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    I just want to say thank you to everyone who tuned in to my first streams with Eyes On Ears! You guys made it a success. I just want to say thank you to everyone who answered my questions regarding YouTube live features, etc. If you guys have any suggestions on how I can improve for EOE or just suggestions in general I'm all ears If you have any streaming tips I would love to hear them. You guys are the experts of Youtube live-streaming. lol Happy streaming!
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    I am doing one of two things....In the morning.....Sitting at a table outside the Electric Umbrella with a Starbucks iced drink listening to Epcot music, watching the fountain and the people hurrying to get to their first ride OR in the afternoon/evening I have a grand marnier slushie in my hand sitting in a shady spot with Wherespluto people watching Either way I am in Epcot!
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    Emma's heart

    Emma came through her surgery and is fighting with all her might! They have her on life support, but her father sent a message saying she woke up twice today and squeezed his hand and they take that as a good sign. She received her first heart transplant 3 years ago to the day yesterday. We are all praying that it might have been a sign from somewhere above that they wanted her to have another chance. schoolbelle came through with some great pictures for me to send Emma and her dad said they will be one of the first things she sees. Thanks again SchoolBelle & newharmony! Thanks everyone for the prayers!
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    I would be right here!
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    Taking this a bit more seriously, I'm sitting on my balcony in the early morning with my first cup of coffee, enjoying the wonderful Boardwalk view. Crescent Lake is as smooth as a mirror with the Boardwalk buildings reflecting off the water. By my second cup of coffee, I can clearly smell the reassuring odors coming from Boardwalk Bakery, the Boardwalk music almost imperceptively has begun, and Friendship boats come around the bend quietly gliding to their new morning destinations. The day begins.
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    Walking the countries, enjoying the people watching, and preparing for dinner with my wife at Biergarten. Not a care in the World.
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    I have this recurring dream of running up and down along side a bar with a crazed man singing and playing a piano and people laughing at me ("at me" not "with me"). A nightmare actually. Oh yeah......a glass of red wine.
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    Hmmmm ........ Sitting on my patio at Kidani. Glass of wine in my hand. Meat and cheese platter on the table next to me, listening to some just audible Animal Kingdom background music.
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    Streaming July 3rd and 4th

    Hi, We will be in MK on July 3rd for the 4th fireworks and in EPCOT for the 4th. Streaming from both park
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    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    Ok I said I would do this, here is our planned schedule. We will Get streaming in between all the fun . Aug11- really early arrival, HWS, possible POR resort stream.(fireworks at HWS) Aug 12- MK (fireworks) Aug 13- AK (ROL), DS or resort tour POR AUg 14- Epcot, Boardwalk and a late night snack at beaches and cream (illuminations) Aug 15- Epcot then MK Aug 16- MK, dinner at wilderness lodge, AK night time Aug 17- DS, resorts, MNSSHP (includes hocus pocus, boo to you, hallowishes, and four people dressed up like monsters inc) Aug 18- AK then HWS (fantasmic) Aug 19- DS in the morning leave early evening any requests for what you want to see streamed?
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    MrHub at the Poly

    Hello from the Poly. Well, as you see I have been doing some mobile streaming, but we got a full on room view of the quiet pool so I'm not going to be doing any streaming from our room. Fiz, I'm sorry but I will try to do some mobile streaming just sitting on a bench or something at the Poly to get you some footage. You can always use one of the ones I already have too. it is HOT! & HUMID!. But we don't mind, just taking things easy. Did MK yesterday until 11pm and HS this morning. Got a thunderstorm coming in now and we are back in the room chilling, waiting to go to the Cali Grill for dinner! Catch you all in a bit, will stream from there maybe. MrHub
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    Where are you and what are you eating/doing?
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    I'm pretty sure I just had breakfast at Trails End in Fort Wilderness and now I'm catching a snooze on one of the rocking chairs on the porch. Then I'll be taking a stroll over to the barn to say Howdy to all my equine friends before moseying over to the Trading Post to check out the latest in Fort Wilderness merchandise and must haves. What a lovely morning indeed.
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    hmm...I'm walking around EPCOT also with my camera in my hand, finding a place to sit in the shade and eat my cronut while listening to EPCOT music and people watching.
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    I'm strolling through the Animal Kingdom walking trails, camera in hand. No, wait, I'm walking through the gardens in the United Kingdom pavilion, camera in hand. Ah, who am I kidding. I'm sitting in Adventureland, people watching and enjoying a Dole Whip, camera hanging around my neck.
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    Orange Grand Marnier Slushie from France, walking around Epcot, looking for a shady spot to sit and people watch
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    Blue Heron Cam

    It would be nice to have a live cam here on EoE...it gives us a "gathering place". I often think that any resort stream I put up is more a vehicle for us to get together than a window to WDW.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWu_Pp27-SU&feature=push-lbss&attr_tag=gz31LV232i0cvbzK%3A6 I was just testing this tonight.
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    While a subscriber campaign push is a good idea, it seems very hard for those who stream less often to reach the 1000 subs eligibility. If you can't stream live, then you are at a great disadvantage to get subscribers (did Youtube really think this one through?) I would like to offer the following suggestion as to how to proceed: 1. Keep one or two of the Youtube channels active for resort streaming since there is no eligibility requirement for webcams/computers. Also, those streams can remain active for long periods of time. 2. For mobile streams, I would suggest utilizing the already established EoE Facebook page. The page is already established and has over 2000K followers so it would be fairly easy to reach viewers when there are live streams. . Streamer permissions could be assigned at the time streaming requests are submitted (for the length/duration of their trip) It's easy to use and it is FREE! Notifications are more reliable than Youtube Video quality has improved a lot since live streaming first started on FB. The Facebook live streams do include a chat feature The Facebook page could be used to promote upcoming streams Other sites started with Facebook and then expanded to Youtube. Use the Facebook page to promote and redirect viewers to any live Youtube streams and encourage them to subscribe and get notifications. The only drawback, of course, is the inability to embed streams to the EoE site......but that was true for Youtube if the 1000 eligibility requirement had not been met. Maybe this isn't an ideal solution, but given the current situation, it would be easy to implement and promote. Other options might include sites like Periscope (not a fan) but that would mean starting from scratch to build a following.
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    Disney Days are a'comin'!

    My honey bunny is eyeing fast passes today! Disney days are coming!
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    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    That's a fun one too! My wife and I had our after wedding lunch there believe it or not! They made us lead the stick horse race!
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    Thanks, wihumphrey!

    So I'm lying on my recliner (shut up Noose) and reading all of these kind comments. First, thanks for that. Second, I appreciate anyone who was able to follow along with my stream of consciousness videos. That takes a certain type of fortitude. Third, I apologize for the numerous technical glitches that occurred which my extremely limited techy knowledge was unable to correct. Lastly, NH please don't put your phone down, you're too good at this, and Albinotrout, I have little doubt that you'll be just fine.
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    https://www.youtube.com/user/EyesOnEars I have started adding channels under that main account. Subscribe to the main channel and all other EOE channels as well. i.e. EyeOnEars 1, EyesOnEars 2 etc as they are added This is totally new to me so like Fiz said, we are going to learn as we go.
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    When IBM purchased Ustream, it was pretty clear where they were headed. You can hardly find an internet service that is not subscription based and IBM is following that model. Their focus is on the "big bucks" accounts (business/professional/corporate) and discontinue the free ad-supported accounts. It's a loss for the "little guy", for sure. There will be two plans: professional and enterprise. A professional plan costs $99 up to $999/month (100-5000 streaming hours depending on the plan you chose) Clearly, most of those with free accounts cannot afford and/or justify such a high subscription fee. Unfortunately, the options for an alternative to IBM/Ustream are very limited as far as I can tell. Facebook Live has grown by leaps and bounds, but it is not without its limitations. Some that come to mind are the lower video quality and time restrictions (I think there is a 4-hour limitation per stream) All streams would have to be generated through the EoE facebook page and viewed on FB. I am not aware of a way to embed those streams to a website as I write this. YouTube live is also very popular now. The video quality is top notch and can be embedded. However, unlike Ustream, each YouTube live stream has its own embed code, so keeping a website updated with the current live streams would be very time consuming and a lot of ongoing work. Livestream is subscription based and has never been an affordable option. Not good news for individuals or small sites..... but the days of anything for free on the interest are pretty much history.
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    Wdw streaming August 2018???

    Parades ,fireworks,live shows and attractions are always popular. However, I have found that when it comes to mobile streaming, opportunity chooses you.You will come upon something, quite by accident and will say: "I gotta stream this." That's part of the fun. Let it happen, because it will. Oh yeah.....and shopping. A store walk-through is always popular at EOE.......I have no idea why
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    Emma's heart

    Update - Emma walked on her own for the first time since transplant. This is from her father: After 26 days Emma is still in Intensive Care working hard every day to get better. This has been a slow process. As a parent, It was the best feeling in the world to see Emma come off life support on day 6 and watch her new heart take over. Our unfortunate news is Emma’s kidneys have acute damage from the transplant. She has been on dialysis every day which has been a huge bump in the road toward going home. ... This is my beautiful daughter walking by herself for the first time today. Teresa and I could not be more proud of Emma my ❤️ Bellatrix ❤️ Thanks to everyone who has helped Team Wittig. We could not do this without family and friends!! Capture 08.wmv
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    No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    Hello all, Just to let you know, the Mrs. and I are heading back down to WDW this week. Staying at SSR, so depending on what kind of view we get, don't know if I will stream or not. I will be setting up a camera that will record the inside of the room while we are out, just to see what goes on when we are not there. Let's see if that brings me any attention. Maybe I should stream that?
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    2017 Donation Drive

    Don't go on the forums too often here, but saw this topic and just donated for the first time. Not much but glad to help out. This feeds my addiction until I can get back to my favourite place on Earth.
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    Forum Upgrade

    The forum upgrade is nearing completion and I have changed our DNS info so you will all start seeing the new site; everyone should be on the new site by the end of the weekend at the latest. Change can often be tough as we get used to one thing and then overnight things become unfamiliar, but based on the age of our previous forum this change is without question a good one. Explorer the forums, topics and make a post or two to get familiar with the new system . Be sure to check out the photo and video gallery, and the brand new features like the leaderboard and member map. Let me know if you have any errors or issues that need to be addressed; also let me know if you have any request for a feature. Thanks!
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    This is a tough one! I am sitting in the center of the front row... "You are about to discover what lies beyond the fifth dimension, beyond the deepest, darkest corner of the imagination . . . in the Tower of Terror."
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    I think you forgot to add that you were also searching for a bathroom in Japan. LMAO
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    I'd be at France, too...with a creme brulee!
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    WDW Ride ranking

    Next time we have a meal together I'd be happy to burp in your face to immerse you in the experience
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    Streamlabs Trip experience...

    I thought I'd toss out a few notes about using the Streamlabs App on my recent trip. I did only a resort stream, no park streaming. Unfortunately, after a day or so, I switched to the CamOn Live app. Streamlabs did preform well overall after tuning back some settings. I settled on 720p, 24fps, 2500kbps bit rate. Max fps it could sustain was around 14 much of the time. I would chalk this up to WiFi congestion at the resort and it did seem to get better as folks came and went. During the day, for example, when more folks were at the parks, it seemed to do better. This a from a very passive observation! I switch to the CamOn app due to Streamlabs having issues focusing (through a window, especially at night) and showing a frequent and regular fuzziness. I might attribute this to the phone I was using, a Motorola Droid Turbo. Motorola phones have, occasionally, had issues with apps and how their cameras operate. I think this may be the issue with Streamlabs. The phone is also an older one now which may also contribute. I have an even older Motorola that Streamlabs immediately crashes on. Newer phones with newer OS levels may fair better I suppose.
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    I started working on a doc for changing the Broadcast settings before I saw dbeedle's post above. I'm used to writing step by step tech docs for users to follow. Click on link below to access. Let me know if there are any errors: How to change the Streamlabs Broadcasting settings
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    I managed to test stream using Streamlabs to my YT channel. Any hints on the basic things I need to know? I did have the choice of streaming to my channel or EoE2. Thanks
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    Going to Disney World!

    Hey all! Streaming seems to be working for me this trip. I will stream from the room when we are in for a while at a time. Hope you all liked the Fireworks from TOTWL.
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    Here is a great infomercial for streaming from a mobile device ...
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    Technically, the Ustreams today are public. But, most people do not know how to find them there so they do feel more protected. We may be able to set a youtube channel to private, but that would probably prevent us from embedding it into EOE. Right now, it looks like until we get 1k subscribers and 4k hours viewed, the only way to see a live stream on an EOE youtube channel is on Youtube. I/we still need to work out a plan , a process etc... There are still many potential gotchas along the way
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    We are looking into live streaming via youtube, it seems like an early contender for replacing ustream.
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    I am confident that our crack IT team will find a solution and keep EyesOnEars functioning and vital for us. Can't imagine being anywhere else for streaming!
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    I totally agree, NH! I enjoy ANY Disney view. I remember once a streamer turned her stream on and the view was tree tops and she was disappointed and apologized....but it was great because it was at Disney. I also recognize daytime viewers are many less than night. People work and, I know for me, it is often hard or impossible to be on EOE....but ohhh I do try!! For me personally, I don't care the number of viewers. If one person is enjoying the stream then I have accomplished what I think EOE is about, I don't focus on the numbers. Sometimes on weekends I will have the computer on for a whole afternoon poised to click on a stream if someone is there. So I think you're right, ALL streams from Disney are welcome and enjoyed by all who come here I'm glad I found EOE 10 years ago and met all you crazy Disney fans like me <3
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    No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    If they are stupid enough to bust in during my adult activity, then it is their own fault they go blind. Maybe I should get WDW to sign a waiver stating that I can not be held responsible for any blindness caused by them entering my room when the occupied sign is up.
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    I'm on the Poly beach sitting on a lounge chair drinking an adult beverage while watching Wishes
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    For Star Wars fans

    The Disney Blog on FB announced info on the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando next week. Something that caught my eye was "StarWars.com is live streaming over 30 hours of the event on their website (and probably on YouTube as well). The live stream will feature celebrity guests, interviews with creators as well as give access to various panels throughout the weekend." I did not see the dates but will check on that.
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    WDW Ride ranking

    1. Expedition Everest 2. Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Soarin' 4. Haunted Mansion 5. Toy Story Mania 6. Buzz Lightyear 7. People Mover 8. Safari 9. Kali River Rapids 10.7DMT Although these aren't technically rides, I absolutely love Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and Maharaja Jungle Trek. Animal Kingdom is my favorite park.
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    WDW Ride ranking

    My Top 10: I love the classics! 1. Walt Disney World Railroad (I can sit there are ride around for several grand circle tours) 2. Space Mountain 3. Haunted Mansion 4. Thunder Mountain 5. Test Track 6. Soarin' 7. Toy Story Mania 8. Spaceship Earth 9. Splash Mountain 10. The Carousel of Progress (I know it a show, but you move around the theater, so hey it counts).
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    WDW Ride ranking

    So there's probably three top 10's in the WP family - the one WP (me) wants to go on and the one the kiddos want to go on and the one @Hello nurse wants to go on lol Mine: 1. Big Thunder Mountain 2. 7D Mine Train 3. Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Soarin 5. Space Mountain 6. Test Track 7. Peter Pan 8. The People Mover 9. Star Tours 10. Toy Story Mania The Kiddos: 1. Tea Cups 2. Autopia 3. The People Mover 4. 7D Mine Train 5. Toy Story Mania 6. Star Tours 7. Buzz Lightyear 8. Safari 9. Soarin 10. Pirates of the Caribbean
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    WDW Ride ranking

    1 - Tower of Terror 2 - Expedition Everest 3 - Toy Story Mania 4 - Splash Mountain 5 - Soarin 6- Test Track 7 - Space Mountain 8 - Rock N Roller Coaster 9 - Safari 10 - Big Thunder Mountain That was tough!!!
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    WDW Ride ranking

    Stitch is in your top 10??? Say it ain't so.