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  2. and this is better? Just more money in their pockets!
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  4. LMAO ..... Sure, go ahead, tell you did not see this coming ... https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2019/06/17/disney-might-be-ready-to-finally-admit-that-their-current-fastpass-system-sucks
  5. happy birthday @2boysdisneymom and Happy Birthday @Capttigger
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  7. Happy Birthday Mrhub! Wishing you a joy-filled birthday! Thanks for sharing the magic with us!!!
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  9. A most marvelous birthday to you 2boysdisneymom and to Capttigger! Wishing you many magical moments today and the entire year!
  10. you know what they can do with this deal??
  11. I can't seem to post the link here but just google it...They are changing the FP system at HS as of 8/29/19. All rides will be tier 1, yes ALL of them and then the shows will be tier 2. REALLY! I hope people complain enough and they change it! At least now you can choose 1 Toy Story ride and then RNR or TOT but NOPE not anymore. GRRR
  12. It may be as simple as using one of the events already in youtube while in the youtube web app
  13. Happy Birthday! hope you have a magical day!
  14. Happiest Birthday tinklittle!! Wishing you a great big beautiful tomorrow every day!!!
  15. Gotcha, mobile seems to be embedded but still having issues getting PC streams embedded. I even downloaded the Windows app on PC but couldn't get the video to work and kept receiving a pop up message that provided credentials to enter into streaming app but couldn't figure out where in Streamlabs to enter those settings.
  16. What I am trying to figure out how to get these to hit the live channel so they appear in the embed live channel on EOE.
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