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  3. Happy birthday, tinkcrafter! We wish you a lovely day and many Wishes come true! The Harmonies
  4. A most very merry birthday to you tinkcrafter! Thanks for streaming for us here on EyesOnEars!
  5. We all booked because of SSS. So we are all back to my original statement......coincidence, coincidence, coincidence. Now if you'll excuse me I have to take a call from Bob Iger.
  6. We booked after we heard that you were going to be there. Unfortunately we don't have a trip booked when SWGE Rise of the resistance is open like you do. lol
  7. Excuse me, but I believe both of you are there early September. Does a certain attraction opening on August 29 ring a bell?
  8. This is why I'm married to a responsible person. I need adult supervision. But can we get back to these pictures?
  9. Ha! I wonder if there will be USB charging stattions along the way?
  10. Well someone needs to keep an eye you lol
  11. You have photos of the Board of Directors? That's...........interesting.
  12. We of the Disney Board thank you for this endorsement.
  13. We will just miss the opening at DL, we were hoping to see it in december but alas...
  14. Disney encourages your Imagination, Imagine them not hurting
  15. I better take a look at those Board of Director photos again
  16. Happy Birthday to a favorite Brit.
  17. Happy birthday, koolkirby! What an exciting day, what an exciting time for you and your fiancee. Enjoy every moment. Old and New Harmony
  18. Neither Fiz or I had trips planned right after Galaxy Edge's rides being open. So, I'm thinking you might be getting your info directly from a Board of Director. Either that or they are opening the rides when they know you'll be there. They probably have watched your resort tour videos and say, we want wihumphrey there to hear his thoughts.
  19. Wishing you a magical birthday koolkirby! So happy to chat with you the other day. Such an exciting time for you with your wedding approaching Hope your trip to wdw and honeymoon cruise is fantastic .
  20. A very late Happy Birthday Jen.
  21. Ok, I get inside info from you too Fiz
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