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  4. EoESSS 2017 planning

    Inside 20 days
  5. New Secret Menu at AllStar Movies

    Well, now its not so secret .... lol
  6. Last week
  7. Happy birthday, SchoolBelle!

    Happy birthday Belle! Hope your day was magical
  8. New Secret Menu at AllStar Movies

    There is a secret menu at AllStar Movies: http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2017/08/13/new-shhh-all-star-movies-resort-secret-menu-in-walt-disney-world/
  9. Happy birthday, SchoolBelle!

    Happy Birthday Belle!
  10. Happy birthday, SchoolBelle!

    Happy Birthday Belle!
  11. Disney Old Key West

    @kopitedor the "live" stream on C2 is a recorded day at OKW. Should be live now
  12. Happy birthday, SchoolBelle!

    Happy Happy Birthday Belle! Hope you have a fabulous celebration today....and soon in Disney
  13. Belle, we wish you a very Happy Birthday and a year filled with Wishes Come True! Old and New Harmony
  14. Disney Old Key West

    Fiz can you point me to The "rebroadcast" on C2 can't seem to find it thanks would like to take a look
  15. August to Sept EoE members at WDW

    Edited to reflect Ry's change in flight
  16. 2017 Summer Stream Symposium

    Its starting to look kinda busy, maybe I should skip it?
  17. Disney Old Key West

    Yes, yes it does. I normally mobile stream as soon as I walk out of the room. That may not be in the morning The "rebroadcast" on C2 is my room stream from 2015 (building 55 second floor)
  18. August to Sept EoE members at WDW

    There may be 1 or 2.
  19. 2017 Summer Stream Symposium

    Now I know what the cool kids are doing
  20. Disney Old Key West

    If you get one of the buildings you mentioned and don't feel like walking to the Hospitality House then you can jump on any park bus. The next stop would be HH.
  21. August to Sept EoE members at WDW

    nice going to OKW next year looking forward to any live stream's from OKW thanks in advance
  22. Disney Old Key West

    thanks Fiz did not know about the resort tour, the quite pool's all get crowded every now and then but its a nice way to say hi to your neighbors.wihumphrey have been on the Allears web site good site,we dont fancy bean to close to Hospitality House think it will be a bit to hustle and bustle for us we dont mind walking thats way we like POR the grounds there are fantastic we are hoping OKW is the same thanks to all ps just looked at the streaming calendar OKW in september looks busy does this mean some of us will be streaming live from the resort
  23. 2017 Summer Stream Symposium

    For those who may be interested, this is our FP and dining schedule for 9/7 - 9/10...the EOE Stream Team will be in full swing! Thursday 9/7 – Epcot;MK SSE – 2:05-3:05 Soarin – 3:25-4:25 Nemo – 4:25-5:25 Via Napoli @ 5:00 MNSSHP @ 7:00 Friday 9/8 – Beaches & Cream 11:10 Frozen Arr 1-1:15; Show 1:30 Muppets 2:25-3:25 TSMM 3:25-4:25 Paradiso 37 @ 5:30; Boat to POR Yeehaa Bob @ 8:30 - Full show will be streamed!!! Saturday 9/9 MK POTC – 11-12 7DMT – 12-1 PPan – 1:15-2:15 2:00 Tomorrowland Terrace Meet and Greet 7:00 Le Cellier HEA or Illuminations after Dinner Sunday 9/10 AK 9:30 Trails End Brunch Everest – 1-2 Pandora FOP – 1:15-2:15 FOTLK – Arr 3-3:45, Show 4:00 4:40 Tusker House (ROL Dining Pkg) Rivers of Light
  24. Disney Old Key West

    OKW really has been good to us. Our home resort is AKL and SSR. But due to all ways being points poor we would end up at OKW. If I were to complain about anything it is the lack of a large quick serve. Olivia's rocks. Resort is always clean. CM's have always been pleasant and accommodating. We usually ask for building 55 and the quite pool there has always been nice. Every now and then you get a crowd but I believe that can happen at any pool. Be sure to check out the resort tour if they still have it in Sep 18. Tells the story of Conch Flats
  25. Disney Old Key West

    School Belle thanks for getting back to me we know about the bathroom no big deal all adult's wife,daughter and my self we do want to be by the quite pool we normally stay at POR so hope OKW is as good
  26. Disney Old Key West

    kopidetor, I don't know how many people are traveling with you but wanted you to know that the older one bedroom OKW villas have entrances to the bathroom only through the master bedroom. The buildings you are thinking about requesting fall into that category. In the one bedroom villas, building 30 and higher, there is a doorway from the laundry room into the larger bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink. There is another sink in the jacuzzi tub room which is attached to the master bedroom.
  27. Disney Old Key West

    Let me see what I can dig up. I usually head down to Building 55 to try and get a canal view. South Point is second stop. But, these buildings are probably close to the furthest from the main building. Part of why we like them
  28. Florida rain...

    OK, so the better one for me was getting stuck at the top of the lift hill on Everest in a very light drizzle and having to be evacuated! Best day ever! Got to see yeti with lights on
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