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  3. It appears that Google endorses the use of Streamlabs Mobile Encoding and "Wirecast Go" for IOS: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2907883?hl=en
  4. Until they get shut down: CamOn Live, Streamlabs several others. At least they worked the other day.
  5. I theorize that Google enforced the 1,000 subscriber limit requisite to deter a madman from mobile live streaming horrific acts on a whim. Chances are, someone of this caliber is a lone wolf who does not have a 1,000+ sub count prior to committing the act on Google's video streaming platform. My 2 cents.
  6. Now the only way to live stream on YouTube is to upload non-live videos and hope you attract a fan base. We might need to start a regularly scheduled Disney VLOG Only what format to use?
  7. I was curious why there is now a limit for YouTube and, with little googling, found that it is not a new requirement but had been dropped from 10,000 viewers to 1.000 then eliminated sometime around May of 2017. It's now back to that 1,000 viewers. I suppose, to preserve some level of quality (not that more viewers = better quality) and to make money via advertising versus the (considerable) cost of resources used to process video on such a scale. YouTube did still have requirements after that May 2017. It seems that the 1,000 viewers was still officially required but not enforced. Now they are back to enforcing it. I wonder if if some sort of open source, private server streaming service would be usable.
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  9. Dang, so many changes that ales things difficult. My plans for December are to take the laptop and resort stream. I hopefully will be able to mobile stream as well. If the Facebook live stream works I will do it.
  10. Yes I agree that is just as annoying if not more so.
  11. I have hope (hopefully not false hope) that the deployment of 5G cell service will help at least with the quality of the streams. Facebook or Periscope or maybe even YouTube if the come to their senses and remove the 1000 subscriber limit.
  12. This was posted earlier today. I had a feeling this would come eventually.. https://mspoweruser.com/facebook-is-going-to-crack-down-on-live-streaming-soon/
  13. FB channels that frequently have live video stream content (non Disney) for 'fiddling' https://www.facebook.com/pg/WFMYNews2/videos/ https://www.facebook.com/pg/WVTM13/videos/
  14. Now looking at the preview picture, it looks like the camera is looking "dead on" at you like the camera is on the rear of the Doom Buggy in front of you.
  15. I honestly think the Vaping was more obnoxious than the smoking. Being a former smoker, the cigarette smoke didn't bother me but I cannot stand the vaping, and the clouds the put out are ridiculous.
  16. Sure. In the meantime, to capture any live FB stream we can use streamlink which would run in a bash/batch script in a while loop in the background. If there are no current live streams streamlink will return: "error: No playable streams found on this URL" (it only processes live streams), so we sleep and retry. Additional scripting would determine the correct target YT channel (Eoe streamer puts "C1,C2,C3" in the title?), handle multiple live broadcasts on the same FB page etc... FB Consumer script (1of2): # use 'streamingthemagic' as a test as they are live now: streamlink -o test.mp4 https://www.facebook.com/pg/streamingthemagic/videos/ best [cli][info] Found matching plugin facebook for URL https://www.facebook.com/pg/streamingthemagic/videos/ [cli][info] Available streams: 144p (worst), 240p, 360p, 480p, 504p (best) [cli][info] Opening stream: 504p (dash) [download][test.mp4] Written 2.6 MB (20s @ 134.4 KB/s) To upload to youtube, we can use youtube-upload which runs in another background bash/bat script that polls the directory looking for input files (consumed by streamlink above). youtube-upload will begin uploading at the 0 byte offset of the input file thus preserving the timing (very minor lag). After further research, I'd use ffmpeg to stream to the perspective Eoe channel's stream.name/key. Very basic high level sample: YT Producer script (2of2): # 'client_secrets.json' contains the Google auth key for the perspective Eoe YT channel: [ -f ./test.mp4 ] && youtube-upload –client-secrets=client_secrets_chan1.json –title=”WDW Polynesian Live” –category=Travel/yada/yada/ test.mp4 || echo "No live stream to upload." OR (tested - see live stream below): ffmpeg -re -i "./test.mp4" -acodec libmp3lame -ar 44100 -b:a 128k -pix_fmt yuv420p -profile:v baseline -s 640x342 -bufsize 2048k - vb 400k -maxrate 800k -deinterlace -vcodec libx264 -g 30 -r 30 -f flv "rtmp://a.rtmp.youtube.com/live2/gydk-6uxx-xxxx-xxxx" I have no experience streaming as I've always been interested & focused on consuming live content (big thanks to the Eoe Streamers!) and playing back which is why I dev'd the Eoe Uo Kodi add-on which has new FB live stream functionality. I've written Python functions to scrape FB pages to retrieve live stream titles and most importantly transact with the live FB video servers to request, receive and process the FB M3U stream URLs via FB JSON (streamlink has FB compatibility already built in). I'd be glad to contribute the FB scrape Python code (which can already be found in the most recent Kodi add-on source- see FacebookLive() func) to the effort. 'streamlink' and 'youtube-upload' are written in Python too btw. Streaming "live" via a RaspberryPi (source is a raw EoE FLV 7 hour ustream.com oldie but goodie and includes ustream's dropped frames - those were the days! ):
  17. Interesting idea. I see the hardest part of something like this being timing. Maybe we can discuss live?
  18. They have 52K subscribers and not uncommon for them to have over 1000 viewers on a stream. They are way beyond meeting the rules/eligibility and then some!
  19. We are going on May and are currently at 0 dollars for the year. Reluctant to tell a sad story, but my car needed some expensive repairs so I opted to purchase a new one (yah me!) That means I won't have as much expendable cash to front the EOE venture on my own. If donations that have always tremendously helped keep the site going don't pick up, we may be forced to close the site down. If you are able, please consider donating toward the upkeep of EyesOnEars. (Note: I am removing the budgeted Trivia prizes from the goal.) Thanks!
  20. Many thanks for the info. Shame about all the rules and regs getting in the way. Needed these days I should think with the things going on in the world. Interesting on the no live streams from mobile; I wonder how "Resort TV1" have overcome (bypassed?) the ruling?
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  22. When I suggested the Pi, I was referring to it polling EoE Facebook live-streams and transferring the live video feeds in real time to the perspective Eoe C1-6 youtube channels until the 1k sub is achieved. This setup does not involve a webcam. There are utilities available to accomplish this: 'streamlink' and 'youtube-upload' which are both on github. Since the live Eoe YT upload feeds originate from a home based Pi, it shouldn't violate YT's TOS. The Eoe Streamers (Resort & Mobile) would simply stream to FB. This would increase the exposure to Eoe streams as Eoe FB has a larger following than YT at the moment. I've successfully captured four simultaneous 1080/720p livestreams on a Pi2 in realtime without a problem as I developed a Eoe DVR that also records MASL and USL soccer matches (youtube) in real time. It's been running in my home since 2016. When there aren't any Eoe live streams, I enjoy previous ambient recorded streams in the meantime. The above can also be accomplished on a Eoe Staff's PC, leased VM on Amazon/Google/DigitalOcean or elsewhere.
  23. With a good web cam, I'd say they should do, at least, reasonably well. It doesn't take a lot of CPU if the transcoding isn't needed. It seems that in may depend more on the camera. But now I'm curious! I'm tempted to get a Pi Zero W and a camera module and see how it goes! This may just be an urge to tinker!
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