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    Stream testing...

    As an experiment I have hooked a Raspberry Pi to a web cam and figured out some commands that will stream to YouTube. If you have nothing better to do, maybe folks can take a look just to see what it looks like. Let me know if it works for you! Nothing exciting to look at, just our front yard! Not certain of the quality, the web cam is not top of the line by any stretch and a Pi hasn't got the most horsepower...but both were cheap! I do have some tunes though! Music provided by http://www.subsonicradio.com/ (their background music stream). Live if the live stream keeps up! The stream is unlisted but you should be able to get to it at ...stream link removed. Still working on it. Pardon the dust!
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    Stream testing...

    Kinda hit or miss so far. Especially while pulling music from an online stream and incorporating it into the outgoing vid. That causes extra overhead on the network and on the processing end. A nice idea but the incoming stream sometimes drops and ffmpeg (the app used to create the stream, is not very forgiving of this! In addition, the stream sometimes includes copyright audio...which make YouTube a little cranky.
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    Or bake sale
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    Going to Disney World!

    Hey all! Streaming seems to be working for me this trip. I will stream from the room when we are in for a while at a time. Hope you all liked the Fireworks from TOTWL.