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    As June approaches we have a boat load of streams coming up....I thought I'd bump this up All donations, big or small, help keep us going!
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    This is, of course, to prepare us for WDW's next nighttime presentation : "WALT DISNEY WORLD'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF COTTON CANDY AND ICE CUBES FANTASY PARADE." (Coming this summer)
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    We get the hitchhiking ghosts each year at MNSSHP, usually in close proximity to the exiting of HM.
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    Well, maybe next year we should eat at CRT...we are, after all, princesses Well this year you'll check off a couple, the halloween shirt/costume and the kitchen sink! And we'll have to see about getting you a mickey for your car
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    Well, there was one that got away. At Epcot by Test Track it was more of a food kiosk than counter service. But they had a grilled cheese similar to the one for lunch at Be Our Guest. But by the time I got there last May it was not open and by Sep it was completely closed. So I am left only imagining it to be the best grilled cheesy goodness ever. The Turkey and Stuffing at Earls Rocks, but I believe it to be seasonal. So that leaves Flame Tree and Ribs
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    Oooo good thread! I will need to think on this and get back to you..... Right after @wihumphrey puts his favs lol
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    Ok me next! Fish and Chip in United Kingdom or Caprese Sandwish at Earl of Sandwich in DS, or a Grand Manier Slushie in France...does a liquid lunch count?
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    We would rather always get the room discounts if we are paying out of pocket and not using DVC, it always saved us more money than the free dining did.
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    Another Disney site I frequent posted today that Pirates will have on-ride photos starting next Monday, June 19. It looks like the photos will be taken when the boat pulls even with the skeleton captain, just before the drop. It isn't a terribly exciting photo (similar to Frozen), but nice to see they're finally adding a photo to the ride. At least the flash for the camera should blend in with the flashes of lightning in that scene.
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    Yo ho Yo ho its picture time for me....... .... dead men don't smile
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    I am there August 19-26. RyKnow
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    22nd August to the 5th September. Anyone else there same time?
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    This appeared on another page....How'd you do?
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    Remarkably, mine are the same as hers.......hmmmmmmm.
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    mine is no Disney Cruise No water park No Disney mini golf No Hoop De doo no kitchen sink
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    OH did much better than me! He's only missed 4 including #9 (ride Toy Story Mania) and #34 (taken a Disney Cruise)*. I have missed 13!! I have not, among other things, attended Hoop Dee Do...had an adult beverage at Epcot...visited a Disney water park....eaten at CRT. *OH has been going since 1971, I started going in 1989.
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    So the hubby comes home last night and says to me... "Billy (his co worker) said Disney is not doing fireworks anymore, they are cancelling them to cut back on expenses" Poor Hubby got the wrath of his Disney crazed wife... "oh where did he read that the internet? You always say to me Do you believe everything you read on the internet. Just because it's on the internet its true right" It was like a momma bear defending her cubs! I said do you really think they would cancel all fireworks?? There would be such an uproar. To which he said "I don't know but Billy read it so..." of course I didn't give him time to finish his sentence LOL then he looks at me and says "don't shoot the messenger" woops too late! Could you imagine!? Disney cancelling all fireworks...there would be a mutiny! so of course I goggled and read some articles, it was in DL, it was because it was the dry season and they were in a severe drought. The article was dated back to July 2016, not recent. (unless someone else can find a more recent one) DH is very anti Disney, he calls it "The Money Machine" but I don't think he'll bring up anything like this again! Oh God wait until he hears about the situation at MCO last night! Maybe i'll go to Flounder's tonight!
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    Enter for Chance to Win an interactive Banshee to Celebrate Opening of Pandora – The World of Avatar https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/05/enter-for-chance-to-win-an-interactive-banshee-to-celebrate-opening-of-pandora-the-world-of-avatar/
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    It's time for lunch at Disney World. You're eating at a counter service restaurant (park or resort). What dish are you having??? Please name 2 or 3 of your favorites. I'll start...either pulled pork nachos at Captain Cook's (Poly), create-your-own-pasta at Riverside Mill Food Court, or the house salad at SSR. (It was the hot turkey sandwich at the Contempo Cafe, but they changed the sandwich )
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    The Anchors Aweigh Sandwich at Columbia Harbor House in the Magic Kingdom, the Spicy Shrimp with Vegetable Lo Mein at Sunshine Seasons at Epcot or the American Kobe Beef Cheeseburger, with an egg roll on the side at the Yak & Yeti Local Foods Café in Animal Kingdom.
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    Roule Lard & Fromage (Bacon and Cheese Roll) at Boulangerie Patisserie, Rueben Panini at Sunshine Seasons, and Anchors Aweigh Sandwich (tuna salad) at Columbia Harbour House. Honorable mention to Signature Pizza Slice at Boardwalk Pizza Window. YOU are on the clock FIZ.
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    POP has been undergoing a hard goods refurbish and being as that is my "go to" resort I have been anxiously awaiting the pictures. Well, I have 2 and I like what they have done. The carpet is gone (YAY) there is a queen bed and a double Murphy bed, the tv is up on the wall and a long counter-top houses 6 drawers and a desk area. And best of all a coffee maker (Keurig)!! Hoping they will keep the theme going through their pictures and bed throws. I give it a two thumbs up!!
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    We have had the free dining a couple of times and really enjoyed it. We got to try Le Cellier before it changed to a two credit restaurant which was nice because it is out of our price range for OOP. We don't eat at table service as much when we don't have it. I agree though, it is a lot of food, more than we would eat when not on the plan.
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    I just came across this on the Disney site... June 21, 2017 On June 22, 2017, we will be unable to make new Resort hotel reservations or book dining reservations both online and over the phone. However, you will still be able to purchase theme park tickets and make FastPass+ selections. Thank you for your patience while we work to improve your future Guest experience. We apologize for any inconvenience. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/
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    What's this? Disney IT pooched one? This is a rare, once in a lifetime event.
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    Happy Birthday Mr Hub. Have you considered Mr Poly as a name or Mr Hub-Poly? Hyphenated names always sound so posh. But I digress
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    This is the ride with Johnny Depp on it .......right????
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    Apparently you could use old MB for extra tickets once inside the park. Well I guess Disney caught on and is now locking accounts of people who use MB that were not used for park entry that day. http://wdwnt.com/blog/2017/06/update-disney-automatically-locking-accounts-attempt-cheat-fastpass-system-beginning-today/
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    MY MDE rarely works anyway. How much worse could they make it for me?
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    Looks like Disney will be offering a summer pass for the express bus that goes from park to park all summer long for $59. Sounds like a good deal for those that go to the parks a lot. http://wdwnt.com/blog/2017/06/disney-world-offering-special-discounted-summer-long-express-bus-pass-annual-passholders/
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    Wonder if we can put together a EOESSS pro mini golf tour
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    Just 3 here. Never played mini-golf at Disney Never took a Disney Cruise Never been to a Disney Water Park
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    I haven't done 5 things: Wore Disney Clothes to work Wore a Disney themed Halloween Costume (although I plan to wear a Halloween shirt at this years MNSSHP) Put a Disney Decoration on my car Taken a Disney Cruise Ate a Kitchen Sink
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    So three things I haven't done...well one I'm not sure. #10, Mini Golf I can't remember. but I think I did mini golf with the kids in 96 when we were there...so that is maybe #34, Disney Cruise Nope, but hope to rectify that one within a couple years. #46, CRT I have not dined at CRT (hangs head)
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    Gareth I will miss you by hours :(, as I arrive late afternoon on the 5th. If you are still there and not traveling until the 6th, I'd love to say hello!
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    We're there August 20-25. We did meet Jane and our first EoE meet up dessert party at Epcot, but didn't meet you that evening...would love to say Hello! Old and New Harmony
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    Disney would never cancel ALL fireworks, unless for fire danger or some other emergent reason. Look at the uproar for sending MSEP to Cali Although...it has worked out pretty well with the huge crowds that have been there for HEA. I think we may see Pain the Night parade before years end in WDW .... my prediction
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    its got to have some sort of tracking beacon in it
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    https://www.facebook.com/DisneyParksBlog/ it looks like pirate themed photos will be added to photopass but they're not magic shoots? am i reading that correctly? magic shots would be cool!
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    In EPCOT, I'm stopping by Yorkshire County Fish shop for their Fish and Chips. In Disney Springs, I'll get The Full Montagu from Earl's. My 3rd choice for a counter-service restaurant is the Contempo Cafe, where I would get a Hot Turkey Sandwich.
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    No, they offer this service year round.