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  2. They do still take reservations by phone. I just called yesterday and got reservations For the California Grill in April for 4. I had been try for a week and no reservations were coming up at all through August. The cast member did not even hesitate to get me a reservation so don’t put off trying to call if you want to. I have been doing most of our reservations on line though
  3. Space 220 (the new space theme restaurant) will / should be open by EOESSS. From what I researched the delay is right now hiring staff, which has pushed the opening to Spring or Early 2020 (so think March/April) but they are changing park maps to add the restaurant. We could put this on our "To-do" list
  4. A couple of my favs: SubSonic - http://www.subsonicradio.com/ and Utilidors - http://www.uabmagic.com/
  5. may be a little more than we want to get into
  6. Pricey French Italian cuisine https://allears.net/dining/menu/topolinos-terrace/dinner/ dress code resort casual
  7. I have yet to check it out. Dress code? Cost?
  8. What about trying out the Topolino’s Terrace restaurant which is on the top floor of the Gran Destino Tower? Hopefully catch some fireworks?
  9. Working on trying to shore up attendees. Who is going? Who is interested? ADRs open up in the next few weeks so I need ideas on where to eat and how many I need to book for. Anyone? Thoughts?
  10. Dude!!!!! Excellent news. Promise not to harass you while you're working.
  11. Earlier
  12. Congrats - have a lot of fun John! My niece was just accepted too, maybe you will get a chance to work with her!
  13. Congratulations @JohnDisney !!! I hope it is a Magical Experience!
  14. Magic Music still seems active https://community.magicmusic.net/
  15. If you don't already know I was accepted into the Disney College Program for Fall '20 as a custodial Cast Member. I hope to see you on stage, or around Walt Disney World. I'll be at Walt Disney World from August 3rd to January 21st. If you need my contact information or Social Media; I'll be happy to give it out over DM. See you real soon!
  16. Well it is alright. Do you know about any interesting disney audio sites? Care to make a list of the ones you know of? I appreciate the help.
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