not a follower and that Disney should consider remaining a trendsetter and not just follow the rest of the crowd. I also pointed out that these other hotels offer such "industry standards" as rewards programs, free breakfasts, and such. Of course I did not expect this to make any difference I just wanted my voice to be heard. Will we go back to Disney? Probably. We will go as often and stay on property, probably not. We have a on property trip booked for December and are seriously debating either moving off property or even cancelling altogether. I can stay in a much nicer hotel for less money and still get some of the same perks as staying on property. Sorry for the rant, just needed to vent a little.
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    Resort views have been on my mind...

    We totally agree NH. We love ALL views shared by the streamers and appreciate so much the time, effort, knowledge of streaming, and above all, your willingness to share. We watch the calendar, look forward to the emails of upcoming streams, and have our calendar marked with "where we're going" each month. (So excited that we're all going to the Boardwalk next month But, we also look forward to Ft. Wilderness as we love to walk there each time we are at WDW, and we are enjoying Saratoga Springs, as we just returned from there in November. (Love your location and thank you Mr. Hub and Scrappy!) And there is no such thing as "just trees" when you are up north knee deep in snow. The Florida sky, the sound the of boat whistles, hearing the carts drive by at Ft. Wilderness, the sound of the breeze blowing through the palm trees, the music from the Polynesian Resort when the cam is near one of the speakers. The SOUNDS of our Disney trips So, while we definitely love our Boardwalk View because it feels like home, and the Contemporary Resort view of Bay Lake or MK we also enjoy and appreciate, just as much ALL views, ALL streams. To all who stream and share their Disney vacations and views with us, thank you. NH, WiHumphrey, Mr.Hub and Scrappy recently. And Flounder, thank you so much for noting that it is meaningful to you if even one person is enjoying your stream, because it truly is appreciated. May the joy you give to all of us watching be returned to you tenfold. It's hard to put into words how VERY much it is appreciated. THANK YOU ALL
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    No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    If they are stupid enough to bust in during my adult activity, then it is their own fault they go blind. Maybe I should get WDW to sign a waiver stating that I can not be held responsible for any blindness caused by them entering my room when the occupied sign is up.
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    EoESSS 2017 planning

    Someone is ready to get wet ...
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    On kali river rapids with the kids; which means its around 90° and were all having a heck of a good time getting soaked.
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    I'm on the Poly beach sitting on a lounge chair drinking an adult beverage while watching Wishes
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    For Star Wars fans

    The Disney Blog on FB announced info on the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando next week. Something that caught my eye was "StarWars.com is live streaming over 30 hours of the event on their website (and probably on YouTube as well). The live stream will feature celebrity guests, interviews with creators as well as give access to various panels throughout the weekend." I did not see the dates but will check on that.
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    That's the other recurring nightmare They both seem so real.
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    WDW Ride ranking

    1 - Tower of Terror 2 - Expedition Everest 3 - Toy Story Mania 4 - Splash Mountain 5 - Soarin 6- Test Track 7 - Space Mountain 8 - Rock N Roller Coaster 9 - Safari 10 - Big Thunder Mountain That was tough!!!
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    WDW Ride ranking

    Stitch is in your top 10??? Say it ain't so.
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    Changes coming to Epcot

    Somehow, World Showcase survives.....Phew.
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    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    I'm very excited to see everyone!
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    Camera mount

    @newharmony We ended up using a window mount when we streamed from All-Star Music the weekend before last.
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    Question....what is the immediate solution for mobile streaming (for those of us who are not "techies")?
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    2018 Donation Drive

    WOW - that was one heck of a finish! THANKS to those who really pulled the weight the last week; without your generosity EOE would not be possible. Those last few donations helped EOE pay software expenses for the next 6 months! THANKS! May 2019 be a year filled with magical streams!
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    Greeting Eyes On Ears Friends and Family, First, thank you all for being such loyal followers of Eyes On Ears. This site is truly based on sharing that special magic that only Disney can offer and there is great appreciation for all who participate and/or just enjoy the adventures and experiences along the way. As you may know, Ustream will no longer be supporting the ad supported live streams that Eyes On Ears relied on. Eyes On Ears is now in the process of replacing Ustream with YouTube live. It’s been a little bumpy so again, we thank you for your patience and support as we work through this transition. What you may not know, is that the ads that Ustream would place on the streams did not provide any money to Eyes On Ears, nor does Eyes On Ears have any targeted ads from Google or any other ad service. Like public radio or TV, Eyes On Ears is entirely funded through the generosity of its fan base. Unfortunately, we find ourselves well below our contributions compared to last year. So with this post, I am asking you to consider sending a little magic back to Eyes On Ears in the form of a donation. The process is easy and quick and we do not collect your personal information to sell or spam you. Think of it, when was the last time you received spam from Eyes on Ears? The only emails you receive are notifications on items you may follow in the forums. All donations are greatly appreciated in helping Cameron and his friends to continue sharing that Disney magic with you.
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    2018 Donation Drive

    Just made a donation, I know every little bit helps.
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    Dragon fire

    I've had a light bulb moment for the dragon. I agree that it should be a retrofit and no fire but with a twist. Replace the dragon head with the head of Stitch. Instead of fire, the Stitch dragon burps. This solution satisfies the Disney tort lawyers and bean-counters, as well as cross-markets the Stitch dragon with the Stitch ride in Tomorrowland (I mean does anybody go to that anymore?). To really plus it, imagineers could emit a corresponding smell to accompany the burp, keeping guests from getting too close to the "dragon", thus pleasing the lawyers even more.
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    Received the button

    Yes EOE has big buttons. EOE also has hats, bags and assorted clothing items but I'm still indignant that my request for EOE swimwear has been ignored
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    I have not heard anything back as of yet. I did send a letter a little over a week ago and am yet to hear back. When and if I do hear something I will be sure to post.
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    THANK YOU to Fiz and Miz for making my little man incredibly happy. The thought, time and effort that went into this is beyond amazing. THANK YOU to Belle, for finally figuring out how to get a picture up on here (I was having the hardest time resizing on this computer). I wish it would let me post the video. The look on his face when he opens it is priceless. You guys blessed us both beyond words and defined Disney Magic. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Florida rain...

    I have told these stories before on chat, but a couple of storms that stand out was when we were on the tram in the AK parking lot and it started to pour like crazy. Well we were getting pretty wet as it was on the tram since it's wide open, then we get to our section and decide to run as fast as we can. Of course our car is alllllll the way down at the end of the aisle. We did have umbrellas but they did absolutely nothing for us as the wind was whipping the rain all around us like crazy. We were soaked. We just stopped running and just walked and laughed the rest of the way to the car in the pouring rain as we couldn't get any wetter. Another time we were on Splash Mountain towards the end of the ride, where that waterfall is and the people on the right always gets wet. Well we got stuck there and the skies opened up. Omg, we were just sitting ducks, literally. The whole boat was hysterical laughing. When we got off the ride the people waiting to ride next were looking at us like did these people just swim the ride instead of being in the boat lol. We were also at Universal when Hurricane Charlie came through. I remember we had to leave the park at 2 p.m. We were with my older sister's family and we were talking like it's going to be no big deal, we even made plans to meet for dinner, parted ways and the skies decided to part right over us. Again, completely drenched by the time we got to the hotel.
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    EoESSS 2017 planning

    So, a little fun for our SSS people...those going throughout the summer/fall...think about it and let us know when you return..... Best Dining Experience (food) – Favorite Dining Experience (fun/atmosphere) – Least Favorite Dining (food) – Favorite Ride Experience – Funniest moment(s) – Most disappointed in: Biggest surprise/unexpected: What did you want to do that you didn’t get to? Talk about Pandora, ROL, HEA, the new stuff…thoughts/impressions….
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    This is, of course, to prepare us for WDW's next nighttime presentation : "WALT DISNEY WORLD'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF COTTON CANDY AND ICE CUBES FANTASY PARADE." (Coming this summer)
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    2017 Donation Drive

    With all the Ads about what you can do with your Tax refund, maybe consider a little for EOE?
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    WDW Ride ranking

    Don't you mean FINALLY? Fine.
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    I have hope (hopefully not false hope) that the deployment of 5G cell service will help at least with the quality of the streams. Facebook or Periscope or maybe even YouTube if the come to their senses and remove the 1000 subscriber limit.
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    2018 Donation Drive

    Can you believe it is March already? WOW time sure does fly! I have been asked to get a 2018 donation drive thread up so that is what this is. As you all know EyesOnEars relies on donations to meet operating cost. We do not profit from the streaming ads and we run no advertisements on our site anywhere. As we have historically proclaimed, this site does not exist to profit and never will seek to profit. EyesOnEars is about SHARING magic and thanks to your support that directive is made easier. Last year the community covered 100% of those cost including the cost of our forum upgrade – we are extremely grateful to all that donated! Without your support this site simply would not exist. With that in mind if you are able to do so please consider making a donation to our 2018 operational cost and review our listing of previous proud supporters. Thanks! Support Eyes On Ears Proud Supporters
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    Halloween fun

    I never met her but I like your daughter
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    Happy birthday HiddenMIckey!

    Thank you!
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    Disney Visa, Tables in WOnder land, AP discounts, DVC discoutns, water from garden groacer.....
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    Character Bus

    From the album: WDW Pics

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    Live Streaming with a Phone: tutorial

    GR8 to hear that! Team effort here so we can all share the knowledge and credit.