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  2. Fizbain

    EOE SSS 2020

    i still see chat .... well i did until i refreshed
  3. What's going on with chat disappearing?
  4. Fizbain

    EOE SSS 2020

    That is a great idea! Nice find
  5. Thanks! I will be down end of Feb if not. 5 min maybe. I can loop it.
  6. Hey Fiz, How long of a video do you want? We are going down next week, I could try to make you one if I get a chance.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Hey! What about doing this during SSS20? We like the Wave and fireworks!!! Member Dining Event (dinner at The Wave along with reserved fireworks viewing): available most days through September 30, 2020 (blockout dates apply)
  9. Last week
  10. You meant to say "us"........right sweetie?
  11. even with the discount it's still high. I'm sure they're going to have discounts for fall. I wonder if crowds will wait at that point until 2021 for the big anniversary!
  12. Happy birthday Flounder!! Hope you have a magical day!
  13. Happy Birthday flounder! May your day be as extra special as you are!! Wishing you every bit of magic that your heart can hold for this year!!!
  14. I noticed the rates have gone up too, but they are giving out some good discounts for the summer, I'm hoping that carries into the fall.
  15. Are they really high? I know Kim was looking into Pop for Sept and she was saying the rack rates are up there. I was looking for a friend (yes it was really for a friend) and it seem the rates are really high. Has anyone else noticed this? I understand the Skyliner resorts going up but seems for what you could get a moderate room for the values are now charging! Come on Disney you're killing me!!
  16. That is weird! And scary!!!
  17. https://newatlas.com/urban-transport/segway-ninebot-s-pod-ces-2020-debut/?utm_source=New+Atlas+Subscribers&utm_campaign=f27bb6f30e-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_01_10_05_36&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65b67362bd-f27bb6f30e-89727629 The time of WALL-e is upon us
  18. Thanks, all of those so far a short or all over the place. Thanks so much for looking!
  19. Earlier
  20. Typed in "torches at Epcot" and got some results. On youtube
  21. @tinkcrafter Thanks, still looking
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