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    I think there are already people who have been priced out. There are rumors that once SWL opens the tickets to get into HS will be close to $200 with this new ticket pricing they just put out. Until the majority of people stop going, the prices will just keep getting higher and higher.
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    Stay= 1 night Visit= 1 hr
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    Just checked and yes , got the invite, accepted and it worked this time.
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    Happy birthday HiddenMIckey!

    Thank you!
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    October Photo of the Month - RESORTS

    so the October POTM will start October 1 and last day of entry is October 31. Then the photos will be up for voting for 14 days in November and the cycle repeats...December POTM entries Dec 1 through Dec 31 voting for 14 days in Jan etc...?