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  2. Have a magical birthday deano426! Hope your next circle around the sun is the best ever!
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  5. we have only done the hollywood version but from that experience I would say do both parks. Maybe one day we will do just a trip to universal.
  6. Ping me the week before and if there is not much else coming we can set it up
  7. Me too...or we can all just come along!
  8. We're doing some non-Disney sightseeing next year and would be glad to stream. I haven't put them on the calendar since they aren't Disney trips. We're going to Tampa from Jan 16-20 for the Florida State RV Show at the fairgrounds (and other sightseeing), the Rolex 24 at the Daytona Speedway for two weekends in late January and to St. Augustine from May 11-18 (campground on the beach, sightseeing). Happy to stream if anyone is interested.
  9. I have never gone but I hear if you are going for Potter, you need to go to both parks
  10. I would go to both parks to see the Harry Potter stuff, it is definitely worth it and take Hogwarts express to go between parks. I really liked the Gringots ride. Forbidden Journey is fun too, but I have not felt so great a few times after riding it. There is the new Hagrid coaster that is suppose to be really good too. Staying on property does get you FOTL, but not for Harry Potter. Staying on property will get you into the Harry Potter lands an hour earlier though, so keep that in mind, no FOTL for HP.
  11. Both parks! Maybe book a hotel room at Universal so you can get a head of the line pass? When we went there was only 1 park, Islands of Adventures but Escape from Gringots is in the Universal park. I think tiggerpiglet has been there since the 2nd park opened. Hope she will chime in!
  12. My oldest son, his wife, son and son's girlfriend are coming to our house for the holidays! They want to go to Universal to see Harry Potter. Which park? Both parks? Any hints? I know it will be insanely busy but this is the only time they can get away from work and school. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! New Harmony
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  14. Thanks Fiz and Miz - family in 3x this year. Anyone else not yet in please consider getting in ... just a couple months go meet the years goal.
  15. Thanks everyone for your generous donations! Every little bit goes a long way to keep things running. With out all of you, this would be nothing!
  16. HMMM...Maybe EOE SSS West Coast Edition?
  17. No worries! Thanks for thinking of us @Albinotrout !
  18. Sorry, I have yet to get to the left coast
  19. We have done a dinner package in the past for world of color. At that time it Was a cold meal served at lunch time. We have also done fantasmic dinner packages at both DL and HWS as well as the river of light dinner package. So this is something new for us.
  20. Haven't done one at DCA. osh has so he'll be your best information source because he did the World of Color dessert party a couple of years ago.. We did the World of Color dinner package, ate dinner at Carthy Circle and received a pass that specified a time and section from which to watch the show . We have done dessert parties at WDW. At Magic Kingdom there is an area with tables and then a dessert/ snacks buffet near by. At DHS you enjoy desserts and snacks in the Animation building for the Star Wars Fireworks and then are escorted by storm troopers to an area in front of the Chinese Theatre to view the fireworks. Each dessert buffet seems to have an ice cream station, cookies, many tiny desserts, treats and a variety of beverages. Lately they have added cheese and crackers!
  21. I just booked a dessert party for DEC 24 at DCA for world of color. Never done one of these before. What do I need to know and what should I expect?
  22. Mines coming. I don’t get paid until the 31st.
  23. Finally got mine in yesterday!
  24. Great job everyone! We are 56% of the way there!
  25. Band width. 1080 is not even an option for me on my phone
  26. So why set the settings to 720p and not 1080p?
  27. I usually do mine online and then call if there is a problem.
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