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  2. I have yet to receive either.
  3. @Mrhub That is so wonderful! Happy Anniversary you crazy kids! Have a great time!
  4. What a wonderful remembrance of your meeting and your on-going love story! Enjoy every moment of this precious time!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hello All. Well today is the day we leave for the House of The Mouse to celebrate our 40th Anniversary! Wow, sometimes when I say that it takes a little while to sink in. Nowadays it seems like so may things are disposable, including relationships. For my wife and I, I think I can honestly say it was true love when we met and we have had a wonderful Adventure so far! to make a long story short, I was 17, she was 18 when we first met in a diner. She was a waitress, I was a customer . We were engaged for just a little over a year when we got married. 2 years later our first son came along and 2 years after that our second son. 2 months ago our 5th grandchild came into the world. Soon we will be celebrating 40 years together in the Happiest Place on Earth , at the Top Of the World with My True Love. Well I am going to try to keep a running Trip Report along with streaming, but no guarantees. Here are some shirts we made for the trip.
  7. Well yes as a matter of fact we did! I also received one of these in January from a special cast member we know. Anyone else get one? (Not like this will ever happen either!)
  8. Happy Birthday Old Harmony! Sorry I'm late but hoisting a virtual beer in your honor.
  9. Sure, as long as you understand that you'll go over my credit limit purchasing a dole whip.
  10. Last week
  11. Old Harmony says "Thanks for the birthday wishes!" He had a great time on his birthday...he really enjoyed his lunch with fellow birthday boy, wdwhamm (Steve).
  12. or maybe i can borrow @wihumphrey credit card?
  13. i was going to but i need to borrow your credit card, please???
  14. Wishing you a fun-filled birthday oldharony! Thanks for taking us along on your adventures!! Oh, and tell your buddy Happy Birthday too!!
  15. WooHoo, anyone else get an email from Disney's Golden Oaks reality? They wanted to know if I was interested in buying a house or building a house in Golden Oaks that start in the mid 2 millions and if not right now should they keep me on the mailing list! BAWWHAHAHAHAHAHA i think they got the wrong nut! But hey, if i buy one i'll get one with a LOT of bedrooms, then i can host SSS!
  16. Fiz's mom? I have soooooo many questions for you. But I digress. A very Happy Birthday to you!
  17. Wishing you the happiest , healthiest, most magical birthday momfiz!!! Thanks for raising such a wonderful son!
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  19. So glad you enjoyed the streams! Hope you can join us for SSS sometime!
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