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    Walking the countries, enjoying the people watching, and preparing for dinner with my wife at Biergarten. Not a care in the World.
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    I'm strolling through the Animal Kingdom walking trails, camera in hand. No, wait, I'm walking through the gardens in the United Kingdom pavilion, camera in hand. Ah, who am I kidding. I'm sitting in Adventureland, people watching and enjoying a Dole Whip, camera hanging around my neck.
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    Don't go on the forums too often here, but saw this topic and just donated for the first time. Not much but glad to help out. This feeds my addiction until I can get back to my favourite place on Earth.
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    This is a tough one! I am sitting in the center of the front row... "You are about to discover what lies beyond the fifth dimension, beyond the deepest, darkest corner of the imagination . . . in the Tower of Terror."
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    I will finally be able to attend my first party night this year. Yahoo!
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    I would be next in line to go on Soarin' Around the World. We haven't been there since it switched over and would really like to see this. The music from the original is one of my favourite things to listen to period, not just Disney music. Then after that over to Biergarten for dinner and some oom-pah-pah.
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    Tonight at Nine PM eastern time “Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams" will have its finale. Wishes has been lighting up the night sky above Cinderella Castle since October of 2003. For nearly fourteen years, Guests have joined Jiminy Cricket, the Blue Fairy and countless others in the search of a wish come true. Tonight, Wishes will give its final performance at the Magic Kingdom, making way for the new nighttime spectacular, “Happily Ever After. On October 9, 2003, Wishes debuted under the direction of Vice-President of Parades & Spectaculars, Steve Davison, who was assigned to create a replacement for the 32-year-old Fantasy in the Sky fireworks. Wishes revolve around the wishes of famous Disney characters - good and bad. During different parts of the show, a "wishing star" firework shoots, approximately 100 feet above the castle’s bright spires. While most of the characters in the show are only heard as part of the show's music track, Wishes also features an appearance from Tinker Bell as she flies from the tallest spire of Cinderella Castle. Tonight we proudly present at Nine PM eastern time live from The Magic Kingdom - “Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams." So, let’s all make one last wish, and do as dreamers do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEP4xeMxWm8
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    After averaging a trip a year for 13 years, we haven't been since 2013 and it's killing me. LOL The streamers here really help give a me a taste of being there.
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    On your daughter's wedding day, wihumphrey and I wish the bride and groom a pixie-dusted life filled with all the love their hearts can hold.
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    I was down there this past fall and I found that during party days, it is typically not as busy. The crowds tend to pick up at about 4pm (when party goers are allowed to enter the park). Before 4pm though, I never thought it was bad!
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    The Disney Parks Blog will stream the debut of the Happily Ever After fireworks show on Friday, May 12, starting at 8:55 p.m. EST. I'm really curious how the show will look if you can't get a view of the front of the castle (say, from the Top of the World or other points inside the park). https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/05/disneyparkslive-will-stream-happily-ever-after-debut-may-12-at-850-p-m-et/?dpb
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    A co-worker of mine was just down and did that exact thing. Before talking to me bought individual one day tickets because he said they they were not going consecutive days in a row. I just shook my head and walked away.
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    Well....the bad news is...we won't be going to Michigan in June for the Motor Muster. The good news is...we sold our house in Michigan and need to get there in May! Since we won't be going to Michigan in June, OH suggested we go to Fort Wilderness instead!
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    They still have EMH? Not being too snarky but WDW seems to be cutting them way back
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    I think Disney has been reducing all the benefits that the party used to have. Originally there was a free photo op but that's gone. I've always believed that the parade and fireworks were Disney's best , but now, I swear, the parade is shorter and the fireworks have not improved with available technology and now don't compare with other of their night-time options. Candy stations have been reduced. And in the category of "I can't prove it but I just know"......MANY more tickets are being sold than before. The only thing that has been improved is the stage show featuring the villains. But they never fail to increase the ticket price. I haven't purchased tickets for September yet, and now wonder if I will. ( Understanding, of course, that this is just my opinion and Belle will probably tell me to buy the tickets).
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    Not sure how bold that is but, most probably, accurate
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    I would go with hot and humid with the chance for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoons and evenings .
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    I think @Hello nurse could help you out with the yodeling part ....
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    Happy Birthday WW. Sorry this birthday greeting is a bit late but do you suppose you could give a future forecast for September at WDW? Do something bold for your birthday
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    @mwalter59 Thanks so much! Every little bit helps us keep the lights on.
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    There may a haunted mansion restaurant coming to a theme park near you: http://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2017/05/01/rumors-point-to-a-possible-haunted-mansion-restaurant-at-magic-kingdom
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    I would imagine that they would serve "light " entree items and feature "dark" beer.
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    I am all for keeping the people in the system. At the same time the one thing that frustrates me the most, after price gouging of course, is how poor the transportation system is getting. A system of thousands of these wandering around should make it easier and faster to get from place to place. At one point I decided the plan was to make transportation that bad that people stop park hopping. Think about it. If you can lock people into one park for the day, you know exactly what the crowds will be like in every park and know exactly how many people you need.
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    Happy Birthday Kelley, Enjoy your day!
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    Ohh we pay for it...we pay plenty, just not separately!!
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    omg i don't know what I did but I cannot get back on the new site on my computer! Anyway the cost for a 4 day PH from Disney is $452.63 so even if i use the 4 indiv days for a long weekend I'm still ahead. a one day Peak ticket is 185.31 from Disney with tax that is incredible why people go when they is crazy! That being said I know plenty of people who go to the parks for only one or two days every year. nuts i tell you! oh btw i bid on the tickets and won!
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    So USA Today put his list together of hotels together. Turns out two of them are in Walt Disney World. For the DVC members among us, I believe you are able to afford these......
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    I heard about this too Right now I think it's going to be tested for Cast Members to bring them back and forth to their parking lot. It sounds like a cool idea but I do feel bad for the bus drivers who are going to lose their jobs. It would be nice if they could update transportation with technology but keep the human element there.
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    I actually heard the crowds are lighter on party days because a lot of people do one day park tickets and wouldn't want to have to leave at 7:00 and people doing the party that have park hoppers will choose to do another park during the day and then head to the party later. You may see the MK crowds getting heavier between 4:00 and 7:00 as that will be the time you will have party goers and day park visitors there at the same time.
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    We were also getting Photopass until they started giving with the AP. I love it and try to get a shot from every PP CM we see. also you get all the ride shots automatically and the videos. you can also share a slide show on facebook, email, messager, the works! I also carry around a Nikon point and shot most times and I have the Iphone. Been carrying the camera less though. I compensate by bringing extra power packs for the phone. Got my Halo Bolt now so I only need the longer charging cord and Im good for the day power wise. Best thing I ever bought from QVC! HALO Bolt ACDC 58,830 mWh Portable Charge Car JumpStarter with AC Outlet
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    Great to have you along for the virtual ride!
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    I still argue that FP+ is more of a benny for WDW than for the user. Knowing there are X guests in rooms, and that Monday 10% have FP+ to Ak, 15% have FP+ for HS, 50% have FP+ to MK and 25% have FP_ to Epcot helps them better plan resources. Sarah CM then gets assigned based on where are the FPs are. WDW has a much better view of where it needs to put CMs
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    Happy Birthday to the boss's boss
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    A bit late Kelley but I hope you had a wonderful celebration and send wishes for a great year ahead!!
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    Driver-less shuttles, gondolas....taking the human element out of the experience all together.
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    http://ophelia.sdsu.edu:8080/henryford_org/12-08-2013/exhibits/pic/2005/september.asp.html#more We'll be visiting Greenfield Village again on June 18 and thought some of you might be interested in the connection of Greenfield Village and Walk Disney. We will be streaming...we're going for their annual "Motor Muster" car show.
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    Congratulations on selling the MI house. Many more adventures await
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    Happy birthday friend! Have a great day, you deserve it!
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    Thanks Fiz. Maybe live broadcasting the channels aren't a good idea. I'm sure Disney watches these sites and more than likely I'd be breaking some rule I'm sure they have.
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    For ustream, I believe you would need to make it look like a camera feed. Maybe A/V out from TV to A/V in PC? It really depends on how the app is viewed by ustream. Maybe try manycam to make it look like a cam? I would be more careful of rebroadcasting that one though.