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    Soooo , Epcot forever is not "forever" ?
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    When I suggested the Pi, I was referring to it polling EoE Facebook live-streams and transferring the live video feeds in real time to the perspective Eoe C1-6 youtube channels until the 1k sub is achieved. This setup does not involve a webcam. There are utilities available to accomplish this: 'streamlink' and 'youtube-upload' which are both on github. Since the live Eoe YT upload feeds originate from a home based Pi, it shouldn't violate YT's TOS. The Eoe Streamers (Resort & Mobile) would simply stream to FB. This would increase the exposure to Eoe streams as Eoe FB has a larger following than YT at the moment. I've successfully captured four simultaneous 1080/720p livestreams on a Pi2 in realtime without a problem as I developed a Eoe DVR that also records MASL and USL soccer matches (youtube) in real time. It's been running in my home since 2016. When there aren't any Eoe live streams, I enjoy previous ambient recorded streams in the meantime. The above can also be accomplished on a Eoe Staff's PC, leased VM on Amazon/Google/DigitalOcean or elsewhere.
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    Can’t see live streams

    hi @Richard Bruvofetc great to have you along. EOE is in a bit of a mess at the moment as we continue to try and recover from ustream stopping its ad supported videos. And as we tried to get to 1k subscribers on YouTube so we could again embed our live streams, YouTube has changed the rules again preventing ANY live streams from mobile. As TP pointed out is our YouTube pages. Also, for the last week, the regulars have been watching live FaceBook streams. So as I say, we are bit all over at the momoment. Best I an offer is to be sure you are following our Facebook page for the instant news of a stream going live.
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    I have experimented with a Pi 3B+ using ffmpeg. Also a docker image called restreamer (https://datarhei.github.io/restreamer/) which is using ffmpeg on the back end. With the right camera I think it can perform well. In my case, the camera (a cheaper Logitech) does not output a stream that YouTube likes so, it has to transcode the stream. The quality of the stream is OK but I only get around 7 frames per second. Usable but not the smoothest. But, it's also not burying the CPU with the right (lower) quality settings. I blame the camera for the low performance in my case. With a camera that outputs a H.264 mp4 stream natively, the Pi would just act as a pass though, more or less, with no CPU spent on the transcoding, just pumping the data through. I've seen reports of folks getting pretty good results in that case.
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    I think @dbeedle was trying a Raspberri Pi with mediocre results
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    NO Trivia tonight Feb

    I believe we should be able to continue. I think it will depend more on 'noose availability