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    What no smoking...no large Strollers??

    So i guess this is it for the smokers! I personally don't smoke, never have but I kinda think it's unfair to smokers. I never had an issue with designated smoking areas. I honestly don't even remember being bothered by smoke since they put in the designated smoking areas. I do suffer from Asthma and cig smoke really bothers me so for it not to affect me in the parks shows the smoking areas are in quieter areas. I know fewer and fewer people are smokers these days and Disney is a family place with lots of kids but this one is just not fair in my opinion. I know i'll get negative feed back but oh well...i'm just voicing my opinion. Now for the strollers...this one is going to make a lot of people very unhappy...well families with kids. I saw so many of those stroller wagons last few times i was there and thought those were great but I for one would not want to lug around such a monstrosity in the parks! But I did think it would be great for Fiz's streaming paraphernalia during EOE SSS! You can even take turns riding in the wagon! When i brought strollers back in the day I took the smallest one I had, usually an umbrella stroller. Didn't even take the big one. Last January we saw one of the Cinderella Coach strollers wandering through MK...OMG that thing is HUGH and i can't imagine how much it cost to rent it. And why no loose ice cubes? Can't for the life of me think of why they wouldn't let you bring those. I usually freeze a water bottle, it's just easier. Anybody know why the no cube policy?
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    What no smoking...no large Strollers??

    Ex-smoker here and my wife still smokes. I myself was never bothered by cigarette smoke but the vapors, those things are obnoxious! I also can't understand how people say they don't stink. They do. We will find out in May how much of an issue it is when we go down with 4 out of 6 smokers. There are going to be a lot of people going in and out jamming up those entrance lines. The strollers, those humungous things, they should have never been allowed in the first place. We saw one guy in January with two connected, someone behind looking like they were pushing and he was pulling. it was like a double tractor trailer! The ice issue is like TiggerPiglet said people, hiding stuff under the ice, including beer and alcohol.
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    The smokers never bothered me half as much as those huge stroller wagons! As an ex smoker, I too feel bad for the smokers who have to leave the park. It isn't easy to quit and will be really disruptive to a family vacation with a smoker. The huge stroller wagons are another story, especially in crowed, narrow walkways. I think a stroller is more comfortable for the kids anyway. Just my opinion, i did fine with a stroller when mine were little.
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    As an ex-smoker I do feel bad for smokers who now have to leave the park to smoke. Like you I was never bothered by the smoking areas around the parks. Honestly the most you would get is maybe a whiff as you walked on by. There are plenty of whiffs I get in those parks that are far more offensive than smoke. The strollers and wagons have gotten out of control and are growing bigger and bigger each year. I also just brought an umbrella stroller, wanted something light and easy to fold up getting on and off the trams. I can't imagine dealing with some of these contractions some people bring to the parks. I also was confused about the ice, but NH told me it's because it can be difficult for security to have to fish through a whole cooler of ice looking for a weapon of some sort.
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    2019 EOE POTM Winners

    February 2019 Winner Fizbain The Springs come alive at night CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!